Jason dragged himself away from the exploded apartment building. I made it out of there. I avoided Bruce. Great. The one time I didn't want to make it out of something I made it out. Perfect. He collapsed against a wall in an alley, somewhere in the bad side of Gotham. He was bleeding badly, and had lost all feeling in the hand that the gun had exploded in. Please, if there's anyone or anything looking out for me, let me bleed out and die before some lowlife criminal finds me. He sighed and clutched his side, trying to stem the flow of blood seeping through his Kevlar. He detected a slight movement in the shadows, just out of his sight, through his peripheral vision. Damn. He leaned his head back.

"Got somethin' you wanna say? Or are you just here to watch me die?" He asked the person in the shadows. He heard the sharp sound of a gun being fired and winced as something pierced his shoulder. He was confused when it didn't explode in pain. Was he that numb? He looked and his eyes widened behind his mask. It wasn't a bullet that had buried itself in his shoulder. It was a tranquilizer dart, sticking out of his shoulder. He tried to fight the effects, but was already losing consciousness. He managed one last comprehensible thought, which he voiced very clearly, before passing out.

"SHIT!" he slumped down against the brick wall. The girl in the shadows stood up and smiled. Hasn't changed a bit. she thought. She stepped out of the shadows and looked down at him. Well, that's not entirely true. she thought sadly. He's changed. But he's still Jason Todd. She pulled him up and slung his arm around her own shoulder and carried him away.

I know this very short, but the chapters should get longer as they go. And I know this may seem overly dramatic, what with the mysterious strange girl, and the cliffhanger but they'll both be resolved in the next chapter. I promise. Peace out! -lanamere