Thanks for the reviews for my other stories. I hope to make more! Enjoy my new tale of Nataku!


Chapter 1: Fallen

I sit in a cavern close to the house, blood dripping from new wounds. My eyes are even blanker than usual, as I plead for Mother to find me.

He came earlier that day, the same look of scorn upon his face as he looked me over. I continued to show a blank stare, same as usual. This angers him, I can tell, and he slams his fist into my temple. I hit the wall, bleeding, but alive. I aim my weapons in hope of stopping his terror, but it's futile, as he brings his foot down on my arm before I could get a shot.

He beats me as he pleases, and leaves. I whisper sad pleas, over and over, as I struggle to get up. I hear Mother screaming at him and then I hear the soft patter of her feet as she runs in and sees the ghastly form of her loving child, emotionless… as if he were dead.

"My baby… my Nataku. How could he?! I must protect my baby, at all costs!"

And I fell asleep in my mother's arms, unaware of what would happen next.

Well, there's chapter 1, short but sweet. More to come, ok? So expect Chapter 2!

So sad…