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Chapter 1

They were two completely different people they both changed their names and moved out of the state.

Dr. Allison Cameron walked around the town of Storybrooke her name wasn't Allison anymore it was Emma, She was finally getting back to her own life though. She was born with the name Emma but once she was in the foster care system she had it changed to Allison Cameron. She had a son but no one really knew about him only because it was during college. Allison finally left Princeton- Plainsboro Teaching Hospital going to Boston and changing her name. She missed PPTH alot though but she had to figure out who she was...figure out who her familiy entire life changed though when her son showed up finding out she had to go to the small town of Maine StoryBrooke. Her son was pretty cool though now 10 she still couldn't believe it has been 10 years. She wondered how Chase was and she wondered what her life would have been like if she didn't leave but then she felt guilty not even telling her about her own son.

As for Doctor Robert Chase. now known as Lt. Matthew Casey left Princeton for his own reasons. He was done with everything and decided to follow his dream of being a fire fighter. He became real close with this group a new family. He remebered them from his child hood growing up they all understood why he changed his name though that way no one from working at the hospital would figure out who he was by name. He wondered how his ex wife was though he really missed her but now he was happy he loved his fiance. All of a sudden his phone rang. he picked up the phone.


"Robert?" He recognized the voice he couldn't believe it.


"How are you?"

"It's Matthew now."

"Really you changed it why?"

"I left i wanted to get away how did you get this number?"

"I am a cop now."

"Cop really Allison?"

"Sheriff actually it's Emma."

"Went back to biological name."


"I like it." Chase said he smiled a bit.

"What do you do now?"

"Fire Fighter actually."

"You always liked that type of stuff."


"Maybe we should catch up sometime?" Emma asked hoping he would agree.

"I am in chicago."

"Well i am in Maine i found my real family and you would think i am crazy."

"How so?"

"well if you agree to meeting somewhere I can tell you."

"Do you want me to just hop on a plane and fly out to Maine?" Chase said.

"Yes I miss you please?"

"Al...Emma I am in a relationship now."

"Please we need to talk and i just I don't know who to talk to about it." She said.


"I mean there is 2 guys here but i still want to talk to you"

"Do you really want to see me?"

"Yes of course i do i miss you"

"How about i fly out to Boston.."

"Sure i will come drive that way."

"I miss you Allie...I mean Emma."

"Haha no problem miss you Ro... Matt."

"Haha call me later tonight or text me."

"What if someone looks at our phone?"

"Just say i am a high school friend or a cousin."

"That will go over well."

"Talk to you soon?"

"I will send you my flight details." They both hung up their phones and went back to the life they were suppose to live.

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