You would think after a year Emma wouldn't complain as much for planning a wedding but everything had to be perfect, and everything was. On June 5th she and Robert got married; it was well not simple as most people would think. Snow wanted everything to be perfect and even though Emma was just going along with everything she really was happy with how it was turning out. Champaign was given and announcements were also given…..Regina and Neal announced that they were engaged and that they were to be married in the winter. House was still in town and him and Gold surprisingly hasn't killed each other, Neal decided to stay in town to still be part of a family with Henry but realized he wouldn't ever end up with Emma.

"Mom!" Henry said running up to Emma and Robert out of breathe.

"Henry what's wrong?"

"I'm running from….." Just then David ran over to Henry talking his grandson to the ground. Snow walked over looking at the two boys who were ruining their nice suits.

"Boys!" Snow said upset, David and Henry looked up and laughed a bit. Emma looked down at her beautiful white dress, she remembered the dress she wore when she first married Robert it was simple and smooth this one was more ruffles and poofy like a princess, she just wanted to make her mother happy and secretly she kind of liked it not that she would ever admit it. She somehow found herself in the bathroom crying, she locked herself in there not wanting to talk to anyone. Robert noticed she was gone and so did Snow, Emma sat there in the bathroom looking at the mirror how did she manage this she wiped away the tears as she heard a knock on the door and a voice who she was shocked to here.

"Emma are you alright?" Regina asked. Yes Regina Mills was invited to the party, it was only due to the fact that Emma wanted things to be normal as possible for her son even if it was again her own will because her parents didn't want Regina there.

"I am okay." Emma said being a completely lie. She walked over to the door and unlocked it, Regina looked at Emma and walked into the bathroom and locked the door again.

"You are not okay is it because I am engaged to Neal?" Regina asked, Emma laughed at her.

"No, it's not that…..Gosh I never thought you would be the first person I'd tell." Emma said still laughing. "Well I am freaking pregnant with Roberts baby and I have no clue how to tell him." Emma said looking at the floor.

"A baby that's great!" Regina said with a smile. "Henry will be very happy to have a sibling, telling Robert should be easy you guys love each other he will be so happy with it don't worry!" Regina said giving Emma a congratulations hug. After Emma's makeup was all fixed Emma and Regina walked out of the bathroom. Emma couldn't believe why or how Regina was being so nice to her. Emma went back to being with Robert and Regina went back with Neal.

A day or two after the wedding Emma told Robert the news, and he was so happy. A few weeks after that Emma told Henry and so on told the other people. People weren't surprised due to the fact they thought it would happen sooner.


A/N- I hope you liked it! I will most likely write a sequel when I have more time what do you think?