Not Letting Go

Disclaimer: I wish, but no, I don't own the characters/show.

Author's Note: Simple one shot for 2x01. Call it a companion piece to "Sword and Life."


Emma, her roommate, destroyer of toasters and eater of sugary cereal. Her best friend, with only a worn baby blanket and walls as tokens of her past. Henry's birth mother, who also somehow kinda had her chin.

But she did have her chin, same as she had Charming's eyes. Emma, who she'd held for just precious moments before fate and an evil queen had ripped their family apart. Her savior, the savior of so many.

She'd come back, she'd found them. Their grandson had brought her back. It was all too much and not enough all at once.

And finally cradling her daughter's face in her hands, she gets to hold her again like she had all those years ago.

Only this time she is not letting go.