'He fell asleep with me on his shoulder. From what i know, we were only asleep for an hour. But when i awoke, 5 hours past by. He stared into my eyes, i stared back into his beautiful eyes as i felt like i could melt...'

Momo blushed. "I-I'm sorry Shiro-chan!" She lifted her head off his shoulder.

Toshiro blushed as well. "Its fine...We are here anyways," he stepped out of the car they were in.

Momo stared as the reflection of the sunset on the still water. "Its so beautiful!" her eyes sparkled as she spoke.

Toshiro stared at her, and looked at the water. "Yeah..." he started walking towards a little house on the beach.

Momo followed him. "Are we staying here?" She asked as she entered and saw the other two people who came with them.

"Momo-chan! Tachiou! Did you two have a good nape?" Rangiku said, walking up to them as Gin followed her.

Momo and Toshiro blushed. "R-Rangiku-san!" Momo said, "...why didn't you wake us up?" She asked, still blushing.

"Because! You two looked so cute their together! I didn't want to wake you two up!" She smirked slightly.

"R-Rangiku-san!" Momo blushed more as Toshiro ignored them and walked away slightly.

"What? Its true! Well, come on! Supper is ready." Rangiku went to the kitchen with Gin following her as they sat down.

Momo blushed and followed them as Toshiro did the same, they sat down and started to eat in silence.

"Momo-chan, you have to sleep with Tachiou," Rangiku said as she eat.

Momo choked on some food as Toshiro spit out some water.

They blushed. "W-what?!" Toshiro said as he got Momo some water.

'Even though i wouldn't mind...i don't think he would like that...' Momo thought in her head as she drank the water. "R-Rangiku-san...why do i have to sleep with Shiro-chan?" Momo asked.

"Hey! Don't call me that!" Toshiro said, but was ignored.

"Because! There are two rooms, one for me, Gin is taking the couch and you two get the other room. You two looked so happy sleeping together in the car, so i thought you two would like that," Rangiku grinned.

"B-But..." Momo started before Rangiku pulled her outside.

"Come on Momo-chan! Lets go outside!" She ran to the water.

Toshiro sighed, and started putting Momo's and his dishes away.

"You like her," Gin said, putting his and Rangiku's dishes away.

"Shut up Ichimaru! You shouldn't be talking!" Toshiro glared at him.

"So you do! Just wait till you find out what Ran-Chan has for you two." Gin grinned before walking away.

"Hey! What did you say?!" Toshiro glared more before sighing again.

Rangiku-san!" Momo called for her as she walked by the forest.

Rangiku came out of nowhere. "Momo-chan!" She yelled with a sake bottle in her hand.

Momo jumped, falling over a stump. "ow, Rangiku-san, what was that for?" She asked before seeing blood on her hand. "...Where is the first aid kit?"

Rangiku looked at her. "Why? Its in the bathroom, ill show you." She started towards the house.

"Tachiou! Momo-chan's hurt!" Rangiku yelled as she walked into the house and ran once she heard someone come down the stairs.

"Matsumoto!" Toshiro said as he only saw Momo standing there. "...She ran..." He sighed before seeing her hand. "...What happened?"

"...Rangiku-san scared me, i tripped over a stump and scraped my hand but I'm fine...I don't know where the first aid kit is though, But ill find it soon." Momo said, and started walking around.

"Come on," He told her as he walked in front of her.

"I-Its fine...Really..." She followed him anyways.

"Sit down," he told her as he got the first aid kit out.

"I-I'm fine Shiro-chan! Really! I can do this myself..." She did as she was told.

"I don't care," He said as he took her hand, whipping the bloods away.

Momo blushed slightly. "I-Its fine..."

"Hold still, this splinter is deep..."

From outside the door, Rangiku and Gin listened. "OW! Shiro-chan! that hurts!" Momo's voice came.

"Hold still or it will hurt more!" Toshiro said.

"oh My... I wonder that they are doing in their," Rangiku said blushing slightly from sake.

"Sounds like to me they are having some fun," Gin said.

"Shiro-chan! its hurts! Stop!" Momo wined.

"Its almost out! stop moving around!" Toshiro said firmly.

"There, its out so stop winning," Toshiro said. "Was it really that bad?"

"Splinters hurt!" Momo said. "You're so mean Shiro-chan!"

"Stop calling me that!" He said, putting the stuff away and walking out of the bathroom.

Momo followed him. "Why?" She pouted slightly before seeing Rangiku and Gin.

"Momo-chan! Tachiou! You two sure change fast!" Rangiku smirked.

they blushed. "W-What?!" They said. ''Y-You two were listening to us? B-But he was only taking out a splinter from my hand that really hurt...'' Momo said, looking down as she blushed

"That's not what we heard." Rangiku said before walking outside to the fire with Gin following her.

"W-Wait! Rangiku-san!" Momo followed them before looking back at Toshiro noticing he wasn't following them. "Shiro-chan?"

"What? And stop calling me that bed-wetter." Toshiro said, sitting on the couch as he got a book and started reading it.

"Aren't you coming?" Momo asked, sitting next to him.

"No," he said.

"Why not?" Momo looked at him, moving closer to him. "Please come! it would be no fun without you..." She blushed.

"...go have fun with the others, i just want to read."

"..." Momo thought for a moment, then took his book and ran outside. "You can read outside!"

"Hey! Hinamori! Give that back!" He ran after her.

"No!" Momo giggled, running away from him.

Toshiro kept running after her. ''Give me my book back Hinamori!'' Toshiro grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

Momo turned around, and hugged the book close to her. ''No!'' She smiled.

''Hinamori, give it back,'' he said firmly.

Momo sat on the sand, looking up at the stars. `The sky is so beautiful, don't you think?'' She smiled as she stared at the sky.

''...I guess...but give me my book back,'' He sat next to her.

A shooting star flew by. Momo smiled more. ''Look! A shooting star!'' She moved closer to him.

He smiled slightly at her. ''Make a wish.''

Momo cuddled into his side slightly. ''...my wish already came true.''

''and what was your wish?'' He asked her, blushing slightly.

''...Loving you was my wish...and i wish for you to love me back...But the way we are right now...is like a dream.'' Momo said as she fell sleep.

Before Momo fell asleep, Toshiro whispered in her ear. ''you're wish came true, and so did mine...I love you Momo.'' He kissed her quickly before she was asleep. He smiled at her once more before falling asleep himself.'

The stars were shining brighter then ever before on that night. The stars and the moon watched over the two sleeping until the dawn broke through. With them in each others arms they will be happy forever.

''That was a great story mommy!'' A little girl smiled at her mother as she snuggled into her blanket.

''I'm glad you liked it sweetie,'' Momo smiled as her daughter, kissing her forehead.

''...Can you tell me another story of you and Daddy?'' She asked Momo.

'Of course i can, but its later, you should go to sleep and ill tell you one tomorrow night how about that?'' Momo smiled at the little girl.
''Okay mommy!'' The little girl smiled back at her mother.

''okay, good night,'' Momo kissed her forehead once more before leaving he room and went to hers with a tear in her eye.

an hour later a soft knock came to the door as the little girl opened it. ''...Can i sleep with you tonight Mommy?''

''Of course you can,'' Momo helped her daughter up on the bed.

''...Mommy...Where is daddy? I miss him...'' The little girl asked, tears in her eyes.

''your father is watching over us right now, even though you don't know it,'' Momo hugged her tightly. ''He will always be with us even though he isn't here right now, he will always be in our hearts, so believe he will return to us soon. He is our guardian angel.'' Momo said sadly as they both had tears running down their face.

`The stars are shining bright like on the night we were in each others arms...` Momo felt a pair of arms around her. `I may be gone, but i am always their for you when you need it. I will always be their to protect you when you need protecting. I will always be their when you need someone because i love you. I have always loved you and always will love you Momo. I will always come back for you so just wait till i return some day...` A voice came along the wind.