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Happiness filled the air and you can see the tears from everyone's eyes and their bright smiles. Today, the 3rd day of May, where the flowers were in full bloom and the birds were singing sweetly above, Isabella Swan - or Bella, as she would prefer - and Mike Newton are finally facing the altar and saying their vows. They had been dating for three years and they just can't wait for their forever as a married couple to begin. They are the perfect example of a happy pair. One could say that they are a match paired by heaven.

When Bella who looked simply stunning walked the aisle with her step-father, Phil, all eyes were on her. She was the most beautiful bride anyone had ever seen. Of course, she was blushing furiously but that only added to her charm. When Mike claimed her from Phil, she looked as if she finally found home after years of being lost. She was dazzling and even Mike himself was dashing.

After the traditional wedding ceremony and when the minister said those seven powerful words, the "I now pronounce you husband and wife", everyone clapped and the joy they felt for the new couple was something even words cannot explain.

That moment, everyone thought it would be the start of the new chapter of their fairytale story. But everyone was wrong.

That precise moment was the start of Bella's nightmare, the beginning of her misery and unexplainable misfortune.

That was the start of her Happily Never After.

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