Happy New Year!

Chapter 20

Alice's POV


When I received a call earlier from Edward about Kristen being rushed here in the hospital, I didn't waste a second before coming here. We'll do anything for the family, that's just how we roll. But what shocked me though was when I saw Bella. The same Bella who helped me with my first-ever perfect lasagna, the one who I set-up with my brother and the one who didn't show up on time.

After Rosalie, Em and I got a good look at Kristen, I started grilling Bella and Edward. And perfect timing if you ask me because that was just about the time mom and dad arrived, they saw Bella and how Edward looked at her and mom gave me a 'tell-me-about-it-all-later look'. I gave her a quick nod.

"Now Bella. You said your date never arrived right? Now why do you look so close to Edward? Care to explain?"

"Eh, it's a long story." She answered me while trying to hide her smile.

"Oh, we got all the time, baby." Rose answered for me while dragging her back in the couch.

"You know Edward, you should help me out here! It was your idea in the first place!" Bella told Edward after smacking his arm. Hmmm, they look close.

"But you agreed to it, remember?"Now this is a side of Edward I've never seen before. His sweet and flirty. Mom would be ecstatic.

And speaking of mom, she witnessed Edward and Bella's playful banter and she looked so damn happy!

"His idea of what? Keeping it all from me? Now, that's just really bad Bella for you to agree with him! You met Edward because of me!" I'm not really mad, just a bit upset that they lied to me.

"I did not! I actually knew him before I met you." Bella answered me, grin spreading on her face.

"What?! You know, this is all messed up! Why don't you just start at the beginning?" Okay, I give up! I thought I knew everything!

"Edward, honey? I agree with Alice. You've been keeping a lot from me lately." That would be mom.

"Fine!" Edward exclaimed, exasperated. "I first saw Bella at the grocery store a week before you set me up with her. Then I saw her again over at Aunt Carmen's since they're neighbors and that's it. We've been seeing each other long before you even met her."

"So that's why you're all smiles and secrecy the last time I saw you! You've met a girl!" Damn it! My brother can keep a secret! "But I still don't understand why you think keeping it from me would be a good idea! Bella? Want to elaborate?"

"Well, it's not a big deal really. We just want to piss you off! Which I think we succeeded. You see Alice, I was supposed to go on a date with Edward but then you begged me along with Rose to go out with Eddie and I can't just say no. So I cancelled on him only to find him there! We were just talking there, waiting for our date to arrive when he said something about killing you because his date is so late and I pieced it all together and realized that we were waiting for each the whole time!"

"See Bella? I told you, you'll like my brother!" When am I ever wrong about this matchmaking stuff?

"But don't you see Alice? Even without your meddling, we'll still be together." Edward told me pointedly.

"Together? Like together together or just like normal together?" Eeeeh!

"Huh? We're just friends Alice." Oh no brother dear! Nuh-uh!

"Let's see about that."

Suddenly Bella's little sister cried and reached out towards Bella. Bella disappeared after excusing herself to put Maddy to sleep. Edward followed her with no apparent reason really.

"Who's willing to bet?" I asked everyone remaining in the living area. Everyone nodded. Wooot! I'll be rich before I know it!

"100 bucks. They'll be together in less than a month." Rosalie started.

"Oh please, two weeks tops!" I will win. I'm sure.

"Shut up Alice. One week." Ha! Dream on, Emmett!

"Shouldn't we bet when the wedding will be? And how many grandkids I'll have?" Mom asked which dad and the Anderson's seconded.

Damn it. Whoever thought that my mom was way more futuristic than me? Gotta love her!

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