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The Secret of Mallory House

"Who's there?!" A man's voice said as he came up the stairs. Whoever it was didn't sound very nice…

"Else, hide." Frankie hissed, pushing her into a dark corner. Else watched as a man came in through the front door. He smelled funny, his clothes were dirty and torn. The man's head of wild brown hair and face of whiskers looked like they needed a serious shave. He looked down at Frankie. The little boy looked like he was seeing a ghost. "You…you killed my dad!"

"Well, well, well." The man picked up Frankie by the collar. "So you're the son of the cop who tried to stop me…how about you go join your daddy?" The man took something out of his pocket. It was a gun!

Else had to do something…she turned on her flashlight, shining it in the man's face."Leave him alone you big bully!" She yelled. The man let go of Frankie, cursing. He covered his eyes. Else ran up to him and kicked him in the shins. The mean man collapsed to his knees. Now they had to get out of here! "Frankie, run!" Else yelled, picking up the box of treasure and hurrying out. She followed Frankie as they ran down the stairs.

She had reached the bottom step when something caught her foot. Else tripped, dropping her flashlight and the treasure box. Candy and jewelry spilled everywhere. Oh no! Else tugged on her foot, desperate to get free…

"Else!" Frankie ran back, also dropping his candy bag. Her foot had been caught by a loose floorboard. Frankie pulled on her, trying to get loose. The footsteps were coming closer down the stairs. Frankie gasped and hugged Else. Else wrapped her arms around him, afraid.

The mean man stepped off the stairs, the gun shone in the light of the flashbulb. "You two and me are the only ones that know I'm here…now I'll be the only one who knows…" He raised the gun.

"Yah!" There was a loud yell. Something black flew above Frankie and Elses' heads, making contact with the man's head. BANG! The gun went off, nearly blinding Else by the flash. What was that?! The man fell down, stunned, he tried to pick himself up. Another blur came by, aiming something at the man's face. There was a hiss and a green cloud, the man collapsed, asleep.

Else and Frankie looked up at one of the figures as he walked over. There was a familiar green mask, stitched with a white bee in midflight. Mr. Hornet!

"Tie him up." The masked man ordered his driver before kneeling before Else. "Are either of you hurt?" Mr. Hornet asked as he helped free Else's foot.

"No." Else looked up at him in awe. Mr. Hornet… "Thank you."

"Jeez Louise, Else, let's get out of here!" Frankie grabbed Else's arm.

"Why? It's Mr. Hornet! He's nice!"

"Are you nuts?! That's the Green Hornet! He's worse than Jed Cooper!" Frankie panicked, standing up and pulling Else with him.

"What's going on?" The front door flew open. Standing there was Officer Mike. He saw Mr. Hornet. "Green Hornet! Don't you dare hurt those kids!" He ran after Mr. Hornet, his face as red as his hair.

Mr. Hornet fired his gun again. Like before, a green cloud shot out, catching poor Mike off guard. The officer fell down, asleep.

There was the sound of more running outside. "Else?! Else?! Where are you?!"

"Jack!" Else cried as Jack burst inside, Ethel hot on her heels.

"Young man, what were you thinking?!" Ethel hugged Frankie.

"What are you two doing out here?!" Jack grabbed Else's shoulders. "You had us worried sick! Don't you know that you could've been killed?!"

"I'm sorry, Jack." Else began crying, glad that she was safe, but upset because Jack was yelling at her.

Jack's look softened and she hugged Else. "I'm sorry, sweetie. When we saw that you and Frankie were gone, we looked everywhere for you. And when we heard that gunshot…what in the world were you thinking?!"

"It was my fault, Mrs. Reid." Frankie said in a low voice. Everyone turned to Frankie. "Else tried to get me to stop but I dared her to go inside. I wanted to scare her and I'm sorry."

"Frankie…" Ethel said in a low voice.

"Mrs. Scanlon, you still have your smelling salts on you?" Mr. Hornet changed the subject.

"Yes…" Ethel nodded.

"Wake up Officer Axford after we leave. Then call the cops. Jed Cooper will face justice for what he did to your father, Frankie Parker." Mr. Hornet said to Frankie. The boy nodded as the two men left.

"What a night." Jack said as Ethel stopped in front of the apartment building where the penthouse was located.

"You can say that again." Ethel said. After Mr. Hornet left, Ethel woke up Officer Mike. Officer Mike mumbled something about getting the Hornet if that was the last thing he did. But Jed Cooper was now in jail and the jewelry was going back to its rightful owners. Else was really tired. She wanted to go to bed. It had been a long night.

"Hey Else…?" Frankie said as they walked into the elevator. "You did a good job scaring me." He smiled.

"Thank you." Else said, too tired to gloat. "Too bad we lost our candy though."

"I consider that punishment enough." Jack said as the elevator doors opened. The family walked down to the penthouse door. "I would've taken them away for breaking the rules about leaving us." She mumbled as she opened the penthouse door.

"What's that?" Ethel asked, pointing to the table.

"What…?" Jack asked, looking at the table. Else heard her adoptive mother sigh and mutter something about killing Britt when he got home. It didn't make sense though, Else thought as she saw the two bulging trick o' treat bags sitting on the table.

Pinned to the fronts were two white metal disks. Stamped on them was the image of a white bee in flight.

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