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Time-Frame: Set directly after Episode 2:22

Rating: T

Pairing: Bo/Lauren

Missing : Chapter One

By: The RainbowWriters

Lauren crossed over to the bar, taking the drink that Trick passed to to her with a soft nod as she leaned her hip against the hard wood. She took what was possibly her first relaxed breath since they had returned to the Dal after defeating the Garuda. Particularly as since they had first arrived, she'd had to set Vex's arm and check over everyone for injuries. After all with everything they'd been through at the institution, she wanted to be sure she hadn't missed anything.

Bo had avoided her attempts to conduct even the slightest checks, as had Kenzi. The young woman underlining that the Siren's whistle had fixed her nearly fatal wound and there was nothing the Doctor needed to do for her. Clearly they had both adamantly wanted to avoid her as the pair was missing from the bar.

That is they had been missing before Bo came running back into the Dal through the front doors, a look of agitation flaring in her eyes.

"Kenzi's gone." The Succubus announced pushing a stool over on her way to the larger table that still held the weapons they had returned with after there battle to defeat the ancient evil.

"What do you mean gone?" Lauren seemed to be the first person able to ask the question when they all turned to focus on Bo and her odd announcement.

"You said she went out for some air?" The brunette threw Hale a quick glance as she grabbed a short sword and gave it a twirl and the Siren gave her a hasty nod. "Well she's not outside, in the alley or on the main street." The Succubus also pushed a dagger into her thigh harness.

"Is she answering her phone?" Lauren checked the logical fact even as she moved back to the table full of medical supplies to pick up her kit. The sight of Bo stocking up on weapons made her want to have her own tools on hand.

"It was on the ground." Bo's tone was almost angry as she tossed the slightly dented pink phone on the weapons table for everyone to see.

Dyson pushed off the bar where he was leaning and was already several steps closer to the doors.

"It's not been long, I should be able to track her." He let his jaw fall slightly open, his breath shifting as his eyes yellowed slightly.

"Then do it." Bo moved to hold the door open for him, and as he moved through it her eyes went to Lauren, almost as if she expected the blonde to follow with them. The blonde hurried towards the Succubus almost being intercepted by Hale, who had also picked up a weapon from the table, making it so that they all spilled into the street one by one quickly.

By the time Hale had let the door close behind him, Dyson was already pacing back and forth along the sidewalk. Occasionally dipping down to the ground to run his fingers on the tarmac, rubbing them together before sniffing them with a deepening frown.

"Tread marks." Hale pointed to the road and ran out onto it, hunkering down close to the floor at the obvious fresh rubber marks on the asphalt.

"Someone drove up and kidnapped Kenzi?" Bo's anger and emotion was obvious as she stalked over to look at the ground. "Dyson?" She looked at him hoping for something, some hint to start this hunt from because whoever had taken her bestie was going to pay, pay in ways that involved pain and possibly torture.

"I think it's the answer." The wolf agreed, his features shifting back to 'normal'. "Her trail just ends, suggesting she entered a vehicle and left the area too quickly to leave any trace." He admitted the defeat with a shake of his head.

"Okay, whoever wants to reveal the ha ha funny should do it now before I lose my freakin mind." Bo did a slow circle looking around for anything else that might give her a clue as to what was going on. "We just beat the Garuda, literally, if he'd have left a body it would probably still be warm and someone has kidnapped Kenzi?"

"I'll get a unit down here, we should get photographs, start some traces." Hale pulled his phone from out of his pocket. Dyson nodded at him and turned to walked towards his parked car.

"Bo, Lauren, go back inside. Hale and I will secure the area, the less disturbance the better." Dyson more or less ordered them to go back inside.

Bo shot him a look but ultimately huffed and moved back to enter the bar, holding the door open for Lauren.

"Bo?" The pair had barely breached the bar area when Trick asked what was going on, the Blood King's frown sat heavily on his face.

"She's gone. There's tire tracks and Dyson says someone must have stuck in her in a vehicle because there is no scent." Bo summed up what little they did know. "They are going to do their police thing..." She looked at her grandfather frowning as well. "Who the hell would want to steal Kenzi?" She looked between the bartender and the Doctor.

"Well she is a little mouthy love." The slightly inebriated Mesmer offered putting up his hand in surrender to a glare that came his way. "The idea she might have one or two Fae that don't like her isn't exactly a stretch."

"But they should know better then to touch her." Bo growled moving over to him. "You call whoever you know to see if any of your Dark Fae buddies are in on this, or you won't be one arm down you'll be armless permanently." Bo glared at him a moment longer before she looked at Trick. "I can't imagine the Light Fae were stupid enough to do this but can you check with whoever it is you have in that Rolodex."

"I will, but Bo be careful. We have talked before about not jumping to conclusions or rash judgements." He moved to his phone records that sat beside his archaic looking telephone.

"Someone took Kenzi." Bo said the three words as explanation and reason for any of her actions in the near future. Almost trying to keep her cool with both of them she paced to the other side of the bar, hating that there was absolutely nothing she could do.

Right under her nose someone had come and kidnapped Kenzi, and she, the Champion, the one who was supposed to keep the brunette safe, had been useless to help. She could only imagine the pain and terror her best friend was experiencing, and it threatened to overwhelm her.

Lauren watched the Succubus move seeing and feeling the mixture of fear, anxiety and anger literally coming off her in waves. Putting down the small medical kit the blonde shadowed Bo's movement coming to a stop a little back from her.

"Bo." She said the brunette's name in a low soft voice. "Bo, look at me." She encouraged her.

Brown eyes came up to look at the blonde as requested, the slight erratic way they scanned over Lauren's face giving her more of an idea how overwhelming this feeling of helplessness was for Bo right now.

"Whoever did this... whoever dared to touch her... I'm going to kill them." She vowed almost needing to say it out loud.

"Stop for a minute." Lauren tried hard not to let the worry that she was feeling right now for the Succubus show in her face, but something about her tone, her level of agitation was unsettling. Not to mention the fact that around the very centre of her normally brown eyes was at thin circle of electric blue, that sent occasion solar flare type sparks out into the dark contrast colour. "Sit down for me." She reached out to pull a stool closer.

Bo let out a long nervous breath and then finally sat down, clasping her hands against her lap, tapping her fingers against the back of the other hand. Lauren reached out and let her finger tips rest lightly on the pulse point on Bo's throat, and then laid her hand flat on the succubus' brow.

"I know this is easier for me to say than you to do Bo, but you need to try and calm down." Lauren kept her voice soft. "Everyone is doing everything they can and nothing you did let this happen." She underlined. "With everything you have been through, you need to not push so hard."

"I know what you are trying to say but Lauren..." Brown eyes looked up at her, the panic easy to see. "Kenzi is missing, kidnapped. I have to find her."

"I know." This time a frown did dance on the blonde's brow, after all it was fairly redundant asking the Succubus to be calm with that kind of a thing hanging around her neck. "I'm just worried about you, both of you." She amended the initial singular sounding focus.

"I just... if this is because of me, and if she gets hurt..." Bo body dropped a considerable amount of tension as she was consumed by more fear than anger.

"I know this might not mean anything but in the time I've spent with the Fae Bo this, kidnapping, it's not the way they operate, not as anything more than a means to an end." Lauren took a slight breath. "What I'm trying to say is, it's unlikely they want to hurt Kenzi, she's the bargaining chip." The blonde hated the words that came out of her mouth but she knew fundamentally they were true.

"I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse, because it means someone is using her against me, when she's done nothing wrong." Bo closed her eyes for a moment, squeezing them tightly together trying to order her thoughts. "Does that mean I should be at the clubhouse? That's where they will try to contact me for whatever it is they want?"

"I think they will contact you where ever you are." Lauren shook her head. "They didn't take Kenzi from the club house, they know you two frequent the bar." The blonde gave a soft almost pained sigh. "I'm sorry I'm useless to you right now." She admitted feeling just that.

"No, no Lauren." Bo reached out catching the Doctor's hand in her own. "You are never useless. You're the one who just reminded me of all that." She took a deeper breath, managing to ball all of her emotions up inside better. A slightly unconvinced and uneven smile graced Lauren's lips very briefly before she moved slightly back from the succubus with a nod.


"Whoever you are, you are in so much trouble!"

Flailing around on the floor of the van that she found herself tossed into, Kenzi desperately tried to work out how much, if any, give she had in the plastic ties that had been closed around her wrists. While at the same time kicking out her legs in every direction she could even though occasionally the move worked against her as she smacked her shin, foot or ankle off something hard.

"I suggest you calm down before you hurt yourself." An unknown male voice made the stern suggestion somewhere from the front of the van.

"LET ME GO!" Kenzi screamed louder having finally got someones attention with her flailing, even though the extreme action caused the hood that was covering her head to nearly suffocate her as a portion of it momentarily caught in her mouth.

"Chloroform her before she kills herself." The voice became gruffer and at a safe distance behind Kenzi there was the scuffle of someone moving.

In a strong, confident move, Kenzi's hood was raised up enough for a thick sponge to be pushed over her mouth and nose, soaked in a sweet smelling liquid. Trying hard not to breathe in Kenzi fought to keep herself away from what she knew was inevitable. But her resistance was in vain as she felt the world begin to internally wobble.

"Bo..." She whimpered for the Succubus before slumping with a dense thud against the bottom of the van.


Bo pulled her car into the parking lot of Lauren's building, having finally been convinced by everyone to go home and wait for more information. All of the initial enquiries that the Mesmer and bartender had made to their respective sides had come up with absolutely nothing. Whatever Fae was doing this was off the general radar or with a level of secrecy that needed more than a phone call to crack.

Dyson and Hale had focused on the tire tracks, while members of their division continued to work the scene, looking for any witnesses or other evidence. The wolf had taken special care to explain to the Succubus that though casts had been taken of the tracks and comparisons were already being made, it would be a few hours before they knew what type of tire had made them. From that they would then be able to start extrapolating what sort of vehicle the tires belonged too, and how many of those vehicles were registered in the city. This hunt could ultimately led to a list of hundreds or only a handful.

"I'm going to walk you up okay? Just in case, since we have no clue what is going on." Bo did put a questioning inflection on the words but it was clear she intended on making sure that Lauren wasn't going to go missing as well.

Lauren was about to free her seat belt and agree to the very reasonable suggestion when she looked at the brunette with an understanding smile.

"Did you want to just go to the club house?" She asked, her voice soft.

"You don't mind?" Bo turned her face to look at her as well, a soft sad smile showing how appreciative she was of the idea.

"Of course I don't Bo." Lauren shook her head. "Together remember, I don't know about you but I wasn't just talking about the Garuda."

"I wasn't either." Bo nodded and putting the car into gear and she pulled out of the parking lot again. As she pulled into traffic, she reached across the centre console and linked her hand into Lauren's, intertwining their fingers.

Trying not to over react to the very open move for support and connection, the blonde curled her longer fingers around Bo's to enhance and underline the link. She cast a quick look of silent support and open affection at the succubus as she did so.

The drive to the clubhouse happened in silence, the radio offering a low background distraction but neither of them were focused on it. For the entire drive Bo didn't let go of Lauren's hand, only doing so when the Camaro was parked and it was necessary to get into the club house. A transition they both made naturally without discussion and as soon as Bo was inside she peeled off her jacket, and sat down to pull off her boots.

"Lauren..." Bo finished what she was doing and said the blonde's name before pushing up and turning to where Lauren had stayed hovering near the island. "This wasn't how I thought the celebration would end."

"I think it's fair to say this isn't how anyone thought tonight was going to play out." Lauren agreed with the succubus' words as she turned to face Bo, leaning her hip against the worktop. "I..." She tried hard to battle the things she wanted to say with the things that felt appropriate now with what had happened with Kenzi. "Do you need something? Maybe to help you sleep, it's important for you to get some rest after everything you've been through today."

"I'm just glad you're here." Bo admitted moving around the couch towards her when the blonde didn't join her. "I..." She unintentionally mimicked the way Lauren had started and stopped. "I..." She tried to start again her mind warring at what words to say. "I don't want anything that will keep me from being sharp when the call comes in." She made the other admission instead. "But..." She stopped again, feeling the panic that swirled deep in her chest because of what was happening to her best friend and it instantly reminded her of the last time this feeling had overwhelmed her. "You and Kenzi, are so important to me, I can't imagine losing either of you." She looked into brown eyes that watched her. "Splitting up to fight the Garuda was so hard."

"Yes." Lauren made the admission easily, the kiss the two of them had shared in the asylum had been bitter sweet to say the least. As much as Lauren had been blown away by the succubus' bold and open expression of affection, the pain that had struck her as Dyson had led her away nearly nullified the pleasure.

The internal battle Lauren was having to not open up to Bo about how she was feeling, about how much she wanted Bo at the moment, how strongly she felt about the succubus got a little harder as she relived the very real tension and emotion of that moment. Almost feeling the heat and push of the brunette's lips once more on her own.

Without even knowing it the blonde was leaning forward in her place, her lead foot pushing a little forward on the kitchen tile. She came to a sharp stop however, snapping back to full attention when there came a sharp knock at the door.

Bo had been standing there silently, sensing the argument within the blonde even if she didn't know the sides but as the knock came she hurried to pick up a sword from nearby and motioned for Lauren to get further into the kitchen out of immediate view. She moved to the door slowly and pulled it open.

"Bo." Dyson smiled at her softly, his hand going to undo the simple button that kept his coat closed. "Easy, you can put the sword down." He eyed the sword, his smile widening just a little.

"I wasn't expecting you." Bo lowered it and headed backwards, seeing an unreadable look on Lauren's face, though it was clear the blonde had recognized the wolf's voice. "Did you find out something?" She asked waiting for him to follow.

"No." Dyson saw Bo's slight sideways glance, so much so that when he walked in the first place he looked was into the kitchen. He didn't say anything or even acknowledge seeing Lauren, though his lighter eyes did for a second meet the doctor's, before quickly looking back at Bo. Regardless to what he thought of the blonde's presence, he stripped off his jacket and tossed it on the back of the couch. "And you should have expected me, I wasn't going to let you be alone tonight." He added keeping his eyes on her as he took up an easy stance by the back of the couch.

"Actually I'm not, Lauren is staying." Bo shook her head at him. "You can go breathe down the necks of whoever is tracking the vehicle that stole Kenzi."

"No offence." Dyson glanced over his shoulder towards the blonde. "But the doctor doesn't have any experience with what we might be dealing with Bo." He stood a little taller. "My years of police work give me an edge here, not one I want to have." He gave a shrug. "Just one years of dealing with scum and ass-holes has given me. If someone contacts you I can guide you with things to say, things not to say." He pointed out the specifics he believed he possessed over Lauren.

"Dyson, while I appreciate all that, we both know what is going on. Someone has taken Kenzi as bait to get to me, a someone who will contact me with whatever demands they have to let her go. What I say isn't going to mean a lot, this isn't a Hollywood blockbuster and I can't talk them into letting her go." Bo recapped the reality they were facing as Lauren had put it, because having heard the blonde lay it out Bo knew it was true. Someone had taken Kenzi to get to her, the question now was why. She glanced at Lauren, giving her a flash of recognition that what she'd told Bo at the Dal had sunk in.

The wolf took a moment to look at first Lauren and then Bo, before he reached to pick up his coat from where he had thrown it.

"Call me if you need something, and try not to make unnecessary trips out." He didn't put the garment on, just slung it over his shoulder and walked to the door. "Be careful, both of you." He glanced between them again. "With everything we don't know, I can't help you if you don't help me."

"I will call if anything happens, you call me if you hear anything as well, the minute you hear." Bo nodded and smiled softly at his worry. "Before you call anyone else." She underlined the important fact to him..

"We should hear something first thing about the tracks." He tried to be encouraging.

"Be careful." Bo had moved around to be able to see him leave, letting him look at her for a minute before he finally actually went out the door back into the night. The oddness of his visit struck her, but she shrugged it off, her emotions were already too raw to be worrying about him on top of everything else. She moved back around to where Lauren was, the blonde having been surprisingly silent the whole time. "I hope he's right, we need something to go on. Anything."

"I'm sure he's basing it on something other than police instinct." Lauren tried to make her retort sound confident, trying to hide how discombobulated the wolf's visitation had made her feel. The idea that had she not been there, he would have come over and... it made her mind stall. "You know we really should be in bed." She added, her mouth doing that rare thing it did sometimes, working without actually checking with her brain that the words coming out were appropriate or accurate.

"Should we?" Bo couldn't help but lightly smirk at her, the comment actually letting her mind focus on something else as she shifted her weight onto one hip. "Is that Doctor's orders?"

"Yes, I mean... Oh God Bo, I am so sorry." Lauren felt her cheeks grow hot. "You, I mean you should..." The heat in her face was so extreme she knew there was no mistaking it.

"You're blushing." Bo made the few steps to be closer to her, invading the buffer of personal space the Doctor usually kept around her. Her hand came up and she stroke the back of her knuckles over the blonde's coloured cheek.

Despite the horrible 'bigger picture', Lauren's stomach flip-flopped with pleasure and arousal at the simple touch. Her eyes dipping closed only momentarily but enough to clearly tell Bo how much her touch was appreciated.

"Breathless isn't the only thing you make me." Lauren let her eyes drift open again as she made the honest admission.

"What else do you feel?" Bo whispered back, letting her hand turn to run her fingers over Lauren's chin and slowly down her neck to her open collar.

"Possessive." Lauren opened her mouth slightly to breathe a little more purposefully. "Fearless." She chose another word carefully picking things that only being with Bo brought out of her. "Needy." She added the very rare admission.

The admissions were about all that Bo needed in order to remove all of the restrictions that had been keeping her from just doing instead of thinking. After all right now the last thing she wanted to be doing was thinking. If she was thinking she would be obsessing about where in the very big City her best friend was being held, how she was being treated and who indeed had dared to be so diabolical as to take her.

Letting her hand slip around Lauren's neck, Bo stepped in as she pulled the blonde closer and meshed their lips together. Lauren couldn't help but moan softly as the succubus' lips pressed to hers, her body dipping a little, though she was held safely against Bo's by the brunette's strong arms. The blonde instantly raised her hand to cup the side of Bo's head, soft brown hair pressed through her fingers and slid against her palm as she kept the kiss constant and passionate.

The instant reciprocation that came from Lauren made Bo pull her even closer, a part of her comforted for a moment, feeling like she wasn't alone in this, wasn't emotionless.

"So we should go up to bed?" Bo whispered the words when their mouths parted naturally for them both to get a breath.

"We should." Lauren gave a soft nod. "If you..." She began but stopped herself. "We should, even if you just relax in my arms. You need sleep."

"That sounds perfect." Bo gave a soft nod, though she didn't pull her body back yet. Only after a long moment did she finally pull back and lead Lauren upstairs.

Once they were upstairs, Bo moved over to the bed and began to peel off her clothing, not even realizing until she was in her bra and open leather pants that Lauren was just standing there watching.

"You're going to sleep in that?" Bo questioned softly.

"No, sorry I was..." The blonde moved her hands to begin to remove her shirt. "You're beautiful." She summed up with a simple shake of her head and a 'you caught me' smile as she shrugged her blouse off.

Bo gave her a soft, flattered smile as she finished pulling off her pants, shedding the bra and slipping slowly into between the sheets, taking her chance to watch the blonde.

Lauren deliberately turned to face the bed, taking the rest of her clothes off slowly, an almost coy subtle smile on her face as she eased her pants off and the tight fitting tank top she'd had on under her blouse. Shaking her hair free of the tangles the static had tossed into it, she walked to slide into the free side of the bed.

"This is slightly closer to what I wanted tonight to be like." Lauren was the one to admit the honest truth.

"Was it?" Bo watched her, her eyes never leaving the blonde's body.

"Yes Bo, I know you can read what my body is telling you, but you don't know what I'm feeling inside." The blonde turned on her side to face the Succubus properly. "Which sometimes is good because you're not ready to hear some of it and maybe I'm not ready to say some of it, but sometimes I wish you could because then there wouldn't be so much to say." She closed her lips and caught the edge of it with her teeth momentarily. "But tonight after all that you did, rising to be the leader we needed, the leader I asked you to be, I wanted to be with you." She summed up.

"That's what I wanted too." Bo made the admission reaching out to run her hand down Lauren's arm from the shoulder down to her wrist. "Everything that we went through to beat the Garuda, it made me see some things clearer... made me realize that no matter what has happened in the past, I need you in my life Lauren." She knew that with all that was going on her emotions were hard to connect with, harder to express because of the vulnerability they made her feel. But at the same time, with the ever present scream in the back of her mind that Kenzi was missing, Bo didn't feel brave enough to risk not saying what her heart wanted too. "I wish you could read my thoughts too, because sometimes I can't express what I want to say." She linked her fingers into Lauren's.

"I'm not going anywhere." Lauren promised softly. "I'll always be here for you Bo."

"Lauren..." Hearing the promise of her always being there, Bo couldn't hold back the flood of emotions that had been threatening to overwhelm her since Kenzi had been taken. "This might not be the best time, but first the Garuda and now Kenzi being kidnapped has made one thing really clear to me." She brought their hands up to kiss the back of Lauren's, savouring the lingering smell of hand sanitizer that was so quintessentially the blonde. "I can't be afraid to tell the people I love how I feel about them, what they mean to me."

"Bo you did remember? You told me before we went into the fight, how much you loved us all. I know how hard it is for you to let yourself feel those things let alone admit them." Lauren tried to soften the intense pressure the brunette seemed to be under to express herself.

"It is hard, I... for so long what I was, what I didn't know I was, made feelings dangerous, deadly." Bo's eyes looked away for a minute, as if haunted by the things she'd done. "But it wasn't what I was trying to tell you, not really." She took a deep breath and looked into the brown eyes that looked at her. Slipping her body closer, she moved so that she was close enough to kiss the blonde but she didn't move in to do so. "Lauren... I love you." She whispered the words slowly, the shake in them showing how much bravery it was taking her to admit it.

Lauren felt her breath catch in her throat her eyes tracing over Bo's face as if looking for a hint that maybe she was hearing her wrong, or taking what she was saying the wrong way, but she saw nothing but confirmation of what the brunette was saying looking back at her from dark brown eyes.

"Say it again." Lauren requested opening her lips ever so slowly to breathe a little easier, trying to ensure that she actually brought an adequate amount of air into her lungs considering what was happening.

"Lauren, I love you." Bo whispered it again, watching the blonde's reaction carefully almost awed by how moved her lover seemed by the admission. "I've loved you for so long."

"Thank you." The words from the blonde almost sounded out of place, but the look on her face was one of sheer bliss.

The corners of her lips turned up in a smile that rivalled any other Bo had ever seen. Brown eyes were half closed as if in midst of pleasure, her chin high, proud almost. Lauren stayed that way for a long moment before letting her eyes flare open more completely to focus on Bo's face.

"I've loved you since..." Lauren began but stopped herself with a quick flick of her eyebrows and a shake of her head. "You don't need to know how long." She let her tongue flick out to moisten her lips. "And since then I've learnt that I always will."

"I've loved you since the first time we made love." Bo whispered her answer, wanting her to understand.

"No one made me do that Bo, I am not and never would be the Ash's whore." The blonde underlined the fact quickly wanting it to be clear.

"I know Lauren, more than that I believe that no matter what I thought that night, you would never do that." Bo was almost relieved that Lauren had acknowledged what they were talking about, since the fact was they had never really talked about it. "I was wrong to think what I did and I'm sorry."

"We were both hurt and you were lost and I should have known better." Lauren shook her head. "There are lots of things I should have done better." She added with another gentle eye roll. "But I love you Bo and I will always be here for you, whenever you need me, no matter how hard sharing you will be."

Bo had been listening, of course she had been, very intently, trying to read everything she could from Lauren and when the blonde had suddenly got to the last sentence, she was thrown.

"Sharing me?" Bo questioned her nose scrunching up a little. "Lauren, we both know I have to feed and I know it's unusual, but for me it's not sharing, it's just doing what I have to do. Which thanks to you I can do without hurting anyone anymore."

"I meant more Dyson..." Lauren felt a icy feeling settle inside her again as she gave voice a a very real fear that was constantly inside her about being in love with the succubus. "A Fae who can..." She looked down.

"I don't care what he can do, what he did, or even why he did it." Bo tried to fight the urge to run away from this, the usual urge to run and not have to talk about Dyson with Lauren. Something she'd always avoided. "Anything that existed between us is gone, over... and even when there was Dyson, there was always you. You are the one I'm in love with." She ended with the confident but soft words.

"Bo..." There was a suddenly edge that entered Lauren's voice as her dark brown eyes opened a little wider and focused on the Succubus. "What I'm about to say, I'm only saying because I need to... but I'm a human and you're, you're a Fae and it is really easy for me to misunderstand what your saying right now." She took a controlling breath in through her nose.

"How hard is it to understand that I'm telling you I'm in love with you Lauren?" Bo questioned softly, finding a little strength to realize that she wasn't being rejected just more that the blonde couldn't believe what she was hearing. "I... I thought... No, I started to believe what everyone was telling me. That Fae have to be with Fae... but I know now it isn't true. I'm not like other Fae, I didn't grow up with their rules and their prejudices and I won't inherit them now. I love you Lauren, and knowing that Kenzi is in danger right now... means I have to tell you, I have to know you know that I love you because I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow, none of us do and I need you to know the truth."

"I meant more it's easy for me to misunderstand because the things your saying, that I'm saying, sound like the things lovers do, girlfriends even." Lauren clarified her point a little more. "And I really need you to reel me in before I start getting crazy ideas." She looked at Bo through her long eyelashes.

"Maybe I want you to get crazy ideas? Maybe crazy ideas is the reason I kissed you, to try to tell you how important you are to me." Bo underlined watching her and wishing she could keep an image of Lauren right now forever, like a picture perfectly preserved in her mind's eye. "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" She asked the question showing the almost giddy feeling it gave her that transferred to the smile on her face. "I haven't been anyone's official girlfriend since Kyle." She made the reference in a reverent whisper for the lost young man.

"Yes, I want to be your girlfriend." Lauren said the word in a simple whisper. "I want to be the one you think of when you think of the word love, the word desire, I want to be the one you come to when you're tired or scared, I want to be the one you make love to with everything you have, everything you are. The one that when you want to, you wake up beside."

"I want all of that, but I've been so afraid I'm going to fail, break your heart and make you hate me." Bo admitted one of her deepest fears as she reached up cupping Lauren's cheek almost afraid she was going to disappear. "I never want to hurt you."

"You don't think I'm afraid of exactly the same thing? That I will fail? Break your heart?" Lauren leaned into the soft touch. "I'm the one who's already done that to you Bo, we will never get anything if we don't take the chance. We can take the step and risk hurting each other, or hurt ourselves by being alone, watching the other in pain." She frowned at the very real idea.

"I'm tired of being in pain." Bo finally leaned in and softly pressed their lips together. "I want to be with you Lauren, I don't care about any rules or anyone who disagrees with us, I don't want to be alone anymore, I want to be with you."

Lauren was about to kiss her back when from the pile of clothes on the floor Bo's cell phone began ringing.

"Shit." Bo cursed looking at Lauren for another second, completely assured when a soft reassuring smile crossed the blonde's features and the succubus rolled over to lean down and grab the phone. "Dyson, what did you find out?" She asked instantly seeing his name come up on the display.

"I need you down at the precinct Bo." The wolf replied. "I have someone here who wants to talk to you."

"Kenzi? Did you find Kenzi?" Bo asked immediately not impressed with his lacking details.

"No, but we're closer, I think, a lot closer." He underlined a edge of something in his voice. "I can expect you in ten?"

"Less then if the traffic is good." Bo agreed and hung up the phone. "Dyson has some sort of lead." She rolled back so she could see the blonde, not surprised when she saw Lauren was already standing up ready for whatever news there was. "We need to get to the station."

"They've found Kenzi?"Lauren asked already pulling on her tank top again.

"No, but he said it was going to get us closer." Bo smiled at her efficiency as she moved to catch up to her new girlfriend. The sheer thought of the title making her smile more, especially since there was hope on the horizon that they were getting closer to Kenzi.