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Time-Frame: Set directly after Episode 2:22

Rating: T

Pairing: Bo/Lauren

Missing : Part Eleven

By : The RainbowWriters

When Bo and Tamsin had returned to Lauren's small curtained off cubicle and found it empty, for a moment the feline shifter had thought that she would have to literally find out first hand just how hard it was to take down the infamous Succubus. Bo had instantly marched over to the nearest person that looked like they might be even remotely employed by the hospital and demanded to know where the blonde and Kenzi were. Of course off hand they hadn't known, but thanks to Bo's no nonsense demand the information was quickly recovered and the succubus was given assurances that Lauren would be back sooner rather than later, and with a better diagnosis than she had had before.

Of course nothing about the hospital had moved quickly enough for the succubus, and several times while waiting for the human duo to return Tamsin considered suggesting the two of them leave. If only to actually go somewhere and do something as she was pretty sure that the continuous tapping of Bo's heels on the tiled floor was driving the other patients in the small zone a little crazy.

Before Tamsin could come up with anything that she thought would be a distraction valid enough for Bo to give up her vigil over, Lauren and Kenzi had returned. The blonde now wearing a thicker more permanent looking sling, her face however looking far more tired and worn. The manipulation and positioning of her arm for the x-rays obviously having taken some toll on the injured doctor.

Even after the blonde's return to the small annexed room, things in the hospital obviously moved at their own pace. Results took their time and came at sporadic intervals, each one not giving Bo any news that made her any happier about her girlfriend's status. The longer she had to wait, just standing around, the tenser the succubus became, and quickly she found her ability to ride the roller coaster they were on starting to dip. After all, her emotions were reactionary and for a long time after her conversation with Tamsin, she'd found herself having to fight the urge of her muscles to do something physical. Express her anger and discomfort, make sure that everyone knew how far she would go to protect both Kenzi and Lauren.

"Hey Catwoman." Kenzi broke the slight tension that was building up between the rather odd threesome that was crowded into the small curtained off zone around Lauren's bed. "Want to buy me some food and a coffee?" She lightly hip checked Tamsin as she eased passed her moving to where the curtains met.

The blonde detective, who had actually let herself zone out, blinked her eyes and looked up, pushing herself off from where she had leaned against the wall and nodded instantly.

"Of course." She brushed her hands on her pants as she moved up closer to Kenzi.

"We'll bring you something back." Kenzi smiled at her best friend who breathed out with a nod, watching as the young brunette and the shifter slipped out.

Bo moved to close the curtain properly after they left, before going straight back to the bed side and reaching up to move one or two strands of blonde hair that had fallen down onto Lauren's brow.

"The nurse said you could have more painkillers." The succubus' voice was low and soft, obviously deeply concerned. Her mind was full of a thousand thoughts, mostly focused on the blonde in the bed beside her, on her well being and on how lucky she had been. For the first time in her life Bo was thankful to have owned the older model Camaro, and that it had been sturdy enough to help Lauren survive the crash.

Lauren shifted in the bed slightly, wincing as the move jarred her arm.

"Really why don't I just hit the buzzer?" Bo was already reaching for the small device, her thoughts shifting to once again think about how she could possibly be able to heal the blonde.

"I don't want anymore painkillers, I want my head to be clear when they release me." Lauren turned her head on the pillow to look at Bo. A frown twitched her eyebrow and if her lip hadn't been so badly swollen it would have pulled into a soft pout as she saw the look on her lover's face. "Bo... there was nothing you could have done." She added gently.

Bo snorted out the breath she had inside her and averted her eyes from Lauren's for a moment, knowing that despite it being said it wasn't true.

"I should have known how dangerous the Reverend is, I should have protected you." Bo outlined what she believed and therefore was punishing herself over.

Squeezing the brunette's hand, Lauren knew that no matter how much she tried to argue the fact, Bo had made her mind up that this was all her fault somehow. The intense empathy and sense of responsibility that Bo felt, lived really, was one of the things that endeared Lauren to the succubus.

"Bo, you didn't know what I knew." Lauren underlined softly. "But you're right, he is dangerous." She settled on the important fact wanting to stress it on its own. "He's not afraid of what he's looking for, he's not afraid of you." She looked at Bo knowing that the succubus would turn back to look at her, which of course she did. "I'm not saying he understands what you are, I'm saying I don't think he cares." She underlined her point. "He just wants to find out."

"He shouldn't." Bo snorted again. "Because when I am finally face to face with this bastard, I am going to make him understand just what I am and how dangerous I can be." Trying to control her anger Bo focused on the blonde's hand in her own, studying the ridges and grooves of her knuckles and the slender length of her fingers.

"Bo, we can't give him what he wants." Lauren shook his head. "We need to know what he knows, who is involved. If his goal is to expose the Fae the last thing we can do is let him confirm anything he thinks he knows." She forced her aching body more upright, willing to push herself a little since the x-ray had revealed that there had been no dislocation in her joint, just deep bruising and a strain where the seat belt had stretched across the area.

For a moment Bo just looked at her lover watching as she moved, frowning hard as she watched the blonde put herself through the pain it caused.

"What are you trying to tell me?" She asked of the blonde, forcing herself to speak slowly, controlling any reaction that ordinarily she wouldn't. Lauren gave a soft sigh.

"I'm saying you need..." She stopped. "We need to be careful." She summed up. "And we need to deal with the things that have already happened." She added taking a quick breath as she brought her brown eyes up to meet Bo's slowly. "Like the shifter that was found at the house." She brought up the main issue on her mind.

Bo's nostril's flared a little, the muscles in her jaw tensing at the mention of the thing that had put Lauren in harms way in the first place.

"I need to figure out who it is." The blonde watched her girlfriend's reaction carefully. "As well as the multitude of reasons for the case, think of the personal reasons Bo." She tried to 'humanize' her point. "Whoever they are they deserve to be identified and possibly returned to their loved ones."

"You've already decided you're going to the house haven't you?" Bo gave a soft sigh as she looked at the blonde, who despite the drab green hospital gown, was beautiful. "Even without Tamsin trying to sway you with any talk about having you on the inside would be a way to keep me in the investigation." She gave the subtle suggestion of what she had spoken about with the detective.

"I have." Lauren gave her a soft loving expression. "I want to do what I can to help, for so many reasons, you and Kenzi being the main ones." She underlined gently. "The elders, most of the high families, anyone who has heard about this will be panicked Bo. I know you don't think about it, didn't grow up inheriting the fear, but exposure is not something the Light Fae treat lightly. Naturally they will want to close ranks and increase the integrity of their secret, which will mean cutting you, cutting any outsider out." She nodded, agreeing with Tamsin's explanation of events. "If I'm the attending doctor, you will know whatever the light Fae know." She didn't care about her lip and gave Bo a strained but happy smile. "I'm a double agent." She made the lighthearted joke, knowing that in fact it was true and she'd shared information on more than enough occasions to have been 'hanged for treason'.

Normally perhaps Bo could have come up with a line about how sexy that was, or about how double agents had nifty gadgets or cool toys, but nothing like that came to her. All that came to the succubus' mind with the idea of double agent was danger and risk taking, things she didn't want the blonde involved in.

"I just want you safe." The Succubus breathed out guiding Lauren's hand up to kiss the knuckles she'd been studying.

Lauren leaned back against the pillows again wanting a little relief for a moment from her shoulder, happy to have cleared up what would be happening when she had her release papers from the hospital. Bo let her resettle and shifted also, sitting on the edge of the bed trying to will herself to relax. Even though she could feel the ball of hate that was building up against the Reverend inside her growing and burning a little hotter as she thought about the man out there plotting against them even now. She may never have heard what a bug hunter was before that night, but now that she knew the kind of obsessional thinking they were facing, she was completely prepared to do whatever she had too to stop anyone else being hurt.


Bo took a long breath in, enjoying the contrast of the cold night air and the warm of her skin as she stepped out of the double hospital doors. Her dark eyes quickly scanned the small collection of people that milled around the entrance, and it struck her with a note of sadness that as it had been when she had arrived hours earlier, the hospital was busy. So many peoples lives were touched by pain and misery all the time, and the world just went on unaware.

Taking another breath her eyes found what she had been looked for, the sight of Dyson sitting on the edge of a large concrete flower pot, planted with neatly trimmed shrubbery. The wolf was just actively looking around, keeping watch and the succubus began a quick direct route towards him.

"Dyson." She called as she approached.

Hearing his name, his eyes came to focus on her and he stayed in place letting her arrive in the space in front of him on the sidewalk.

"Bo." He said when her footsteps stopped. "Is everything inside all right?"

"As alright as it can be." Bo nodded. "Lauren's insisting on going to ID the body." The succubus kept her voice low as she looked at Dyson, her eyes dark in the low light of the evening.

"We need her insight into this." He gave a slow nod as if having almost expected this of her, his jaw tightened as he continued. "If this Reverend was able to subdue and kill a wolf shifter, he may be much more dangerous then we even speculated."

"When you say that, what exactly do you mean?" Bo shifted her body weight slightly, leaning back from Dyson slightly to look at him better. "I mean until now I've been thinking weird old guy in a musty smelling old cardigan, but are we talking maybe even Fae? Not that that makes sense because if he was Fae then he would know that the Fae exist and then Tamsin's idea that he's some kind of 'Bug Hunter' would be wrong."

"He's not fae." Dyson shook his head confidently. "But yes, I think he's been working to find information on and expose the Fae for years. My guess is that when Nate walked through his door to ask for help with Kenzi, he suddenly had the link to our world that he'd been waiting for." He finally pressed up to stand. "He's in the same category as people who believe in aliens, accept at some point he found a Fae, alive or dead already we don't know. But by now I expect he is so obsessed with proving he's not crazy to the rest of his human world he'll do anything to obtain proof. Like filming your car being run off the road in the hopes you would come out and act 'unnaturally' some how giving him proof."

"Yeah well he didn't get that, I just let Lauren almost die." Bo hissed the words tightly under her breath, her words full of angry self hatred.

"Bo..." The wolf let out a hard sigh. "You can't blame yourself for not thinking of every possible angle, none of us believed the doctor was in any danger..."

"Dyson." Angry brown eyes came up and challenged him to continue. "Don't." She warned deciding not to even let him try. "Because we both know that you didn't think for a second that Lauren would be in danger, not because you thought about it and ruled it out as an option, but because you just didn't think about it." She pointed the clear difference that existed in her mind.

He looked like for a minute he was going to contradict her, point out a few issues that nullified her assumption but he decided against it knowing that in this state Bo wasn't the type to listen.

"Anyway." Bo breathed out, straightening up again. "Like I said before I got sidetracked by the bug hunter, Lauren has decided that she wants to go see our friend in the freezer, despite everyone here telling her she needs to rest and take it easy." The succubus' displeasure was obvious. "Which means I need you to do something for me." She looked at Dyson her face a mask of tension. "Something really really important."

"You know I'll do anything I can Bo, we'll catch him." Dyson assured her instantly, truly meaning his words. This 'bug hunter' as his partner had called him had put enough people in danger and was far too involved in Fae business to not be dealt with swiftly and completely.

"I need you to look after Kenzi." The succubus kept her eyes on the wolf. "Do not let her out of your sight, not even for a second." The brunette's voice was laced with threat.

"Ironically..." Dyson let a soft smile spread over his face. "I just got a similar order from the council." He saw the way she narrowed her eyes at him and he stepped closer to her. "I promise Bo, nothing will even get near her, not without killing me first."

"I mean it Dyson." Bo let him approach without backing away, her eyes following his movements as he came closer. "She has been through enough and she doesn't need to see anything else to do with this." She flicked her hand between them and then around in a small circle. "Do not make me get specific about what I mean by that." She added the proviso.

"I'll look after Kenzi." Dyson just gave her a nod and stepped back, the reference to earlier events making his mind whirl again with questions about what it was that had happened to make him loose his control so badly. "I know when she was missing you didn't believe me but I have never wanted to see anything bad happen to her, she is a remarkable human Bo."

"Do you really think for one minute if I thought you meant Kenzi any harm, I would put her in your care?" Bo blinked at Dyson.

"I didn't mean that, I meant you felt I was indifferent." Dyson clarified. "Look, as you said let's not get specific, just leave it at I will protect Kenzi, from anything, period." He stiffly underlined his point. "In fact, why don't we go collect her? You can tell her that she's coming with me and not with you, I doubt she'll be pleased to hear that at first."

Bo actually let a little of the tension drop from her shoulders as she took a subtle step backwards.

"Actually you might be surprised, that 'remarkable human' thinks you're a pretty 'remarkable fae' for some reason and likes hanging out with you." She let a soft smile creep across her lips. "This whole thing has got me really on edge Dyson, and with everything that has gone on between us, you have been the easy one to take it out on I guess." She offered the slender olive branch. "I know that's not exactly fair, but you've not exactly been fair either." She pointed out very none subtly. "When this is over, we need to talk, about us, about the past and about the future."

"We do." The wolf acknowledged this fact instantly. "But right now is not the time, right now we do what we're good at, working the case and taking down the bad guy." He gave her a soft smile back.

"Dyson wait." Bo shook her head. "I'm not finished." She breathed out and straightened up a little, taking a moment to tuck her hair behind her ear. "Now is not the time, you're right, but wrong." She blinked brown eyes at him. "Because right now in the middle of all this..." She paused and licked her lips, letting her gaze drop to the floor before coming right back up to look at him. "My girlfriend..." She left a micro-pause after the word. "Is pushing herself beyond what she should for you and yours. A human, fighting for your Fae." She blinked again. "For no other reason than that is who she is." She made the point and paused again. "With that said, you're right, it's time to work together and do what we do. Work the case, shoulder to shoulder and take down the bad guy. You can keep your focus on who the bad guy is, right Dyson?"

"Yes, Bo." The wolf gave her a look that agreed with her request but hidden beneath it was the clear that the words had cut him deeply. "I will remember who the bad guy is." He took a step towards the hospital. "Let's get Kenzi." He urged, not wanting to get into this any deeper. After all the front drop off area of the local hospital was not where he wanted to reveal to the brunette that in fact he owed Kenzi more then she could understand, as he had his love back and for not the first time recently he was reminded of this by the deep ache in his heart.


Saying goodbye to Kenzi at the hospital had been far harder than Bo had expected it to be. She had been okay until the young woman had actually begun to get into Dyson's car, and then the succubus had begun to panic. The fact that she couldn't control what happened the instant the car door closed and the wolf pulled out of the hospital parking lot, hitting her hard, almost taking the air out of her lungs. The revelation had been so noticeable that the young woman had come back from the door to throw her arms around her best friend and hold her tight, whispering words of encouragement in her ear, before dropping a wet kiss on the succubus cheek and hurrying back to slip into the car.

Then despite being in pain and being the one in need of support it had been Lauren who had moved up beside Bo and slipped her hand into the succubus' as Dyson's car pulled away, causing Bo to turn from watching it. A frown of concern creasing across her brow, as she had left Lauren resting in a wheelchair until Tamsin brought the car around to pick them both up. As usual the blonde had been what Bo had needed, breaking the succubus' concentration and worry, making her focus on what needed her attention now, that being her.

From that moment on however Bo's evening had just gotten progressively harder, as Tamsin brought the car around and Lauren and Bo had transferred into it which had obviously caused the blonde a rather considerable amount of pain. Not that she announced it, but Bo knew from the way she turned her body into the seat and briefly closed her eyes, resting her head against the cold leather. It was all the succubus could to to not just lean forward and sway the feline shifter driving to just turn the car around and drive them back to the club house.

"You should have taken more pain pills." Bo fretted, watching Lauren carefully as they drove through the light traffic towards the reverend's house.

"Bo, I promise when we're done, I will take something." Lauren gave the brunette a one sided smile. Her lip, now held neatly together with small steri-strips, was still red and swollen, though the rest of her face had been cleaned up a little so at least it was free of dried blood and dirt. It didn't actually make Lauren look better, in someways it made her look worse as it made her skin look paler against the bright red of the contusions on her face.

"You're just going to take a look at what's in the freezer, work out what it is, check for any obvious reason why it died, right?" Bo asked the questions she had already asked a dozen times in the hospital. Ones that Lauren had already answered each time, her patience never seeming to waiver.

"Yes Bo." She took a slightly uneven breath, the pain of having been in a car crash just hours earlier beginning to really settle into her body.

"Then I'm taking you home." The succubus underlined the plan, shifting to sit back in her seat fully. "After we pick up Kenzi." She reminded herself of the necessary stop.

The comment was rewarded with a very subtle glance from Tamsin, as the blonde did her best to let their conversation be as private as she could. After all she had been warned enough by anyone and everyone that there were things that you just didn't get involved in, and this was one of the big ones. Hale had made that clear really early, and to be honest she could understand the warnings. The possessive vibes the succubus gave off in waves when it came to the blonde were unmistakable, why anyone would pry into that or dare to get in the middle was a bit of a mystery to her.

Lauren also didn't make a reply to Bo's summary of any after identification activities, focusing her efforts on keeping as still as possible in the car, so that her aching body wouldn't suffer from too many jolts or bumps. In her mind she tried to plan out a skeleton of what she needed to do when they arrived.

To be fair, the drive wasn't long and Tamsin made it as pain free as she could, though every minute seemed to take an age to Bo, who swore she could somehow feel the discomfort her lover was in. As they pulled up and into the driveway, the succubus was once again taken back by the normal looking town house, with its neat front yard and decorative solar lights that edged the path leading to the front door.

"Hey Doc." Hale's voice broke the soft silence as the Siren pulled open the back door of the car to help the doctor out, having left the hospital some time before to continue overseeing the search at the Reverend's house. For some reason his assistance made Bo frown out of annoyance purely because she had wanted to be the one to help Lauren out of the car. "We've cleared a little space down there for you, not much room, but hopefully enough for you to do your thing."

"I'm sure it'll be fine." Lauren smiled softly moving towards the door quickly, leaving Bo to catch up.

The main floor of the Reverend's house was just like any other mid size town house that Bo had ever been in. So much so that the variation between it and what lay beyond the stairs to the basement, seemed so huge it was almost incomparable.

Bo had tried to mentally prepare herself for what to expect but she knew that as she passed through the odd metal security door with its series of seven locks, designed to keep people out, all neatly broken off by the search team, she knew that she hadn't done a very good job.

The stairs themselves were steep and long, painted a dark blue grey obviously some years before, the age of the paint being given away by the fact that it was scuffed in places where the Reverend's feet had travelled them an unknown number of times. At the bottom of the stairs, Bo's feeling of claustrophobia started as instantly on each side of her piles of books and magazines clogged the basement. They reached so high that they looked as if they were about to topple into the centre aisle, completely engulfing the narrow corridor that was barely navigational.

The long man-made passageway was lit by a single light bulb that hung from the ceiling on just its wire, the towers of books casting strange long shadows every which way. This made it hard for Bo to keep an eye on Lauren who was walking at the front of the small four person posse through the basement. Despite all that she had been through in the last few hours, the blonde was setting a good pace, which in turn made the brunette swoon a little with pride.

She couldn't think of anyone else that she knew who would be here right now after what had happened to them. Most people would still be at the hospital or at home in a fog of painkillers as they tried to get their head around the accident. But not Lauren, not her Lauren. Her Lauren was dedicated to a fault, and despite all of the mistreatment she had endured at the hands of the Light Fae, the blonde never held it against individual Fae. Bo knew that Lauren's main concern as a doctor was to identify who was in the Reverend's freezer and restore to them the respect and dignity that any individual deserved, in life or especially in death.

Bo realized that there was little point in just aimlessly following Lauren into the main 'office' of the basement and standing around while the blonde did her work. She might as well do something productive with her time in this claustrophobia, and so Bo just let them continue on without her. She turned to the pile of books and magazines to her side and plucked one of them off a stack. A part of her was having a hard time understanding how anyone could purposely design their environment to be like this and honestly wondered what was behind the stacks she could see.

"Fortean Times." Bo read the title and had to take a minute to remember where she had heard the name before. Of course the indication on the cover that the stories inside included tales of aliens, UFO's and unexplained cow mutilations in the mid-west made it easy for her memory to jog itself. Putting it back, she moved down the stacks a bit and pulled out a book that was stuck in at an odd angle in between two piles. "Human Race Get Off Your Knees by David Icke." She read the title remembering how Kenzi had gone on a rant once about this guy who was convinced that Lizard people were running the Government. With a shake of her head she put the book back and finally just walked down the aisle into the 'office' beyond, her picture of the Reverend clearing more and more in her mind.

Bo was a little surprised by the office, at first more because of how 'uncluttered' it was in comparison to the area outside. Whether this was because, as Hale had suggested, there had been some 'tidying' undertaken to make Lauren's job easier, or whether it was just that way naturally Bo wasn't sure. All she did know was that the difference between it and the hallway and storage areas around it was remarkable.

The succubus took a moment to look at her lover who was already in her lab coat, it fastened carefully over her injured arm, with the 'extra' sleeve carefully pinned down so that it didn't flap in the way. She watched as Lauren took a look inside the deep chest freezer and then explained to Hale and Tamsin that she wanted the corpse out of the freezer and the lid closed and the corpse then placed on the lid. It was obvious from the look on both Hale and Tamsin's faces that this didn't fill either of the Fae with joy.

Having explained what she wanted, the blonde slipped sideways and backwards so that they could put into action what she had asked of them. Glancing at each other the two detectives had donned long gloves and stepped up to the freezer, beginning the slow procedure of easing the frozen body out of its tomb.

Bo would have offered to help but she knew in the cramped space there was little chance that she would actually be any help. It was at times like this that being the unaligned succubus meant that her skill set was hardly useful. She wasn't a police officer, with status and rights, or a doctor who could investigate the evidence and provide important clues, and it wasn't as if she could sway a corpse and get it to answer useful and appropriate questions.

The succubus couldn't help but frown and wince as the full corpse was revealed. The shifter's long legs had been folded up to his body almost in a foetal position, his left arm was tucked into his body while his partially changed right had been left out straight clearly to show off the fur and claws. The single image that stuck in the brunette's mind was that the shifter's partially transformed face was literally frozen in an expression somewhere between anger and fear.

Hale and Tamsin shuffled backwards away from the freezer a little with the corpse to let Lauren slide in to drop the freezer lid back into place so that they could relinquish their load onto the even flat surface.

"Thank you." Lauren said, her voice soft and quiet as she stepped up to get her first good look at the young looking victim. As soon as she did, Bo noticed that Tamsin instantly moved into a position beside Lauren, opening up the large medical bag that was positioned close by, setting out several instruments and containers for the one armed doctor. Again just for a fraction of a second Bo felt annoyed. She should have been the one to do that, should have known to do that. But just as quickly she let it go again, because the truth was she wasn't used to working with Lauren, with any doctor for that matter in a crime scene like Tamsin probably was, and Lauren was the last person to ever expect it from her.

That didn't mean she just had to stand around and do nothing and she let her eyes be drawn away from the blonde to take in more of her surroundings again. The room really was like some weird museum, a collection of the macabre and the odd. The succubus began a slow tour, inspecting the bizarre collection of objects that the Reverend had assembled, trying to get a sense of what the man was really like.

The first main piece of furniture she came to was a tall antique mahogany cabinet that was stood directly next to the main desk. Almost idly she tried the small handle on the long double doors surprised when they swung open. The inside was cut up by deep shelves, all of which were full and Bo began to eagerly examine the contents.

A high shelf contained a large swatch of dark reddish brown fur that was accompanied by a very official looking calligraphy label stating it was a Sasquatch pelt from Northern Canada Circa 1800's. Scrunching up her nose with distaste Bo put the fur and the label back on the shelf. From her place the other top shelf looked empty, but pushing up on her tip toes, the brunette reached into the deep shelf and her hand closed around a box. She carefully drew it forward and then pulled it down. It was an old wooden box with the words Vampire Hunters Kit scorched onto the top. Opening the simple side latch, Bo was further surprised to find inside a stake, some holy water, some garlic, a cross, and various other things she really wasn't sure about. Shaking her head the succubus eased the box back into place.

The next shelf contained a preserved 'mermaid' in a glass case, though Bo swore she had seen something like it in a film she'd watched with Kenzi early one morning when the two of them had eaten too much sugar and drank too much wine. Either that or it was jut a piranha who had died while choking on a monkey and had been stuffed as was. Partnering with the dead fish monkey, was a 'monster snake-skin'. Which Bo wasn't about to touch, she'd had enough run ins with large Fae snakes to not want to take the chance that it was more 'real' than phoney.

Bo kept looking through the cabinet, even though the large shelves changed to drawers that were full of more disturbing oddities. A Minotaur horn, a pair of shrunken heads, a whale penis preserved in a mason jar that Bo couldn't really figure into the collection, a dried monkey paw and some Chupacabra teeth were just a few of the treasures inside. Eventually the succubus really couldn't take any more.

There was a difference between owning a few 'oddities' and keeping them as something you had as a conversation piece, but there were literally dozens of things just tossed in the drawers. If they were real, theywere just, well disgusting actually. Bo closed the doors of the tall cabinet and moved to the desk, absently poking at the piles of photographs that Tamsin had earlier collected together and vaguely sorted into piles.

It was as she looked at the images that Bo's attention was grabbed and at the same time the pit of her stomach sank. With an almost panicked hand, she began to spread the photographs out over the large surface of the desk as familiar images like the outside of the club house, the local Thai restaurant, the small family park near the house, and the outside of the Dal began to fill up the wooden surface. Each of the pictures had something else in common, all of them had either her or Kenzi in them, or both of them.

As Bo continued to fan out the photographs the colour drained from her cheeks as the last few pictures were revealed. One was of Bo's weapons case, the one kept in her bedroom. It was pulled open to reveal all the weapons in it. Another was a picture of Kenzi's bedroom and one wide angle view of her own room. The Camaro had a section of photos all to itself, with pictures taken from every conceivable view. Others included the interior of the kitchen and the main room of the clubhouse, and even one of the never used basement. Bo rested both hands on the desk for a moment, the interior photographs from the club house fanned out in front of her as she felt the walls of the room begin to close in around her.

Someone had been inside her house... Had taken photographs of everything...


The question rammed itself into Bo's mind with the force of a thousand fists. Grabbing one of the photographs she checked everywhere for something that would answer her questions, a time stamp, something incidental in the picture that would give her an idea of when it had been taken. She saw nothing. Her breathing coming faster Bo didn't even notice how much she was shaking as she threw down the photograph and pulled at the top drawer on the desk, desperate for more details of what else this Reverend might know or have done.

Not realizing how hard she had pulled, Bo literally pulled the drawer out of the desk, dropping it when the weight of it was suddenly more than she had been expecting. The sudden noise made everyone in the room jump.

"Bo?" The soft word was out of Lauren's mouth before the blonde had even turned and to his credit the Siren had already taken two long strides towards the succubus by the time Bo really realized it was her that had caused the disturbance.

"Sorry." Bo apologized, frowning as she bent down to pick up the drawer. The Siren met her at the lower level and reached out putting his hand on hers.

"Are you okay?" Hale asked the simple concerned question in a soft voice, though it was a small room to expect the others to not hear their conversation, he wanted the succubus to know he was there if she needed him.

"Did you see the pictures?" Bo hissed her response hearing the shake in her voice. "He... He was in my house." She looked at Hale, flares of blue flashing through dark brown eyes.

"He was, but we can't focus on the past right now Bo. Everyone, you especially, were busy with the Garuda." The Siren gave her a soft frown. "All these pictures tell us is that this Reverend doesn't have a clue how powerful and dangerous you are or else he would never have had his underlings recon your place. We're going to make him regret every move he has made from these pictures to kidnapping Kenzi and hurting Lauren, I promise you that." He made the truly heartfelt statement without any reservation. "And when we've dealt with him and everyone from the House of Delivery, I'm dragging Dyson over and we're going to secure the club house better for you two."

"Where is he Hale?" Bo focused her attention on the Siren completely, narrowing her eyes the blue flashes calming slightly, becoming a more permanent blue stain around the centre of her pupil.

"We don't know, probably hiding in a little crevice somewhere with his cronies, but the one thing we know for sure is that he's going to make a mistake Bo and we're going to get him." Hale continued to reassure her. "All we had when all of this started was the alcoholic ramblings of a man who thought you were a Russian agent, in a short time we've come a long way."

"Not far enough." Bo pushed up taking the drawer with her to continue her search for anything that might be important.