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Time-Frame: Set directly after Episode 2:22

Rating: T

Pairing: Bo/Lauren

Missing : Part Sixteen

By : The RainbowWriters

Of course the luncheon rush was a busy time at the Dal, the way station was after all a comfortable local hang out for Fae and while a good number of those uber human visitors were likely to have a pint, there was not the constant drain on the taps that would have sent any of the staff frequently back into the cask room. Especially with Trick not even being in the bar at the moment, but below trying to tend to Kenzi and the clearly suffering doctor, there was no one likely to have noticed anything.

That was until the heavy doors of the cask room exploded inwards into the main bar area. The heat and intensity that pushed them outwards sending a ten foot tunnel of fire out from the doorway. Thankfully into an area naturally used as a dance floor on rowdier nights and so immediately didn't hit any of the Fae in the bar. Instead the intense flames had caused the ceiling and two adjacent walls to immediately catch on fire. The back draft recoil of the tunnel, causing the flames to come in waves out over the back wall of the bar. Glass bottles popping from the sudden spike in heat, adding to the now sudden chorus of screams that started signalling the panic that had rightfully started.

Chairs and tables were overturned as bodies began heading away from the fire and towards the bars front double doors. Those who had been closest to the exit being the first to break through the interior doors and head to the street level ones, only to find to their absolute horror that it was unmovable. In no time, the number of Fae lined up and pressing against the sealed off doorway increased, along with the the screams for help.

Where as some Fae may be immune to the ravages of fire, the numbers of them that are are few, and just as many that are are immune to flame are more susceptible to it, in fact far more suffer from that affliction than the former. That being the bare facts of the matter, the tone inside the Dal at this point was near hysteria. As more and more Fae joined those congregating at the front, those at the door began slipping down towards the floor in the crush, more at the mercy of their own kind than the encroaching fire.

Below virtually unaware of the chaos above them, Trick had found some painkillers and they had moved Lauren to the more comfortable chaise-lounge, so that she could be at least in a semi-reclined position, taking any and all weight of her injured side. It was only the sound of running feet and breaking bottles grew too loud to possibly be ignored that Trick drew his attention away from his care of the blonde. With a hard frown he looked over his shoulder towards the staircase leading up to the bar.

"I'll go." Kenzi made the quick offer, knowing that of the two of them Trick was better equipped to help the doctor right now. She pressed her hand on Lauren's leg briefly in a soft gesture of support before hurrying off to investigate the problem.

Before Kenzi even reached the top step, let alone opened the heavy oak door to the bar, she regretted her bold offer to be the one to investigate. The noise from the bar beyond was indescribable. The mixture of screams, shattering glass, running feet, and a low based roar of something untraceable, was basically terrifying. It was as the young woman put her hand on the door that she got her first hint of just what might be going on. The old brass handle was slightly warm, as if someone had been holding it, even though Kenzi knew they hadn't been. The raven haired girl felt her stomach drop in fear and anticipation as without turning it she pulled her hand off it, her mind patching together the clues her senses were giving her.

It was then that bright blue eyes caught sight of tendrils of thick smoke that began to curl up from the bottom of the thick door. Breathing in the smoke was acrid and hot, reality hit Kenzi hard and fast. The Dal was on fire, the cacophony of noise upstairs was from the poor people inside, trying to get to safety. Turning on the balls of her feet, Kenzi ran and nearly fell down the deep steps back into Trick's private rooms, her face a mask of horror and panic.

"The Dal is on fire!" She squeaked at the Blood King, her breathing fast and erratic as she stared at him with bright blue eyes.

"What?" Trick stopped mid motion and turned to look at Kenzi a hard frown on his face.

"The Dal is on fire." Kenzi repeated each word pronounced clearly and purposefully. "It's chaos up there, I have no idea why everyone is still inside, but it's definitely on fire up there." The young woman spoke quickly her voice full of unrestrained panic.

For all of Trick's years and all of his wisdom, the Blood King actually just stood their frozen for a moment as he listened to Kenzi's words almost as if he couldn't comprehend what she was saying. It was only as long spiderweb like strands of smoke began to curl around the slightly twisted staircase behind Kenzi that he seemed to be able to consolidate her words with reality.

"On fire." He repeated seeming to almost to start himself awake, his survival instinct overwriting any other thoughts of his precious bar. "Get Lauren up." He urged her moving over to his desk pushing it off over to the side by putting his shoulder into the old table and using what mostly appeared to be sheer will he pushed it aside.

While he was doing it Kenzi moved to Lauren's side. The blonde was doing her best to move independently but having literally just taken the painkillers she wasn't fairing much better than she had been when they had first sat her down.

By the time Kenzi had Lauren up on her feet, Trick had somehow seemed to have popped up a floorboard, which revealed a small lever like handle. This he pulled up with a hard tug, and there was a low rumble, like old moving machinery, forced to work after years of disuse. Before Kenzi's eyes an old stone staircase seemed to slide out of nowhere, descending down into the darkness.

"This leads down far beneath the Dal. There are under tunnels there from the old city." He moved to get a lantern from a side table where it had been sitting since Kenzi was sure she'd first ever come into the room years before now. "Take Lauren down there, try and stay as close to the stairs as you can, but if the smoke drives you on move straight trying not to turn off the main tunnel. There are endless routes and dead ends down there from old cave ins and building in the city, but Dyson will be able to find you should you have to flee."

He held out the lantern to Kenzi, but the young woman didn't move to take it.

"What about you?" She asked her blue eyes fixed on him, having not liked one bit of his obviously 'them' centred escape plan.

"Lauren is in no shape to try and get out through the Dal." Trick explained his plan. "And she cannot go down there alone." He glanced back at the tunnel. "Someone needs to go up and help Kenzi, they are my people, my friends." He breathed out and stood up tall.

"I can't let you go out there and put yourself in danger." Kenzi shook her head. "Bo-Bo would kill me."

"Kenzi, we don't have time to turn this into a discussion." Trick took a few steps towards the stairs.

"I don't need babysitting or hiding away." Lauren pushed away from Kenzi standing on her own, though it was obvious from her breathing she was suffering. "I'm a doctor. I am sworn to help." She pushed herself towards the stairs.

"No, right now you're a patient." Kenzi quickly skittered after her.

"Fae could be dying Kenzi." Brown eyes looked at her seriously as she stretched out and grabbed hold of the handrail.

"You're insane." Kenzi rolled her eyes and glanced over her shoulder at Trick. The Blood King was just coming back from the kitchen, carrying with him some light cotton face masks.

"They'll be better than nothing." He made the statement with a slight shrug.

Kenzi grabbed one and hooked it over her ears, pinching it tight to her nose.

"If I die, I'm haunting you, both of you." She announced as she hurried up the stairs, determined to be the first one out so that if necessary she could just slam the door on the other two and trap them downstairs.

The door handle was warmer the second time Kenzi reached it to put her hand on it, and she fought the overwhelming scream in her stomach and legs to turn and run to that suddenly very inviting looking stone stairs of darkness. What she was about to do went against everything she had ever been told. You never went into a fire, that's what firemen did, and well, they were a little crazy. She was just a young woman, with great hair and in high heels, she wasn't a firefighter. Closing her eyes briefly and whispering a prayer to anything Kenzi pushed out into the fray.

The Dal she emerged too was complete chaos; anything material based, on the back wall from the cask room doors up was burning, as were a good number of support columns in that direct vicinity. The flames were bright and angry, the smoke thick and acrid, forming a heavy layer on the ceiling that all the while was growing deeper. Looking almost like ominous storm clouds it rolled around the upper reaches of the Dal.

Drapes and soft furnishing all over the room were spontaneously lighting up from just the heat in bright plumes of yellow flame, and glasses and bottle were exploding with random pops and sizzles. Fae were screaming and crying, split into two main groups, the largest of which gathered at the main doors, the smaller at the back door. Kenzi instantly saw why there were so hysterical, it seemed that there was no way out of this inferno. The doors no longer serving as the exits they should.

"Oh God." Kenzi's voice was small as she hunkered down low her blue eyes scanning the devastation, her fear level rising with each passing second.

"We have to guide them down into the tunnels." Trick's voice called for Kenzi's attention, as he and Lauren were also surveying the chaos. "I'll start with those at the backdoor, try to redirect who you can but stay away from the main area of the bar." He needlessly pointed to where the inferno was beginning to turn towards them more as it consumed whatever it could.

"Roger that T man." Kenzi nodded as she watched Trick move carefully out towards the rabble at the back of the bar, the cacophony of noise masking all trace of his approach. She watched as he obviously tried to explain to several Fae what they should do, but whether through fear or just mistrust, none of them seemed willing to give up on the idea that the way out was the clearly blocked back door. "Fae are universally stupid." Kenzi cursed shaking her head. "Do you see this?" She asked of the blonde turning her head to check with the doctor, only to find that Lauren wasn't there. "Lauren?"


For not the first time that day Hale felt as if the world was spiralling a little out of control. Then almost with a laugh at himself, his own sarcastic voice in his head reminded him that that was the car he was in. The feline shifter having seemed to have lost her mind when instead of pulling the car to a stop when the came around the corner and saw thick plumes of smoke already rising from the side alley of the Dal, she instead ploughed up over the edge of the side walk. The angle meant that the wheels hadn't but just came back down on the light coloured pedestrian sidewalk when the front speared into the large van parked to block the door of the Dal.

In less than a heartbeat, the world came to a violent abrupt stop and the Siren felt a little like he'd been in a blender. Thankfully the sturdy police car had taken the technically advanced pit manoeuvre, but he was still the last one out of the car. Bo not surprisingly being the first one and the driver to his surprise being the second.

"The door is jammed!" Bo had moved directly from the car to the entrance to find the crowbars that had been lodged into the handles. She was still trying to move them when Tamsin arrived by her side, the feline shifter trying to add her strength to the initial attempts.

For Tamsin she would probably remember the moment when the screams inside got even more frantic because of the sudden attempt they were making outside more from how overwhelming it became. For Bo, as the group of voices filtered in her brain, down and down as her eyes began to glow brighter and brighter blue, down until she had no voices left... and yet none of them had matched Lauren's, Kenzi's or her grandfather's and she knew all three of them were in there.

Bo brought both her hands up suddenly to grasp them around the handles, ignoring the bars that held them closed as she snapped them back to her body, literally tearing the doors open and knocking Tamsin back to the ground. If it had been any other person than the feline, they would have landed flat backed and winded on the sidewalk but her lithe figure absorbed the momentum and did a full back flip to come up on her feet staring at Bo.

The succubus' form visible for only a moment before the sudden rush of bodies coming out the door now that freedom was available to them. Along with them however came a dark billow of smoke from the very upper doorway.

Tamsin tried to keep her eyes on the unaligned Fae, but with the crowd in between them she quickly lost sight of the brunette. Fae of all shapes and sizes pressed out of the door almost as one entity, some spilling down onto the pavement as Bo was pushed back out of the flow when even more bodies began to emerge.

The feline shifter's attention was then pulled in a different direction altogether as she heard Hale yelling at someone or something. The Siren's attention wasn't even on the front doors of the Dal or on the stream of frightened and injured Fae streaming out if it. Instead he was moving around to the side of the tavern, his hand going to his gun as he moved, the glint of it making all of her senses red line.

Tamsin instantly pushed her body into a second back flip out of the melee and ran to join him, her gun already drawn by the time she had landed the flip. As she turned the corner, it became obvious just what Hale had been focused on. In the alley there were four male figures, one of which held a video camera up to his face, capturing all of the horror as it happened.

Her eyes flashed a bright amber both in a reaction to the dim light of the alley and in pure anger as to what she was witnessing.

"Get the hell down on the floor, now." She screamed at them, levelling her gun at the camera operator.

"Turn the camera on her, she's one of them." The figure at the back instructed hurriedly, moving forward a little to get a better look at the burned or hysterical Fae still spilling out of the Dal. Tamsin recognized him instantly as the Reverend, the bug hunter who had become the literal bane of their existence.

"You heard what she said, cease and desist." Hale barked when the Reverend shifted and the cameraman shifted his focus to Tamsin. "Don't make us stop you."

"Show yourselves demons." The Reverend by now had detached from the reality of the situation. "Show us your true skin." Before Tamsin could even think to react she was hit by blinding pain and thrown backwards onto the floor, her body jolting and spasming. The arm that the older man held up, brandishing the illegal stun gun clearly the source of her agony.

Hale had been as shocked, literally as the other officer, his focus taken for a millisecond by the plight of his partner before his training took over. His finger pulled the trigger, but the noise of the gunshot was engulfed by the chaos around them. Almost simultaneously the Reverend's entire body lurched backwards, falling down at the end of the motion clutching his right shoulder significantly dazed.

"The rest of you face down on the ground." Hale's voice was loud and intense, the tone of it showing that for both reason that he'd just shot their leader and inadvertent Siren persuasion, they all went down on the ground. Keeping his gun trained on the three prone men, he moved to check the feline shifter, pulling out the contact prongs. "Tamsin? Tamsin?" He tried to she if she was still with him.

Amber eyes flickered open.

"The motherfucker tazed me." She cursed pushing her head back into the hard tarmac as pain shuddered through her body. "When I can get up, I'm going to beat the shit out of him."

"I already shot him." Hale assured her before moving over to check that he had indeed not killed the Reverend when he shot him but the older man would require immediate medical attention. "If any of you move from this sidewalk I will shoot you, understand me? I will shoot you." Hale warned the three of them before he ran back to the car, pulling out the car radio to put out an immediate call for help both for the fire, but also alerting the medical teams to the fact one officer was already down, and that shots had been fired. All in all he knew he was starting a city wide firestorm, but as more patrons almost crawled out the front doors with still no sign of Bo or the others, he was worried how bad things could be inside.


Bo had tried to instantly push past the throng pouring out of the Dal, but one against an army just wasn't working, even if that one was running of a power unlike any other. Her blue eyes scanned the whole front area and she still didn't see an option that gained her the quick access she wanted.

Taking a step back Bo suddenly saw what she needed, judging the size of a long thin horizontal window that sat at street level she broke into a run and threw her body down into a slide. Her boots took the force of the ornate stained glass, crashing through it to allow her body to slip through the newly opened route. Immediately of course it dropped off on the other side, and Bo came to a crash landing on top of a table closet to the washrooms.

The interior of the Dal was dark, filled with smoke that plumed out from the many flames,that had been eagerly fed by the rush of new oxygen that had flooded the bar with the new opening of the front doors. Almost eerily as Bo stood herself up, her blue eyes shone in the darkness, causing her to be nearly the brightest thing in the room, apart from the flames.

"Lauren? Kenzi? Trick?" She called out each name in turn, the smoke not seeming to affect her at all as she stepped into the chaos. Her boots treading over burning wood as she headed towards the doors to her grandfather's private rooms, the most logical place she could figure for them all to be.

"Bo?" Kenzi's voice came from somewhere in the darkness followed by a heavy cough.

Bo's walk turned to a run as she pin pointed the direction of the voice. The next second Bo was by Kenzi's side. The young woman was crouched in the doorway that led down into Trick's rooms, she was guiding Fae down there, her face smudged with ash and soot, her once white face mask black and sodden, her eyes red and teary.

"What are you doing? Where are they going?" Bo demanded her voice oddly hollow but she made a quick check over of her best friend to confirm she hadn't been otherwise injured.

"Tunnels, there are tunnels under the Dal." Kenzi reached up and wiped her burning eyes.

"Go!" Bo grabbed her loosely by the shoulders. "Now!" She added one last question before she let go. "Where is Lauren?"

Without questioning her best friend, because if Kenzi was honest her bright blue eyes and odd tone kinda scared her, Kenzi pulled herself away and began shifting down the stairs. She stopped and winced as she looked at Bo before continuing.

"I don't know." She admitted in a soft ashamed whisper. "I lost track of her in the chaos."


With a screech of brakes, Dyson's car mounted the sidewalk and came to a bumpy stop. The wolf was out of it and running toward the burning building the next instant. The wail of sirens beginning to fill the air as he ran underlining just how dangerous the scene he had arrived too was.

Skipping the chaos at the front doors, the tall wolf ran to the single back door cursing loudly as he saw the barricade that had been formed against it. With a feral grow, Dyson literally picked up the dumpsters and tossed them aside with ease. The way now cleared, he ripped the door open despite the bars inserted to jam it, and stepped clear as Fae began tumbling out into the fresh air, choking and coughing as they stumbled blindly into the alley beyond.

With the back exit now free, Dyson ran back around to the front, the flow of victims had lessened slightly, revealing just how many had been trampled on in the rush to get out. The wolf hurried to start pulling those on their knees or prone on the floor out of harms way, as the baying of the firetrucks got louder and the idea that safety was coming dawned on everyone involved.


With a loud roar, the balance of the fire inside the Dal shifted and the reason became clear suddenly as with groans and some measure of relief people began to announce that the backdoor was open. Bo instantly focused on getting there, climbing over piles of broken furniture and smashed bottles she reached the area in no time, only to find a scene no better than the one at the front doors. Fae were lying half crushed on the floor, as others had climbed over them in a desperate bid to escape. Then she saw that there in the middle of the chaos was her grandfather, trying to keep some sort of order in the melee, trying to exert some semblance of authority as he tried to relay instructions.

"Trick!" She exclaimed hurrying to him. "What are you doing, get out of here." She stared at him hard her blue eyes glowing.

Close by them, a large beam suddenly fell from the ceiling smashing to the ground burning brightly, causing everyone around it to scream and double their efforts to escape.

"This is insane, go to the tunnels." Bo shouted to him when he didn't respond to her first order. "Both the doors are open now, I already told Kenzi to get down there, I will be right after you once I find Lauren."

For a moment the old Fae looked at his granddaughter and then at the burning wreck that was the Dal. He knew that right now with what she was telling him, it was time to run, time to escape this burning ship himself. With a sad nod of his head, he began making his way towards the stairs down to the escape tunnel.


Three police cars, three ambulances and two firetrucks arrived more or less simultaneously, filling up the fairly narrow street where the Dal was located easily. Immediately everyone began working on helping the survivors move away from the burning building, getting them to congregate at a safe distance so that they could be generally assessed.

Then, led by Dyson, the police focused on those who had fallen, near and in the doorway, bringing them carefully away a safe distance, without actually breaching the building. That job was left to the professionals from the fire department, who were suited up and entering the chaos almost as soon as they arrived. Three hoses being run out in record time to get water onto the fire.

The paramedics had split to the staging area Dyson had created, beginning to asses those who were seriously injured. Fae who were less injured helping their kin, and some even moving to help the police move more fallen patrons from the entrance.

Every moment it seemed another police car, or ambulance arrived and the five alarm fire rating sent out because of the tragedy had the sirens of many more firetrucks racing into position around all possible sides of the building.


Bo could feel her body literally tingling with power and anger as she began making a lap of all the accessible areas of the Dal. She had already see two fae who she presumed were dead, trapped under rubble or burned beyond survival, their visages simply adding to her rage. The devastation in the way station was unbelievable, and even though in her head a part of her knew she should be flinching from the heat of the flames and coughing from the acrid smoke, she was doing neither, she was just walking through the debris, her bright blue eyes scanning for what she was looking for.

Suddenly they handed on something she recognized, it was blue with a black trim, unmistakeable really though not because of its looks, but the soft smell that possibly only Bo could pick up on. Crouching down Bo picked it up off the floor and looked at it, turning it slowly in her hand. It was Lauren's sling. With a growl she tossed it to the ground and swung her head around.

Suddenly a new sound entered the cacophony that was the Dal, and Bo realized with an element of relief somewhere in her brain that the firefighters had arrived, and maybe there was an end in sight to this nightmare. That fact suddenly gave the succubus a new thought; water, the washrooms, Bo hadn't checked the washrooms. Moving purposefully back through the wreckage to the point where she had entered Bo pushed into the ladies room.

Lauren was laid on the tiled floor leaned up against the far wall, her hair was matted and sooty, her face nearly black with ash stains, apart from wet tracks that ran down both cheeks from her eyes that tears had washed clean.

Laying over the blonde's lap was a young Fae. She looked to be about the same age as Kenzi, same build too, though a lot taller by the look of it. Everything about her was long and thin, delicate looking, from her fingers to her long legs. She had long dark hair that was splayed all over the blonde's legs, and perhaps the most striking of all, a pair of the most fragile looking blue wings that were crumpled beneath her, crushed against the floor, her body and Lauren's. The floor around the pair was wet, and the two small sinks were both over flowing with water, that spilled out onto the tiles, soaking both women slightly.

"I... I couldn't save her." Lauren's large brown eyes looked up at Bo as she wiped her hand over the Fae's slightly bluish brow. Bo noticed for the first time that the other Fae wasn't breathing. "She was a water nymph, all that heat, the fire..." Lauren looked down at the beautiful creature in her lap. "I tried..." She glanced at the pipe behind her, there were bloody marks around it, obviously where Lauren had tried to hit it, break it free at the joint to get free flowing water to the young Fae. "I couldn't." She said again looking up at Bo, broken and lost.

Bo felt a sudden flare of rage fill her mind and body. She stepped forward, bent down and eased the dead nymph into her arms, carrying her carefully in outstretched arms as she turned and pushed out of the room. Long strides took her through the burning Dal and out of the back door into the alley. From there she turned into the side alley where the Reverend and his small group of lackeys had now been cuffed and sat up to wait for the more important things to be dealt with.

Her eyes blazing brightly Bo carried the nymph passed Tamsin who had been given the job of watching the four of them, moving right up to where the old man sat in pain. No one so far caring that Hale had actually shot him.

"Look, look at what you have done." Bo seethed as she stared at him, slowly lowering the beautiful, delicate creature to the ground. "Take a good long look." She snarled, her lip twitching as her hand snapped out and grabbed him around the throat, pulling him upright and off his feet.

The Reverend whimpered in pain and fear, his eyes going from the creature on the floor, to the one who held him aloft. His good hand moving to try and swot at her arm in an attempt to get her to release him.

"It's the last thing you're ever going to see." Bo's voice was an icy whisper as she closed her eyes and leaning her head slightly towards him, drew just close enough to catch a hook into his Chi, then letting her head loll backwards she drew his life essence from him as he twisted and struggled in her grasp.

The next moment he slumped limply, the fight gone from his body, as the last of his essence was drawn into Bo's own. With a look of scorn she tossed the body to the floor her blue eyes moving to look at the first lackey in cuffs. Licking her lips, a look of feral hunger in her eyes, she took a half step towards him before a hand gripped her arm. Angrily Bo's head snapped around to stare at whoever had dared to interrupt her.

"Where are Kenzi, Lauren and the Blood King?" Tamsin didn't shrink away from the challenging glare, she just levelled the concern she had at the succubus.

Without saying a word Bo turned and ran back into the Dal.

"You didn't deserve it but you're welcome." Tamsin growled at the shaking young man who had just escaped Bo's wrath.


Lauren had obviously been a little confused when Bo had left her alone in the burning bar so much so that for a long moment she did nothing but just lean back against the wall, looking around her vaguely to see if she could see the mask Trick had given them before they had slipped upstairs. It floated a little over a metre away, all in the small river created by the overflowing sinks, that had also picked up scorched debris blown under the door from the main room beyond.

If the blonde was honest, she could barely see through the pain that filled her body, and mixed with the pull from the painkillers in her system that were trying to pull her down to rest, the over all effect was that Lauren knew with a sense of fatality that under her own storm she simply wasn't getting out of there.


The voice of the Succubus came at the same time, as without warning the blonde's body was picked up off the floor by unnaturally strong arms, the movement upwards not even ending before they were moving again out of the building. The heat building at times but within a few seconds there seemed to be more air again, though it was filled with shrill sirens and various voices.

"Are you with me? Lauren?" Bo's voice asked the question close to her ear, her body lifted a little for a moment for the purpose.

"Bo." Lauren moved her good hand and pressed it against Bo's chest. "I'm okay." She closed her eyes, her lungs burning from the sudden change in air temperature from the inferno to the outside air.

"I'm sorry I left you." Bo apologized as she moved towards an ambulance gurney that didn't have someone on it. "But it's over now."

Lauren leaned against Bo's body for a moment feeling the whole set of circumstances and her condition finally begin to catch up with her, until the call of a EMT pierced the air with a call for help. Pulling her head to a more upright position, blinking her eyes quickly in an attempt to get them focused she patted Bo's chest.

"People are hurt Bo, I need to help."

"You are one of the hurt people." Bo didn't put her down immediately knowing when she did the blonde was likely to bolt off without even listening to her arguments.

"Take her to the compound." The call came from Tamsin who was jogging towards them, well actually as it became obvious the feline shifter was jogging to the ambulance to pick up some equipment to help the EMT who had called out. "That's where we're taking them." She added winking at the succubus, hoping she would understand that this might satisfy the doctor's need to be involved, but in actuality was just a cover to get her off scene.

Bo of course had a number of objections to this idea, and as she ran through them in her brain Lauren wiggled her way the last few inches down out of her arms and immediately off the gurney.

"No, no... he must go on the next ambulance." The doctor moved off already trying to take better control of the chaos. "And those two with him..."

"She doesn't exactly listen and I'm not keen on her going anywhere near the compound." Bo shook her head. "I have to find out where Kenzi and Trick ended up, can you keep an eye on her?"

"Done, go." Tamsin nodded though she was already running off to the EMT she was helping. "Lauren stay there please I'll be back ready to take orders in a flash."

Bo gave the feline shifter a grateful nod and then leaned to press her lips hard against Lauren's lips.

"At least try and listen to Tamsin." She breathed over the blonde's lips as she kissed her a second time. "I'll see you soon." She added before running back into the still flaming building.