Chapter 7

Hey guys, did you enjoy the last chapter? Well, I hope so, and I hope you enjoy this one to, so yeah, read and enjoy this story.

Kasai paces back and forth through the room nervously.

"So is this thing inside us bad," he asked.

"Who knows just calm down and sit down, gosh your so annoying," said Raikou.

"Shutup Raikou, he's just nervous, like all of us," said Mizuumi.

"Whatever," said Raikou, still annoyed.

Kasai continues to pace the room back and forth until Naruto walks back in.

"How are you guys todays," He asked.

"We're fine, what is it you need," asked Sora.

"Nothing, just checking on you guys."

"Like she said, we're fine so you can just leave." Said Raikou.

"No need to be rude," Said Mizuumi.

Daichi wakes up from a nap he was taking on a bed over next to the wall opposite the door.

"Huh," he says yawning and stretching, "Oh, hello guys."

"Hey Daichi, you finally wake up," Said Kasai.

"Yeah I was just really tired."

"Anyways guys," said Naruto a little more seriously, "I actually came to tell you guys something," he says with even more seriousness in his tone.

"What you guys have within you, are demons, wolf demons, and not just wolf demons but powerful jinchuuriki. They were made by the Sage of Six Paths to help stop the Jubi, and if you guys don't know what that exactly means, it means they are very powerful. It had taken all nine jinchuuriki to stop them."

"Woah, I had no idea that the thing inside me was this powerful," sai Kasai.

"Yes, and we need to so if they are going to turn out to be bad, like they were before, or good and fight for our side," said Naruto.

"There has to be a reason that they are coming just now, I mean, why did they not come when ten tails was brought back," asked Sora curiously.

"Yes, but we need to find the reason, hopefully before it just shows up."

Naruto stands there thinking.

"How about we all go out for Ramen," asked Naruto nicely.

"I think it's a good idea," said Daichi.

"I do to, I'm starved," said Kasai stomach rumbling.

They all laugh and go out to eat Ramen .

While eating Ramen.

"So I was wondering if we could start to train you guys as ninja," asked Naruto.

"Really," they all asked excitedly.

"I guess it seems you guys already wanted to be," said Naruto chuckling.

"Yeah," said Daichi excitedly, now standing up.

"I've dreamed about this for a really long time," said Kasai.

"That would be awesome," said Sora.

"Yes, yes, yes, I have been wanting to be a ninja," said Mizuumi jumping into the air.

"It'll give me something to do I guess," said Raikou less excitedly than the others.

"So you guys will start training tomorrow, and since I am Hokage, I'm going to see if they will let me make you guys into a team of five," Said Naruto happily.

They all finished eating, Naruto left, and they went out for a walk.

"I can't wait," said Mizuumi jumping up and down excitedly.

"I know this is going to be so cool," said Kasai.

"I've always wanted to be a ninja," said Daichi, bursting with excitement.

"I can't wait till tomorrow," said Sora.

They all look at Raikou.

"What," he asks.

"Couldn't you be a little enthusiastic," asked Kasai.

"I don't really care really," said Raikou.

"I bet you're just a little nervous," said Kasai.

"No, not at all, it's just going to give me something to do."

"How about we see how tough you are," said Kasai, raising his fists.

"I don't think we need to fight guys," said Mizuumi.

"Oh, don't worry, it's just a friendly fight," said Kasai smiling at the challenge.

"I think it's a pretty good idea," said Raikou, also raising his fists.

Kasai charges, but Raikou steps to the side. Kasai quickly turns back around and punches Raikou. Raikou pulls back his arm and throws a punch at Kasai, hitting him in the stomach.

"Aaaaagh," says Kasai coughing, "you're tougher than I thought."

He quickly jumps up and uppercuts Raikou, and Raikou falls on the ground.

"Wow, I didn't expect you to be this tough," Raikou said smiling.

"You're actually smiling huh," said Kasai, smiling as well.

They quickly throw a punch at eachother, both landing a blow into eachother's faces. They both step back, wipe the blood from their mouthes, and smile.

"That was fun," Said Kasai.

"I admit, I did have quite a bit of fun, maybe being a ninja won't be so bad after all," said Raikou. "By the way, you guys can just call me Rai."

They continued walking, looking at all the things in Kanoha. They went by to shop, watch a movie, eat, and finally stopped and went swimming.

"Today had been pretty fun," said Kasai, leaning on the edge of the hot springs they were in.

"Yeah, I had fun today too," said Mizuumi.

The rest all agreed.

"I think we should probably start heading back before it starts to get to dark," said Kasai looking into the sky.

They all get out, dry off, put on the rest of their clothes, and went to Naruto's house where their rooms were. The girls go into one room, while the guys into the other room across the hall.

"I can't believe we're becoming ninja," said Kasai.

"I know," said Daichi, practically shaking with excitement.

"What do you think Rai," said Kasai looking over to Rai, who was asleep. "Yeah I guess we should go to sleep."

Kasai turns off the lamp then turns over and goes to sleep.