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So this is a little story that came to me the other day and decided to write it out. It's not going to be my typical JaSam story. It's going to revolve more around Sam and her mother and her sisters and their relationship, with Jason thrown into the mix.

Time line is around August 2011. Just before Sam and Jason got married. Hope you enjoy! This will be a light and fluffy story!

Family Bonding

Sam just stared at her mother like she had suddenly grown three heads. She couldn't believe what she was suggesting. "You can't be serious?" she asked, as her brown eyes looked onto her mother's face, skeptically. She was at the Lake House visiting when her mother's had dropped her grand idea on her.

"Yes, I am!" stated Alexis to her eldest. She didn't understand why Sam was making such a big deal about it. "I want to take you, the girls and Jason on a trip to Disney World!" she stated this to Sam in a serious manner. She had just won a case and wanted to go on a trip to celebrate. They had never gone on a family trip before. She thought it would be nice to get away from Port Charles for a bit.

"Who are you and what have you done with my mother, Alexis Davis!" cried Sam at her mother. She didn't understand what had suddenly gotten into her mother's head that she would think going on a family trip to Disney World would be a good idea.

"Sam, I'm serious," answered Alexis in frustration. She hadn't thought that Sam would be so against the idea. "I want to go on a trip with my family before everything changes with Kristina going off to University in the fall and you getting married and Molly starting high school. I just want to go away with my girls for a week, something we haven't done before!" Alexis looked saddened that Sam didn't support the idea, which she had thought was a good one. Her daughters were always telling her to lighten up and enjoy life! So here she was! She didn't understand why she getting the backslash.

"Mom," spoke Sam companionably at seeing the look on her mother's face. She hadn't meant for her to get upset. Reaching out, she took her mother's hand into hers. "I love you and I get where you are coming from. It's just ...a hard thing to picture you know...not the trip...but like all of us at Disney World, with Jason! I don't think it will be a good idea!"

"Well, it's supposed to be the happiest place on earth..." Alexis's voice trailed off, regretting ever bringing up the topic.

"Yes, I have heard that," laughed Sam slightly. "But why do you want to bring Jason? " Her mother and Jason had never really gotten along before. She didn't see why all the sudden, her mother wanted to add him into the Davis girl mix. She was curious at why all the sudden Alexis wanted Jason to come along.

"Well, in less in than a month he is going to be your husband and my Son-in-law. I just thought it would be nice to include him, that's all," explained Alexis to her daughter. She didn't know much about him. And didn't think his life was good for Sam. But she knew how much they both loved and cared for one another. "Plus, I thought you wouldn't come if I had just made the trip about me and your sisters! I didn't think it would be such a bad idea."

"I would have come," stated Sam. She didn't always need to be around Jason.

"I know," replied Alexis, smiling at her daughter. "But I thought you would like if Jason came along too."

"Well, I'm in. But I will have to talk to Jason. I don't know how much of a desire he has to go to Disney World," she explained, returning her mother's smile. The two women then hugged before breaking apart as Sam began to laugh.

"What's so funny?" asked her mother towards her in confusion. She didn't understand why she was suddenly laughing.

"It's nothing," stated Sam, trying to hold back her laughter but was failing. "It's just I can't believe I just agreed to go on a trip to Disney World with my fiancé and crazy family!"

"Oh shut up!" cried Alexis smiling, hitting her daughter playfully on the arm.

Okay I know it's short. But I didn't want to write something long and no body likes it. So please review and tell me what you think and if I should go on.