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"Oh My God! I can't believe that this is happening! I am so excited!" Squeaked Molly, clasping her hands together in excitement as they stood in line at the airport, waiting to board their plane.
" me either," mumbled Sam sarcastically under her breathe as she looked over at her little sister. She couldn't believe either that this was all happening,but she wasn't as excited about it as Molly was.
"What was that?" Asked Alexis to her eldest daughter, hearing the sarcasm in her tone.
"Nothing," cried Sam, quickly smiling at her mother.
"We'll, you can just leave that attitude here, for once we get on that plane, you are going to be happy and joyful! Do you hear me young lady!" Spoke Alexis to her daughter, looking at her firmly over the rims of her glasses.
"Young lady?" Replied back Sam, making a face at her mother.
Alexis however decided to ignore this as she turned her attention to the muscular man standing just behind them. "And the same goes for you!"
Jason appeared at Alexis at this. He didn't look to happy to be there and he really wasn't. It had taken some major arm twisting and blackmail on Sam part to get him to agree to come. But instead of putting up a fight with his future mother-in-law, he simply nodded his head in reply.
"Good!" Stated Alexis a satisfied look playing on her face. She couldn't believe that her wish had finally come true. That she was finally getting the family trip she had wanted to take with her girls for some time now.

As the line began to move, Sam fell back a little, so that she was now beside Jason. She smiled up at him as she reached out and took his hand. "Thank you!" She whispered towards him.

He looked down at her at this, "you don't have to keep on doing that, Sam."
"I just feel bad," she answered truthfully up at him. She knew this was the last place he wanted to be. She had given him the option of not coming but he knew how important this trip was.
"It's fine Sam," he whispered as he leaned down and kissed her briefly on the cheek. He didn't want her to feel bad about him coming along.

They then processed to where Alexis and the Girls stood, showing the stewardess their tickets. Their family trip was soon starting.

The short two hour plane ride from the Port Charles airport to Orlando international Airport seemed much longer then that however. Sonny had offered his plane for them to borrow but Alexis had wanted this trip to be as normal as possible. So they had ended flying in coach with all the other families heading to Disney World. No one seemed to be too happy about this except for Molly, who had her iPod blaring the whole time and her head buried in a book. So she had not heard the screaming baby seated two rows behind them. But everyone else had. "Ugh, that flight was brutal," complained Kristina as they stepped off of the plane,"I thought that baby would never shut up!" Normally the teen would had her iPod on like her sister but the battery wasn't charged. Forcing her too to listen to the screaming infant the whole way.

"Well,that's what babies sound like my dear,"replied Alexis to her daughter.
The teen just looked at her mother before rolling her eyes in reply,"No duh!" She murmured before adjusting her purse on her shoulder and placing her sunglasses on, blocking the harsh rays of the Florida sun. The teen then stormed off , walking slightly ahead from the rest of them as they made their way to the airport.
"Oh it's going to be a long week," spoke Alexis to herself as she too put her sunglasses on, watching her daughter walk away from her.
"Don't worry Mom, she will come around," spoke Sam coming up beside her mother and wrapping a comfortable arm around her shoulder.
"Thanks sweetie," replied Alexis, smiling at her eldest daughter. She was happy that she had come along. It wouldn't had been the same without her first born here with them. Kristina was less dramatic and more mellow it seemed with Sam around.
The two then walked together following Kristina into the airport. Jason's and Molly were close behind them."It was nice of you to come Jason," stated Molly up at her future brother-in-law.
Jason's looked at her blankly for a second, before smiling at the young teen,"I wouldn't have missed it for the world," he replied. Sure the trip wasn't getting off to such a great start, and he could think of a million of other things he rather be doing but he was looking forward to spending some time away from the wedding planning with Sam. Even if that meant he would have to do it with her crazy family too.

"Okay, here are your keys," spoke Alexis handing each Sam and Jason a key to their hotel room. "I managed for us to have adjoining rooms."
Neither of them looked to please at this last bite of information as they took the keys from the lawyer but neither did they say anything.
"Thanks mom," mumble Sam as she smiled at her mother.
Alexis returned the smile before turning to her two youngest daughters, " and Girls, here is our room keys."
Sam then looked over at Jason was staring back at her. He gave her a sad smile before reaching out and placing a hand on her waist, pulling her slightly towards her. They then shared a quick kiss before being interrupted by Alexis. "Everyone ready!?" She asked, a wide smile appearing on her face.
"Ready!" Everyone chinned as they gathered up their suitcases and followed Alexis to the elevators. They were on the fifth floor. They were staying at the Grand Floridian, so they only had to take a short ride on the monorail to get to and from the parks. She wanted this trip to be perfect and only wanted the best. Jason after hearing the price of everything had offered to pay for his portion of the trip but Alexis had denied him, this was her treat.

"Okay, so it's just about ten now, I say we meet up in about two hours in the lobby and then head over to the park," spoke Alexis as she glanced down at the time on her phone. They had all been up for some time now and could use a good rest before exploring the magic of Disney's World.
"Sounds good with me," replied Jason looking over at Alexis.
"Yeah, I could use a quick nap," answered Sam. She hadn't been feeling well since the plane ride and could use some sleep. She had been hoping to sleep on the plane but that had not happened.
It was with that they all parted ways, Alexis and the girls heading into their room and Jason and Sam in their's.

"Okay Girls, Mommy needs a nap," stated Alexis as she wheeled her suitcase into the room. She was exhausted and needed to rest her eyes for a bit. Not bothering to unpack, Alexis placed her suitcase along the far wall, beside the window of the room before collapsing onto the nearest bed. Everything in the room was grande and white. There were two Queen sized beds within it.

Both Molly and Kristina couldn't help but laugh at their mother as she smuggled up against one of the pillows. They hadn't been here for five minutes yet and she was already at home.

" Well me and Mol are going to go explore the grounds!" Stated Kristina as she placed her suitcase next to her mother's.
"Yeah, this is one of the well know Disney Resorts," began to explain Molly. She had read all about the hotel and what it had to offer. She was eggar to explore it.
"Okay, you girls do that. Just remember to meet back in the lobby at noon!" Spoke Alexis as she looked on at her daughters for a moment longer before closing her eyes and falling asleep.
" Goodbye Sleeping Beauty!" Called out the two young girls as they left the room, leaving Alexis to sleep.

"Ugh, I'm so tired," moaned Sam as she stepped into the room, her eyes immediately falling onto the queen bed. Kicking off her flip flops she had been wearing, she then stripped off her jeans and crawled into the bed with just her tank top on.

Jason couldn't help but smile at how fast she fell asleep. He had barely closed the door behind him before she was out cold. Leaving their suitcases by the door, Jason stripped off his black t-shirt and removed his boots before heading into the bathroom, he needed to get the smell of plane off of him.

He wasn't in the shower it seemed for five minutes before Sam came running in. He didn't hear her at first over the sound of the running water but soon did.
"Sam," he spoke out in concern as he opened the shower door and went to were she was being sick to her stomach over the toilet. Her breakfast from the plane coming up. "Sam," he whispered gently as he reached out and pulled her hair away from her face.
"I'm fine," whispered Sam as she wiped the her mouth with the back of her hand, turning to look at him. She felt suddenly better. What had come over her was gone.
Jason didn't look too convinced at this as his blue eyes continued to look at her with worry.
"I'm fine," she stated again at him before getting to her feet. " it was just a bad reaction to the food from the plane," she continued on as she twisted her hair into a ponytail.
Jason still didn't believe her but didn't push it. " go back to your shower," she smiled at him, gesturing to the still running water of the shower. She then took a step towards him and kissed him quickly on the cheek before heading back into the bedroom. She didn't him to worry about her. She had been suddenly sick to her stomach, that was it. Lying back down on the bed, she fell asleep once again.

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