So Global and ABC own Rookie Blue, I'm apparently writing Rookie Blue fanfiction because several women, have me wrapped around their little fingers. I know I'm hopeless. This will be the world's shortest fanfiction. I had to go easy on the RBFG's the first time around before I mess with their beloved characters to much.

Swarek, Sam Swarek, King of the 15th has a secret and nobody can know. Well has has two secrets! Even when he'd been all but living with Andy, she never found out. He'd like to keep it that way. Jerry, God rest his soul hadn't even found out. There were so many close calls where the other man was concerned. A small park of Sam regretted never telling Jerry or Jerry never catching him in the act. Now every Thursday night he isn't at work, Sam makes dinner, packs it in his lunch box, grabs two cans of beer from his fridge and drives to the cemetery. He never brings a chair, he just sits on his grave with his back against the headstone. He always tells Jerry what he cooked, how he made it and what life threatening injury he avoided or incurred while making it. Tonight he'd stabbed his own ass with a fork, but he wasn't going to tell Jerry how he'd managed that fine number. Sam would eat his dinner, tell Jerry he'd have brought him some but chances are there was too much garlic and he probably wouldn't of liked it anyway. Sometimes Sam would tell him everything that was on his mind, Jerry was a pretty good listener these days and sometimes he'd just sit and stare up at the night sky while he sipped his beer, Jerry's beer sitting beside his headstone. When his beer was finished Sam would crack Jerry's open and pour it on his grave, pat his headstone and leave. Sam liked to cook and he talked to a dead man.


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