I do not own Naughty Bear. This drabble is in Naughty Bear's Point of View.

A Personal Hatred

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I have a personal hatred towards Daddles. It's not because he is the most popular bear in all of the Island Of Perfection.

I hate him because he bullies me, humilates me, and from time to time pretends to be my friend. I hate Daddles and his lime green fur. He acts as if he's better than me and that I'm beneath him. I try to be nice and friendly, but the other bears laugh at me and mock me. They were not always like this to me. It all started when that Daddles arrived to Perfection Island. I do not recall the exact day or year, but things changed when Dabbles arrived...

I hate him so much. I'm going to take action and I'm going to punish Daddles for he won't get away with it. I'll also punish the other bears for going along with Daddles. None of them will escape.

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