Chapter One

October 26

The three of us went outside, and Marty had the truck that he's always been wanting. He walked over to it, and stood on the side of it. Footsteps approached us.

"How about a ride, mister?" asked a voice. We turned. It was Jennifer.

"I want Marty's truck." Jason said. "And girl." He said quietly to where no one heard him.

"Jennifer." Marty said. He walked over to her, and held her in his arms. "Oh, are you a sight for sore eyes! Let me look at you."

"Marty, you're acting like you haven't seen me in a week." Jennifer said.

"I haven't."

"You okay? Is everything alright?"

Marty looked back at his parents, who walked off. "Oh yeah." He said. "Everything is great." The two kissed and then we heard a familiar sound. The DeLorean drove up, and my uncle hopped out. Jennifer, Marty, Jason, and I walked over.

"Marty! Lez! Jase! You've got to come back with me!" my uncle ran over to us. Jennifer stood there, bewildered.

"Where?" Marty asked. My uncle slid these weird but yet cool silver shades up to his head.

"Back to the future!" he went over to a trash can and opened it. He dug through it.

"Wait a minute, what are you doing, Doc?" Marty asked. Uncle Emmett picked up a beer can.

"I need fuel." He said, and ran over to the car. He put the trash he had into this Mr. Fusion thing which ground it up. Including the beer and the beer can. "Go ahead. Quick! Get in the car!"

"How are we going to fit in there?" I asked.

"I had some things redone to the car. It can now fit ten people inside easily."

"No, no, no. Doc, I just got here, okay?" Marty said. "Jennifer's here. We're gonna take the new truck for a spin."

"Well, bring her along. This concerns her too."

"Wait a minute, Doc. What are you talking about? What happens to us in the future? Do we become assholes or something?"

"No, no, no, no, Marty. All of you turn out fine. It's your kids guys. Something has got to be done about your kids."

We all got into the car, and my uncle pulled out of the driveway, but it wasn't far enough. Nowhere near.

"Hey, Doc, we better back up. We don't have enough road to get up to 88." Marty said.

"Roads?" my uncle smiled. "Where we're going we don't need roads." He slid his shades down, started the car, and we took off flying.

We were suddenly plunged into stormy weather and cars flying all around us. Jennifer, Marty, and I screamed. Horns blared at us, and my uncle kept control of the DeLorean.

"What the hell was that?" Marty asked. Jason and Jennifer sat there like a deer caught in headlights.

"Taxicab." Uncle Emmett answered.

"What do you mean a "taxicab"? I thought we were flying.


"Alright, Doc. What's going on, huh?" Marty questioned. "Where are we? When are we?"

"We're descending toward Hill Valley, California, at 4:29 p.m. on Wednesday, October 21, 2015."

"2015? You mean we're in the future?"

"Kickass!" I said. Jason looked at me, scared out of his mind.

"Future? Marty, what do you mean?" Jennifer asked. "How can we be in the future?"

"Uh...Jennifer...uh...I don't know how to tell you this, but... You're in a time machine." Marty explained.

"And this is the year 2015?"

"October 21, 2015." Uncle Emmett corrected.

"God! So, like, you weren't kidding! Marty, we can actually see our future! Doc, now, you said we were married, right?"

My uncle hesitated. "Uh... Yeah."

"Yeah? Was it a big wedding? Marty, we're gonna be able to see our wedding!"

"Wow." Marty said. I slumped down in my seat.

"I'm gonna be able to see my wedding dress!"


"God, I wonder where we live. I bet it's a big house with lots of kids. And..." Jennifer looked at my uncle. "How many kids—?" she started, but Uncle Emmett held up a device and she passed out.

"Doc! What the hell are you doing?" Marty smacked my uncle's hand.

"Relax, Marty. It's just a sleep-inducing alpha rhythm generator. She was asking too many questions, and no one should know too much about their future. This way when she wakes up, she'll think it was all a dream."

"Then what did you bring her for?"

"I had to do something. She saw the time machine. I couldn't just leave her there with that information. Don't worry. She's not essential to my plan."

"Well, you're the doc, Doc."

I looked out the window. "I can't believe this is 2015. This is amazing." I wonder how many kids I have. Do I have a son? A daughter? Both? I wanna know so badly! I thought.

"Here's our exit." Uncle Emmett turned and then we landed in an alleyway. "First, you've gotta get out and change clothes." My uncle said, almost getting out.

"Right now? It's pouring rain!" Marty said. I stuck my tongue out and some landed on my tongue. Jason held his hand out. My uncle looked up and then at his watch.

"Wait five more seconds." He said. One one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand, I counted in my head. The rain stopped. My uncle got out of the car. "Right on the tick. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Too bad the post office isn't as efficient as the weather service." Marty, Jason, and I got out. "Excuse the disguise, but I was afraid you wouldn't recognize me." Uncle Emmett began to take his face off, or so it seemed. "I went to a rejuvenation clinic and got an all-natural overhaul. They took out some wrinkles, did a hair repair, changed the blood, added a good 30 or 40 years to my life. They also replaced my spleen and colon." He yanked the mask off. "What do you think?"

"You look great, Doc." Marty said. I smiled.

"Never better."

Jason did a thumbs up. "Wonderful."

My uncle beamed and then began looking for something in the car. Marty looked at everything.

"The future. Unbelievable. I gotta check this out Doc."

"Oooh yeah. Good idea, Marty." I said.

"I don't know..." Jason muttered. My uncle ran over to us.

"All in good time, you three. We're on a tight schedule here."

"Tell me about my future. I mean, I know I make it big. But what? Do I become, like, a rich rock star?"

"Please, Marty, no one should know too much about their own destiny."

"Right, right. I am rich though, right?"

"Marty, please, take off your shirt. Put on the jacket and the shoes. Jason," he threw Jason a container similar to the one Marty had. "Put on that shirt, the shoes, and the hat. Lezarah, put the skirt, shirt, and heels on. And put this ponytail in your hair, it'll fix it up itself."

"Neato." I took the container and we all began to change. My uncle grabbed something from the car.

"Got a mission to accomplish." He said, and ran off. We all changed. Marty put on his shoes, and the laces tied by themselves.

"Power laces! Alright!" Marty said, and then put the other shoe on. It did the same thing. I put on my black shirt, and it adjusted to where it fit me. I put on the skirt that was pink and fluffy and it danced around before being adjusted. I slipped on the heels (which seemed to be seven inches high) and they adjusted themselves. I walked around, and it was as if I was walking in my converse. I put my ponytail in, and it wrapped my hair around in a braided bun on top of my head. My make-up somehow matched what I was wearing. Jason put the black and orange shirt on, put on the black hat with splatter prints on, and put on his shoes that were like Marty's but blue. Marty put the jacket on, but it was too big. My uncle ran back over to us and there was a beeping noise. Marty looked at him. "This thing doesn't fit." My uncle pressed a button on the jacket.

"Size-adjusting fit." It said. I looked at the jacket.

"That damn thing talked!"

"Marty, Jason, pull out your pants pockets. All kids in the future wear their pants inside out. Put on this cap." He put a tye-dye hat on Marty's head. He looked at all of us. "Perfect. You're the spitting images of your future children."

"What?" Marty asked.

"Help me move Jennifer over here." Uncle Emmett went over to where Jennifer was laying and the rest of us followed.

"So what's the deal?" Marty asked.

"Grab her feet."

Marty did as he was told. "Alright. Okay, now what?"

"In exactly two minutes, you go around the corner into the Café 80's." they put Jennifer on this dumpster looking thing.

"Café 80's?" Marty asked.

"It's one of those nostalgia places, but not done very well. Go in and order a Pepsi, a Dr Pepper, and a Coke. Here's a 50 for each of you. Then wait for a guy named Griff."

"Right. Griff."

My uncle began to move the cubes surrounding Jennifer so that he could lay her flat. "Right. Griff's going to ask you about tonight? Are you in or out? Tell him you are out! Whatever he says, whatever happens, say no, you're not interested."


"Then leave, come back here, and wait for me." He began to lay Jennifer out. "Don't talk to anyone, don't touch anything, don't do anything, don't interact with anyone and try not to look at anything." Marty looked over Uncle Emmett's shoulder.

"I don't get it. I thought you said this had something to do with our kids."

"Look at what happens to your kids!" My uncle held up a newspaper that read, "YOUTHS JAILED. Martin McFly Junior, Jason Brown Junior, and Micah Wilkins Arrested for Theft."

"Our kids?" Marty looked at the paper. I read some of the article and shook my head. "God, they look just like us. "Within two hours of their arrest, Martin McFly Junior, Jason Brown Junior, and Micah Wilkins were tried, convicted, and sentenced to 15 years in the state penitentiary." Within two hours?"

"The justice system works swiftly in the future now that they've abolished all lawyers."

"Oh, this is heavy."

"Oh it gets worse. Next week your daughter," he pointed at Marty, "Your daughter," he pointed at Jason, "And your son," he pointed at me "attempts to break them out of jail and they get set up for 20 years."

"My daughter." Jason and Marty said at the same time and at the same time I said, "My son."

"Wait a minute. I have a daughter?" Marty asked.

"I have a daughter?" Jason echoed.

"I have a son?" I asked.

"You see? This one event starts a chain reaction that completely destroys all of your families."

"Hey, Doc, this date... This is tomorrow's newspaper!"

"Precisely, I already went further ahead into time to see what else happens. I backtracked everything to this one event. That's why we're here today, to prevent this incident from ever happening." There was a beeping sound and my uncle looked at his watch. "Damn! I'm late!" he yanked the paper, and started to get into the car.

"Wait a minute. Where you going now?" Marty asked.

"To intercept the real Marty Jr, Jason Jr, and Micah. You're taking their places. Around the corner at the Café 80's. Guy named Griff. Just say no!"

"Hey, what about Jennifer? We're not just going to leave her here."

"Of course not. Why would we?" I said.

"Don't worry. She'll be safe." Uncle Emmett reassured. "It'll just be for a few minutes." He began to get into the car again. "And, guys, be careful around that Griff character." He got out and walked up to us. "He's got a few short circuits in his bionic implants." My uncle got into the car, and Marty, Jason, and I walked out of the alleyway.