Deleted Scenes

Scene One-Old Terry and Old Biff

"Lightning stuck that thing 60 years ago." The man said.

"Yeah, I know." Marty said.

"November 12th, 1955. I always remember that day, do you know why?"

"No why?" Jason asked.

The old man pointed at Biff. "Because this old buzzard tried to shaft me out of $300 for fixing his car!"

"Shut up, Terry." Biff snapped.

"The car was filled with manure, Biff. Manure. I am a mechanic. I'm not some kind of stable boy."

"You're living in the past, Terry."

Scene Two-"Dad's Home" extended version

"Dad's home." Marty said.

"Lord of the manor." The house said.

"Hello. Hello."

"King of the castle."

"Hello." Marty stopped and looked at something. "What the hell is this?" he said, and changed it. There was a beep.

"Lithium mode on."

"That's better. Damned kids." He walked over to where his son was. "Hey, Son. Watching for a little TV for a change?"

"A change?" I said. Marty Jr. laughed. Marty looked at me.

"Hey, Lez, didn't know you were here."

"Jason's here too."

Marty rolled his eyes, smiling, and then walked into the kitchen. "Is that my mom? Is that my mom?" he said.

"Marty." Lorraine said, giving her youngest a kiss. Marty looked at Marlene.

"Hey, princess."

"Hi, son." George said.

"Dad, what the hell happened, throw your back out again?"

"Out on the golf course." Jason said.

"Hey, Jase."

"Oh, I was out on the golf course." George said.

"Dad, I told you to watch that back swing." Marty said.

"No, he was hit by a car." Lorraine said. "It just fell out of the sky. He could have been killed."

"Well he wasn't, Lorraine. That's the good thing." I said.

"Right. Lez is right." Marty said.

"And I was two under par." George said.

"I don't know what this world is coming to." Lorraine said. "Marty, how was work?"

"Oh, mom, I'm telling you, that promotion is just around the corner. Anyway, I'm starving. Let's eat."

"You starve every single minute of the day, Martin. That's why you look the way you do now. Kinda chubby." I snickered.

"Hey. I'm not chubby." Marty said, sending me a death glare. I laughed. Marty set his briefcase down. "Come on, son. Let's go its dinnertime."

"Dad, I'm watching these programs." Marty Jr. said.

"Mister, we eat at the dinner table when your grandparents are here." Marty handed his son the glasses to where you could watch two shows at once. "Put your damn glasses on, huh."

"Dad, I can only watch two shows at once on these things." Marty Jr. whined. I saw Micah swoon at the sight of him.

"You kids really got it rough. When I was your age and I wanted to watch two shows at once I had to put two sets next to each other."

"Yeah. And then we'd get in trouble because Uncle Emmett would be freaking out because he didn't have his TV set." I laughed. Marty and Jason laughed with me.

"Always freaking out because Doc couldn't get his science programs." Marty laughed and shook his head. "I do miss that man."

Scene Three-Pizza Scene

"Here you go."

"Oh boy, oh boy. Mom, you sure can hydrate a pizza. I'm sorry I missed that whole thing."

"Well I think it would be nice if we throw a little party."

"Party?" Jason Jr. and Kylie looked intrigued while my kids ate their food. I noticed Micah kept on scooting closer to Marty Jr.

"Mom, before we throw any more parties for Uncle Joey let's wait and see if he makes parole."

"His ass has been in jail for years. I doubt he will make parole. He's what...sixty something?"

"He was about a year younger than me so he's seventy-six." Lorraine said.

"Oh. Oops."

"His ass ain't getting out." Jason shook his head.

"George, will you rotate your axis?" Lorraine asked. "It's not good for your digestion to eat while you're inverted."

"Okay, dear. Fore!" George said. I laughed.



I laughed harder.

"Marlene, honey, please pass the kelp." Marty said.

"No, I don't want to, so nub off." Marlene said. We all just looked at her and then I saw that she was on the phone.

"Marlene, don't talk to your father that way." Lorraine scolded.

"Grandma, I'm on the phone, okay?"

"I'd like some tea, please." Marty Jr. said. Marlene sighed.

"Look, I'm gonna have to call you back." She hung up.

"I still think we shouldn't have started eating without—" Lorraine started.

"Damn it, Marlene! Pass the damn kelp tea!" Marty snapped. Marlene rolled her eyes and then passed it.

"Well, I'm just worried about Jennifer. Why isn't she home yet?"

"Jesus, Lorraine, you're acting like she's your daughter." Jason said.

"She's my daughter in law, that's close enough."

Marty stood and began to serve everyone their drinks. "I'm not sure where Jennifer is, Mom." He said. "She should have been home hours ago, but I'm having a hard time keeping track of her these days."

"Hey fruit. Fruit please." Marty Jr. said. "Thank you." The fruit thing came down.

"She's in one of those moods I guess. I don't know." Johnny grabbed my thigh. I whimpered. Marty looked at us like we were crazy. I pointed at Johnny. "What the hell?"

"Johnny's fault. He has raging hormones."

Marlene looked away from us. Erik looked at her, and then looked down, blushing. "Erik." Marlene said. Erik looked at her. "Come here. I want you to hear something."

Jason Jr. and Kylie were arguing about the new scientific theory while Micah clung to Marty Jr.

"Aren't you and Jennifer getting along?" Lorraine asked her son.

Scene Four-Jennifer Faints Extended Version

"But it says you're—" Lorraine started. I heard Marty exclaim and all of us ran in. He was holding Jennifer, who was passed out. "Oh my goodness." Lorraine ran over to us.

"She's tranqued again." Marty said.

Scene Five-Old Biff Vanishes From Car

Einstein barked.

"Come on, Einie." My uncle said. "Einie!" he whistled. "Come on, boy. We're going home. Inside, inside. Yeah, get in there." Einstein jumped into the car. We got into the car and I swore I saw Biff disappear from behind a car.