I do not own Naughty Bear. This drabble is in Cozy's Point of View.

A Little Spying

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I have a camera's on top of bird's head. For only one purpose and that is to spy on Naughty to make sure he's not up to any trouble. I'm looking at the Tv screen and remained focused on it.

Naughty is using the toliet. He washs his hands and dries them off with a towel. He walks outside his home, picks up a baseball bat, and I'm certain he's up to no good. I feel safe for the Army Bears are here. Naughty for some reason leans against his front door, he's still outside, baseball bat still in his right hand, and his black eyes close. What is Naughty doing? Is he going to sleep?

Naughty moves the baseball bat between his legs. Is he going to hurt himself? He moves it back and forth between his legs. His mouth opened slightly, my cheeks are starting to feel warm, and Naughty starts moaning in a very naughty way. I can't look away and my eyes are focused on what Naughty is doing to himself with that baseball bat. He's so naughty. I notice an Army bear or two are watching Naughty.

Naughty opened his eyes, he looked directly into the camera, cheeks flushed, and swiftly smashed the camera. It doesn't look like Naughty is happy about being spied on. I'm certain he is on his way and plans to punish me for spying on him. I had no idea that Naughty could be so naughty with a baseball bat or that he could moan in such a naughty way.

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