"Heather?" Jake called as he wandered through the house. He heard rustling coming from what had been April's room so he poked his head in the doorway. He caught a glimpse of white as Heather hastily zipped up a garment bag. "What are you doing?" he asked.

Heather hung her head guiltily. "You weren't supposed to be home for a while yet," she said, evading the question.

"I finished early." He stared at Heather. It was the first time he'd ever seen Heather try to hide something-she wasn't good at it. "What's going on?"

Heather sighed. "Alright." She unzipped the bag and pulled out the contents.

"Where did you get that?" Jake asked, gazing with amazement at the slinky white dress spread out before him.

Heather made an apologetic face. "It's Emily's. I brought it here before the refugees moved into her house." She frowned. "Do you think it would be too weird if I borrowed it?"

"No, but I'm not a girl."

"It's just that I won't be able to get my own dress and Emily's gone. But on the other hand, it's Emily's dress and she was involved with you and I would be wearing her dress to marry you…"

"Heather, don't worry about it. You have a point. If you want a dress, this is it. If Emily were here, I'm sure she'd be the first to offer it."

Heather sat on the edge of the bed. "Probably." Heather sighed. "I thought I knew Emily pretty well. She was sweet and bubbly and she and Roger were so happy, it was sickening sometimes. Then you showed up and she got all broody and vindictive."

Jake smiled wryly. "I do that to people." He sat down next to Heather.

"Not to me," Heather said.

"Do you even have a vindictive side?" Jake asked teasingly.

Heather gave him her best mysterious look. "Perhaps," she said. Then she giggled. "Not normally. There was this one time in high school…"

"Oh?" Jake said.

"It was my senior prom. I had a curfew and it was getting close. I'd spent the entire night hanging out with the guys and their dates. I was sitting with Ted chatting and I'm pretty sure he was just about to finally ask me to dance when Rebecca Hatfield walked up. We were best friends in elementary school, but by high school we couldn't stand each other. She was the stereotypical blonde cheerleader who had all the boys chasing her. I swear she'd just been waiting the whole night for someone to ask me to dance so she could swoop in. 'Oh, Ted,'" Heather trilled in imitation of Rebecca, "'I've been looking for you. I'm ready for my dance now.' Rebecca was not the sort of girl boys said no to. Ted didn't even look back at me as they walked off. I knew he wouldn't ask me after that and I only had a few minutes left. So I used my engineering skills to set up a little surprise for Rebecca. When she sat down on her little prom queen throne, a cocktail of ketchup, mustard, relish, punch, and whatever other liquid I could find splattered all over her bubblegum pink dress right as the camera flashed for the yearbook photos."

Jake laughed, then shuddered thinking about 90s attire. "It was probably an improvement." He leaned over to give Heather a kiss. "I wouldn't let anybody distract me from dancing with you," he added with a mischievous grin.

"That reminds me," said Heather, "what are we going to do about the ceremony and reception?"

Jake blew out his breath. "I kind of assumed we'd be at Bailey's."

"So not inviting the entire town then."

"Why should we? It's a special moment for us, not everyone in town."

"I agree, I just can't help but think of all the offended people we're gonna have to deal with."

"They can not invite us somewhere then."

Heather smiled, but suddenly it was replaced by a frown. "Is Gray going to have to marry us?" she asked.

Jake snorted. "The mayor has nothing to do with it anymore. Since Cheyenne established itself, all the less important legal matters and paperwork have been delegated to J&R. All we need to do is visit the J&R office, sign a form in front of the rep, and bam! We're married. We can still do the ceremony and stuff, we just have to have the paperwork first."

"How long do you think we need to wait? Mary will let us use Bailey's anytime and I'm sure the same goes for Reverend Young. We really just need to get your mom and give everyone we're inviting a few days' notice." Heather took a deep breath. "You sure lucked out Jake. Since the bombs, this wedding planning is a breeze."

"Something to be thankful for," Jake replied as Heather gave him a playful smack.

The next day, Jake and Heather paid a visit to the J&R office. They were sent upstairs and were greeted with a friendly, "Welcome to J&R, Sheriff. This must be the lucky lady."

"This is Heather. Heather, this is Trish."

Trish extended her hand across the counter to Heather. "It's wonderful to meet you. I assume you're here for your marriage license?"

Jake nodded. Trish smiled and grabbed the appropriate form. She slid it toward Jake and Jake handed Trish both his and Heather's IDs. As Jake and Heather took turns filling in the form, Trish made light conversation. "You're only the second couple whose marriage I've been involved in," Trish said. "The other one was at Black Jack just before I was transferred here. Come to think of it, they were from Jericho, too. Let's see…both blonde, what were their names?" Trish stared at the ceiling for a moment. "Roger! Roger and…"

"Emily?" Jake supplied.

"That's it! Roger and Emily. Did you know them?"

"Pretty well," Jake replied. "They were at Black Jack?"

"Yep," Trish said, "about a month ago? They mentioned they were sort of nomads for the time being. They had a shady looking guy with them. I hope they weren't in any trouble."

"It was probably her dad," Jake said.

"I'm surprised Emily agreed to that," Heather said.

"I'd bet they ran into him outside of town and Roger talked her into traveling with him. He wouldn't pass up an opportunity of keeping Emily safe and he's a smart guy. Their chances are better of making it wherever they're headed with Jonah along." Jake double-checked the form, then handed it to Trish. "I think we did it right."

Trish did her thing and soon handed Jake back the form, Heather's new ID and Jake's updated one. "Congratulations. You're all set."

Back at the house, Heather sat on the couch. "So, we're official now. You could scandalize the town calling me Mrs. Green." Jake laughed. "I suppose we should wait until we do it properly," she said. "Did you find a suit yet?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna borrow one of Eric's." Jake sat down next to her. "While I was talking to him, he said he wanted you to have these." Jake reached into his pocket and pulled out a pair of earrings. "They were April's. It's his wedding present."

Heather took the sparkling sapphires in her hand. "They're beautiful. Well, we've got the borrowed and blue covered." She glanced down at the ring on her left hand. "And the old. What about new?"

Jake shrugged. "Three out of four isn't bad."

Heather rolled her eyes, but was forced to agree. Finding something new was probably impossible.

Gail slipped into the small alcove where Heather was making her last minute adjustments to her hair and dress. She smiled and handed Heather a small bouquet of bluebells tied with a white ribbon. "First of the season," Gail said in a hushed voice.

"Something new," Heather said. She threw her arms around Gail. "Thank you. Now everything's perfect."

"You're welcome, sweetheart." Gail gave her another squeeze.

Gail took her seat and nodded at the organist. Every head turned as the familiar chords rang out. Heather took a shaky step forward. She took a deep breath, ignoring the faces around her, and locked eyes with Jake as she began her walk down the aisle.

Jake escorted his bride into Bailey's tavern amidst a flurry of cheers. They waved and smiled before joining Gail and Eric at a table. Mary swung by as she could between thirsty customers. Fortunately, the group was rather small, so Mary had enough smuggled booze to wet everyone's whistle amply.

Gail beamed at Heather. She noticed Jake absent-mindedly fingering the silver band on his fourth finger. "I meant to ask where you'd found a ring for Jake."

"It was my dad's," Heather replied. "He gave it to me before he went into the hospital. I kept it for a surprise."

After Eric and Stanley had given toasts, Jake signaled Mary to hit the jukebox. Jake had convinced Heather to let him choose their first song. He'd noticed Heather's affinity for country music, and though it wasn't his favorite, he did like a few songs and knew exactly which one should be their song. Jake held out his hand and led Heather to the dance floor, which the guests had cleared as the music began.

It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart

Without sayin' a word you light up the dark

Try as I may I could never explain

What I hear when you don't say a thing

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me

There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me

A touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall

You say it best when you say nothing at all

All day long I can hear people talking out loud

But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd

Old Mr. Webster could never define

What's being said between your heart and mine

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me

There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me

A touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall

You say it best when you say nothing at all

A/N: Poor Roger and Emily. I keep abandoning them with ideas for Heather and Jake. I guess it's obvious which couple I like more. About the title, I had intended this to be shorter, but it wanted to keep going.

Setting, pretty darn soon after Jake proposes. I'm beginning to get a little fuzzy as to how much time is between and covered in episodes in s2.

Thanks to tv dot com for finding Reverend Young's name.

The earrings: The first picture, the dangling ones with the diamond shape on top: aboutsapphirejewelry dot com/sapphire-articles/sapphire-earrings-for-september-born/

Song: When You Say Nothing At All by Keith Whitley