Cats and Dogs – Event

Doggie fiddles with his cuffs while muttering under his breath. He hasn't had to deal with the damned things in decades, no less for presentation in front of a crowd. He feels ridiculous, though it could be worse: he could have to wear a tuxedo as opposed to his current dress uniform.


The Sirian doesn't look up to acknowledge the visitor but simply bobs his head and continues to try and fasten the cuff link. "Just about... "

"Here, stubborn dog," Kat smiles fondly as she goes to help with her significantly smaller claws.

"I am as stubborn as you'll admit to being," Cruger mutters back with equal affection in his voice. When he finally looks up at her he does a double take. He raises what he has for eyebrows and lets his jaw hang open a little.

"What?" Kat feels a bit self–conscious under his intense stare. Her dress is black, running to floor and only exposing her lean calves through a slit, highlighting the silvery shoes she wears. Her hair has been done so it's straight to a point, then curls in towards her face; of course her ears still stick out. She thought she looked okay, but Cruger continues to stare mercilessly. "Is there something on my face, or what?"

"Y–you look... " Cruger experiences a surprising shortage of words in his mouth. "I... "

"I'll choose to take that as a good thing," Kat suffices to say with a smile, taking his arm by the crook of his elbow.

The ball has been set up by Birdy to help gain some funding for the department from some its more wealthy supporters. The benefactors are scattered about the ballroom like sheep in a field while the officers of SPD are formally announced and applauded in entrance. Each officer requires an escort i.e a date. Obviously this lead to Cruger and Kat going together.

Kat stops on the stairs: they're third in line for entrance. She does a final check, making sure Cruger's collar is straight and the gold buttons are shining in contrast with the rich black fabric. Once that is done she runs her claws through her own hair a bit nervously. She has never had this big a deal made over her, and the concept is as uncomfortable for her to think about as the thought of when her last "date" was.

Cruger is still trying to think of a proper description of the degree of Kat's beauty.

"Cadets Carson and Delgado!"

"Kat," Cruger begins but the commotion has her too worked up. "Don't be nervous."

"Cadets Tate and Drew!"

"Here we go," Kat says as she grips his arm tighter. He places his paw over her hand so naturally neither notice until a moment later.

"Commander Cruger and Dr. Manx!"

As Cruger steps out with Kat on his arm there are audible gasps heard around the room. All the eyes in the room shoot to Kat, even his own. They begin their descent down the centered staircase. Kat gathers her dress in her left hand while her right remains at his elbow, delicately. Her movements are more graceful than normal and she looks like a specter of elegance. Her fangs are dazzling and her eyes, glittering. Once they reach the bottom of the stairs she's all smiles, at ease in her skin once more. She plays red–carpet exceptionally well for a laboratory worker.

"See?—I told you it wouldn't be so bad," says Kat.

"I suppose you're right, Kat," he sighs in resignation, but not without a smile.

Some superiors approach and Cruger knows this will consume a great amount of the immediate future. Finally able to coin Kat he places his paw over her hand again to capture her attention and whispers into her pointed ear: "Your beauty is...radial, Katherine."

And with a subtle kiss to her cheek with the lips of his muzzle he resumes his normal position, hand behind his back and eyes forward. Kat, absorbing what has happened, blushes delicately and resumes her normal position: firmly by his side.