10/20/2012 8:00 PM

"Amanda." Liv says.

"Yeah." I say.

"Are you almost done with your paperwork?" Liv asks me.

"Ah…yeah. What about you?" I ask Liv.

"I have one last paragraph to write and then I'll be done." Liv says.

"Ok. Can we stop by the store before heading home?" I ask Liv. Liv and I got together four months after I transferred here from Atlanta. Liv almost broke up with me when my gambling addiction came to light. I should have told her about my addiction when we started going steady. Instead of breaking up with me, she got me help, and we've been going strong ever sense. We moved in together a month ago. We live in a nice apartment four blocks away from the station. Everyone in the station knows of our relationship. Captain said that as long as we don't bring our personal lives into work, he'll let us remain partners. (A.N. Does that make sense?)

"Sure. What do we need at the store?" Liv asks me.

"Ah...we need beer, wine, milk, bread, bananas, yogurt, and butter." I say.

"We need coffee too." Liv says.

A Few Minutes Later…8:30 PM

Liv and I walk into the store and after grabbing a shopping cart, we start shopping. We head to the dairy section, grab yogurt, butter, and milk. After the dairy section, we head to the bakery area, grab bread, and then we head to the produce area, and grab bananas. After grabbing a twelve pack of Coors Light, we grab a bottle of bottle of white wine, and head to the check-out lane. This week is Liv's week to pay. Last week was my turn to pay.

A Few Hours Later…11:45 PM

After Liv and I finish watching a movie, we go to bed. Good night everyone.

A.N. I'm sorry this chapter was so boring. It's just a starter chapter. I love Rolivia. That's why I decided to start a Rolivia fic. The next chapter will be kind of boring too. Liv and Amanda will have a day off in the next chapter. As far as the money thing goes, one week Liv buys the groceries, lunch, dinner, drinks, and the next week, Amanda buys the groceries, lunch, dinner, and drinks. I hope that all makes sense. Anyways, thanks for reading and reviewing. I love you all!