Chapter 1 A rough start

I wake up to the chirping of the birds. Turning my head to the side I look out the window at the perfectly blue sky. Then looking down I glance at my alarm clock and briefly register the time. 7:55 am. What day was it? Mon-"SHIT!" I curse getting out of bed and rushing into the bathroom. Today was my first day at my new school and I was already off to a bad start. I quickly change into a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a white t-shirt before grabbing my bag and running out of my bedroom. Sliding down the banister and grabbing my lunch of the kitchen table I see prim sitting at the table eating her breakfast still wearing her pyjamas. "Thanks for waking me up!" I scream at her. She snickers before realizing what day it is. "SHIT!" she yells bolting upstairs. She's down in 30 seconds and we bolt out the door.

Running down the street we see the bus, number 24, approaching the bus stop. "Wait!" We both yell sprinting faster to catch up to the bus. The bus stops abruptly and we both screech to a halt with our hands on our knees panting trying to catch our breaths. "Th-thanks…. f-for… stopping…" I say panting. Prim and I both clamber onto the bus. The bus driver, a man with long hair and tattered clothes, nods at us. "Hey, you must be new here," He mutters "I'm Haymitch, well go ahead and find yourself a seat, good luck." I smile at him before walking down the aisle to find a seat.

It's only then that I realise that the whole bus is silently staring at me. Damnit I think to myself so much for not attracting attention to myself. I look for a seat and realise that there are only single seats which means prim will have to sit with someone else. I sigh and look at Prim apologetically. She shrugs and sits down next to a dark skinned girl with curly brown hair. I look up and take in my options and immediately stare into the ocean blue eyes of the most gorgeous boy on the planet. Hmm now there's some candy from your eyes I think before realizing what a stupid comment it was. I blush and look away and take my seat next to a brunette looking out the window. No distractions! I think to myself.

"Is anyone sitting here?" I ask politely. She whips her head around quickly and looks me up and down.

"No, you must be new, I'm Johanna," she says smiling slightly. "But you can call me Jo."

"Katniss," I say "Call me Kat." I reply

"Huh, weird name. So where did you move here from?" she asks tilting her head to one side.

"Oak-ridge," I answer. "Up north."

"Cool," She says. I glance over at Prim to see her laughing with the girl she sat with. I smile. "That your sister?" Jo asks.

"Yeah." I say turning to her.

"You guys look nothing alike." She says looking over at Prim and back to me. Prim turns around and waves and I wave back.

"I've heard that before." I say.

The bus pulls up and I get a good look at what will become my high school for the next 2 years assuming I don't get held back.

"I'm a Junior what are you?" I ask Johanna

"I'm Junior to!" she replies loudly. Louder than I'd like. Everyone turns to look at us. There is an awkward silence before both me and Johanna burst out laughing.

Everyone gets up and starts filing out of the bus. Johanna and I remain still laughing our asses of at the looks on everyone's faces. "Let's go get your timetable and find you're locker." Johanna says grabbing her stuff and walking with me outside the bus.

As we head into the halls a billion eyes turn to greet me and Jo. I blush as she walks me down the hallway and everyone's gaze follows us.

Johanna leads me to the office and I receive my schedule. Jo and I compare schedules and see that we have PE, Drama and Free period together. The lady at reception tells me I have locker number 120 and gives me the code 24 12 24.

Johanna and I walk to my locker only to find a group of girls huddled together in the halls giggling and sneaking glances over at… him.

The boy from the bus. And what do you know… he's got the locker next to me, number 121.

"Uh! Will they never stop!" she practically yells, shutting up the girls. Now that I think about it everything Jo says sounds like she's yelling. "See ya later Kat," She says "In PE."

As I open my locker to put my stuff inside I sneak a glance at the blonde beauty that stands inches away from me. He's laughing and mucking around with 4 other boys.

One of the boys has spiky blonde hair and is tall and muscular with ice cold blue eyes. Another is tall and lean with curly brown hair and brown eyes.

A bronze haired boy notices that I'm staring and comes closer leaning against the locker beside me. His sea green eyes twinkle as he flashes me a smirk. "Take a picture it will last longer," he says making me blush dark crimson. "You must be new, I'm Finnick! But you can call me Finn." He says kissing my hand.

A brown haired girl from across the hallways comes to my rescue, grabbing him by the ear. "What are you doing Finn? Give the girl some space, she just got here!" She slaps him over the back of his head and drags him down the hallway by his ear. I chuckle to myself. (A/N: I laughed so hard while writing this!)

A tall dark haired boy from the group comes up to me. "Sorry bout' that babe, Finnick thinks he's so cool," He says in a British accent giving me a smirk. "I'm Gale welcome to Panem High!" (A/N: I know British Gale? I couldn't help myself!)

"Th-Th-Thanks, I-I-I'm Katniss." I stutter quietly.

"Nice to meet you Catnip!" He says

"Katniss," I say louder

"Oh, sorry!" He says "Well these are my friends Cato (the other blonde haired boy), Marvel (The tall boy with curly brown hair) and Peeta." He says finally pointing to the blonde haired god standing before her. Peeta… she thought sounds familiar…

"Do I know you from somewhere?" she blurted out unexpectedly.

He tilted his head to one side. "I was just thinking the same th-"The bell rang cutting him off.

"Well, see ya later!" Gale said as the boys headed to class.

She grabbed her books and headed to her Homeroom, number 12. As she walked into class she saw a spare seat at the left side of the class. After about 5 minutes of chatter around the class Haymitch walked in. Huh. So the bus driver was a homeroom teacher as well.

Everyone took their seats and Haymitch addressed the class. "We have a new student joining us today, Katniss Everdeen, so everyone make her welcome and be nice" he said emphasis on be and nice. "Why don't you come up here and introduce yourself Katniss?"

I slowly walk up to the front "Hey, um I'm Katniss, um and hi" I walk back to my desk only to be greeted by Peeta.

"Hey, Haymitch normally lets us just talk, so yeah…" He says to me somewhat…nervously? Why would he be nervous around me? The opposite I can understand but me?

"So… Can I see your schedule?" I asked averting his gaze.

"Sure," he holds our schedules up next to each other "We have PE, music, drama and history together." There is an awkward silence between them before the bell rings.

"Come on you two!" Gale calls out in front of us and we catch up with him. "So what do you like to do?" Gale asked Katniss trying to start convocation.

"I do archery." she replies simply

"No way! That's so cool!" Gale and Peeta say in unison.

Katniss giggled "Yeah, I was captain of the archery team at my old school."

They round the corner to the gym and wait for instructions.