After a long hot shower and putting on fresh clothes I stared at my nails and realized she was right, they were atrocious, all the polish Alice had painted on was chipped and cracked so I went to find Rosalie.

I avoided Peter over the next few days, spending most of my time out of the house with Kate, Tanya and Irina or Rosalie and Alice. We had all of us settled into the living room for various separate activities when it finally occurred to me to ask, "Where's Edward."

I heard a growl to my left but ignored him.

"He's gone to visit some friends in Ireland." Carlisle smiled at me.

I smiled back and Peter growled again. I narrowed my eyes at him and hissed "What?"

"Mine." He growled.

"Bite me." Peter just lifted a brow and nodded at me, cocking his head to the side as though to indicate the spot on my neck he already had. "Still matches Jazz's."

He growled at me and calm flooded the room. I turned to glare at Jasper and he quirked an eyebrow making my eyebrows narrow further which only caused him to laugh. Peter's chair crashed back into the wall cracking plaster as he left the room.

I turned to Rosalie, "Add petulant and childish."

"I think that was jealousy." She corrected biting back a smile.

"Petulant and childish in his jealousy." I insisted.

"At least he didn't attack Jasper." Irina shrugged.

I snorted, "So we can add repressed and flight instincts."

"Repressed can be fun." Tanya smirked.

"Been there, didn't do that or did you forget I died a virgin?"

"Fucked your daddy when you woke up though." Tanya laughed, "Repression unleashed at its finest."

"One can image just how fun that was." Irina added with eyes on Carlisle who looked like he'd be blushing if he could.

"Fine, whatever, the other three stand."

"Three in one night. Imagine if you actually spent time with him? Or spoke to him?" Rosalie smirked. "You might really find something to hate."

"How about just because he's an ass?"

"Well he has a fine ass." Kate smirked making a growl bubble up in my chest.

I covered it with a snort, "Carlisle's is better."

"Oooh, let's construct the perfect." Tanya grinned. "Edward's hair."

"Clearly Carlisle's ass." Irina chuckled.

"Eleazar's hands." Kate sighed.

"Alistair's tongue." Tanya smirked.

"Emmett's shoulders." Irina added eyeing him.

"Jasper's… gift." Alice jumped in making all four succubi nod and giggle.

"Em's hips." Rosalie added her eyes burning on her ex-husband, "perfect for wrapping your legs around."

"Bella?" Tanya pressed with a smirk.

I snorted and shook my head, "You want to Frankenstein the men in the room?"

"Come on, what about Pete? Isn't there one thing you'd keep of him?"

"No." I huffed and then rolled my eyes, "Maybe his accent."

"Jasper does that Darlin thing to, you know I don't mind those awful boots so much when the jeans are around them and he's got me over a hay bale." Alice sighed.

"Brings a new appreciation to country doesn't it." Kate agreed. "Playing ride em cowgirl."

"I always preferred playing doctor." Esme quietly added in.

I sputtered a laugh, which the others joined in, "I never saw the lab coat but it would have been."

"Ooh, I'd play doctor anytime." Irina agreed.

"I was partial to hide and seek." Rose sighed.

"I've always had a thing about a priest." Tanya admitted.

"No wonder you're so hot for repression Ed." Rosalie chuckled.

The men had long since left the room, left the house as we continued our conversations, sharing fantasies.

We all decided to go for a hunt together and I found myself alone in a tree with Esme.

"Does it bother you?" I asked quietly.

"You and Carlisle?" She questioned softly at my nod she sent me a soft smile and shook her head, though her words slightly contradicted it, "A little. We were together a very long time and I feel somewhat… possessive of him. I think it's more that I'm afraid to be without him than that I am really upset he moved on though."

"I'm sorry if any part of you feels I betrayed you."

"It doesn't." She quickly assured me pulling me into a hug, "You didn't."

I hugged her back and then pulled away a little resting my head on her shoulder, "Everything is so different."

"I know." She sighed, "I was afraid of change but it really is what's best and what will make us all happiest."

"Will it?"

She nodded and we sat in silence for a while. "Bella?"

"Hmm?" I hummed to show I was listening and let her know she could ask me whatever it was on her mind.

"Why are you so angry with Peter?"

"Angry with him?" I questioned sitting back so I could look her in the eyes. "I'm not angry with him."

"You hurt him today." She admonished gently, "I don't need Jasper's gift to know that."

"Did I?" It wasn't so much a question as a demand, a challenge.

Esme just nodded, her eyes holding mine and her expression still gentle as she reached out and tucked a stray hair behind my ear, "Just give him a chance Bella. You don't have to be with him, but you could try to be friends."

I snorted and rolled my eyes before sighing and nodding, "I'll try to be more conscious of his feelings." I conceded, even as my mind was screaming hell no, we couldn't be friends as the images replayed in the background of the one time we'd been together, every fiber of my being crying out for more.

We rejoined the others after Carmen entered the clearing below our tree and then together all of us returned back to the house. The men had all returned and with them, Edward.

He was even more perfect and beautiful to my eyes now.

"Bella." My name was a revered whisper.

"Edward." I nodded and felt myself smile at him as I moved forward, our eyes holding each other.

"You are so beautiful love, more even than I dreamed."

"Did you?" I questioned in a whisper, "Dream of me like this?"

"Every night I held you, watching you sleep, listening to your heart beat. I didn't want to steal your soul but I never didn't want you with me forever, didn't imagine what we could share, forever."

A crash broke the trance I was in as glass broke. I turned and a door slammed to the rear. I took off running after the form that disappeared into the woods.

"Peter wait." I called as I trailed him.

"Why?" He growled spinning back to face me.

I sighed and met his eyes, "Because you can't leave me." I felt my chest squeezing in and a pain worse than the flames that made me this fill my heart.

I was in his arms in less time than it took a vampire to blink. He cradled me into his chest his hold at once firm and so gentle.

I rubbed my face against his chest breathing him in as I clutched his shirt, the material tearing slightly in my hands.

After a minute, or an hour, I couldn't be sure how long I clung to him, he sank to the ground pulling me with him and into his lap so my legs straddled his both of us sitting on our knees. He pushed me back a little so our eyes met, "I wasn't leaving you Darlin. Only thing make me ever leave ya is the fire that sends me ta hell." He had one hand on my back and the other on my hip, the one on my hip lifted up so he could trail a finger over my cheekbone, "Eyes are copper, be yellow again soon."

I nodded but snorted, "Doesn't take away the deed because the evidence is gone."

"We are what we are Darlin, now it ain't theory, you'll always know how this feels and if its ever hard to resist you'll remember this and fight harder not to slip again."

I swallowed and nodded shifting forward to bury my head in his neck and breath him in again.

"You make my crazy still." I told him after a minute. "Its as though I've just… but the desire is still in the background just… blanketed in the calm."

Peter ran his hand through my hair, "In all this, I know I've said it but I don't think I said it."

"Huh?" I pulled back to meet his eyes in question.

"We're mates Bella, so you belong to me." I snorted at him and he shook his head, "I belong every bit as much to you." I was frowning at him still and his lips quirked in an almost smile, "It means what you said is right, I can't leave you, I wouldn't ever want to."

"Where were you going then?"

"Run, hunt, fight with Jasper. Try to keep from dismembering and burning that dickless prick."

I bit back a laugh but couldn't help the smirk, "Jealous of Edward?"

"You loved him." He sighed.

"You loved her." I hissed trying to pull out of his lap and the hand that had been stroking my hair moved back to my hip.

His grip tightened, forcing me to stay in place. "She never did this." His hissed, his eyes burning as the hand that had been stroking my hair moved to my neck where Jasper's bite rested.

"Did you?" I demanded back.

"No." He growled, "She bore Jasper's mark from when he made her and a hundred others from battles but never a bite like this. Not from me."

"Now I carry four."

"Four?" He hissed.

"James when I was human, Carlisle for making me, Jasper's and yours."

"James's bite is like the thousands that litter me and Jasper. Carlisle bit you to change you." He sighed and his finger gently caressed my neck, "This is different."


"It's a mating mark." I frowned at him and he sighed, "Only very long time companions and mates bite during sex Bella. It's only pleasurable when you share a certain kind of bond."

"You didn't share that with her?"


"Well I don't have one from Edward."

"I know. It doesn't mean he doesn't want you to, maybe not uptight dickless but his long interred instincts."

"What are you an empath now?"

"No." He snorted, "I just know shit."

"So part of Edward wants to mark me, he didn't."

"Do you want him to?"

"No." I snorted.

"Did you want Jasper to?" After swallowing he quietly added, "Or me?"

I shook my head and bit my lip "I don't know." I frowned at him, "I don't know what it means."

"It means that you share something special with him, with both of us."


"A special bond."

"Is that bad?"

"No and I'm glad its him and not prickward or even the doctors."


"Jasper is my brother." He shrugged.

I rolled my eyes at him. "We should get back."

His grip tightened in response, holding me to him. "We need to talk about this Bella."

"About Jasper?"

He growled, "Us."

"There is no us."

Peter growled at me again and yanked my body tighter into his, his teeth scraping over the bite he'd left sending a chill through me.

"So you can turn on a succubi," I panted at him, "Hate to dissolution you but Joe Blow from Anywhere can do that to."

He growled and did it again, "Is that all I do to you?" He breathed in my ear. I shivered again.

"Bella?" Edward called from the trees making a savage sound rip from Peter's chest.

A pleased hum escaped me as I shifted on his lap and buried my head in his neck. I could feel my chest rumbling an almost silent purr as I breathed him in and I couldn't help but place small kisses on his neck and then follow them with my tongue and sucking lightly on the skin.

"How do you make me calm like only after blood and sex?"

"Bella?" Edward's voice was much closer as he moved through the trees to us making Peter growl again, which made me purr and my body arch into his to rub against him a little.

I felt Peter shift, moving me and then pulling me back to him, holding me a little above him with one hand. He had unzipped and as he moved me he pulled my panties to the side and slid slowly into me.

I sighed as I sank onto him burying my face in his neck, "You're calm because this is exactly where you are supposed to be." He whispered his arms holding me tightly against him as he kissed the spot just below my ear.

"Bella?" Edward's voice came from only a foot away as he finally came upon us.

I should be embarrassed, I should be explaining or telling him to leave but all I could focus on was Peter, he was inside me, it had been weeks. I felt my body move against him unconsciously and I let out a low half moan, half sigh, "Pete."

"Are we done talking?" Peter whispered his fingers trailing over my spine. I nodded and scraped my teeth along his neck making his grip tighten momentarily on my back as he struggled for his control. "Are you going to run from me again?"

"No." I agreed.

"That means no pushing me away or avoiding me Bella. You accept I am your mate, here and now and end this battle between us and these instincts. I'm done fighting who and what I am for you so next time you push my buttons I'll push back and the next time dickless gets close to you, the nickname will be as accurate for his use of it as its absence on his person." I nodded and shifted against him. "Bella." He growled.

"Fuck you." I hissed. "This isn't fair."

He snorted, "I don't play fair. Get used to it."

I moaned and rocked against him again. "Fuck me."

"I did. You ran from me."

I bit him making him hiss and his hips jump up into mine making me moan.

"Going to watch me actually fuck my mate?" Peter growled over my shoulder. I heard a twig snap and then his attention was back on me. "Well?"

I licked the venom from the bite I'd remade and rocked against him again. "Please." I begged him.

"Next time you try to run from me I will stop you."

"Yes." I hissed as his hips started to slowly move in a torturous seductive rhythm.

"You can hate me but you will fight me, not run from me and this." He thrust one sharp and hard thrust, "Belongs to me."

"Yes." I moaned trying to rock faster.

His hands prevented me as he returned to the torturous slow rocking.

I felt venom burning my eyes, "Please, Pete." I begged him.

"I'm not made to calm the lust Bella. I'm made to incite it and satiate it."

"Peter." I moaned again. "Please. Please, I need more." I panted at him, "Please."


"Yes!" Peter shifted pulling me off him and a cry escaped my lips.

His mouth quickly covered mine as he pushed me onto my back and tore my panties from my body. I screamed as he pressed into me again, this time in one hard thrust. He pulled all the way out and did it again and then again and again, each time I screamed, whimpering as he pulled out until I was again a whimpering, quivering mess, begging him.

"Peter. Please. More. Please." I tried to pull his body into mine with my legs around his hips.

He growled and slammed home dropping his body weight on me and kissing me deeply before sitting back.

I lay shivering with venom in my eyes, panting with need. "More?"

"Peter." I sobbed his name and he pulled me up and turned me so I was on my knees. He thrust in again and set up a rhythm that had me back on the edge in five strokes but refused to let me go over that edge. Instead he pulled out again. I whimpered and growled as he spun me in his arms and lifted me back in his lap.

"Please Peter. No more." I cried burying my head in his shoulder. "Please."

"Shh, baby, I have you." He whispered stroking over my back. He built the orgasm up slowly again, guiding the rhythm with his hands on my hips as I rocked on top of him, my body quivering with need and orgasms not reached.

When I felt the rise coming again his hands let go of my hips, moving to my back I looked into his eyes, "It's ok Darlin." He smiled at me.

I bounced on him, rocking and gyrating and as I felt my muscles clamp down on him our eyes met and my whole body shivered and shook with the intensity as I toppled over the edge in an almost painful orgasm that seemed to continue on, each ripple expanding as he pumped gently up into me a few more times and then came inside of me on a moan.

I sobbed into his neck as he held me after and his hands ran soothingly over my back. "Shh Darlin, it's ok, I have you." He murmured.

It took a while before the shivers stopped and I sat, my head in his neck, breathing in his scent.

"You alright Darlin?" I nodded into his neck, holding tightly to him still. He didn't rush me but after a while he lay back on the forest floor tucking me into his body and kissing my eyelids. "Close your eyes and pretend you're sleeping."

"Why?" I whispered back. He quirked an eyebrow in response so I rolled my eyes and complied evening out my breathing.

When I blinked them open his eyes were closed and his breathing even, as though he were sleeping. The sky had darkened around us.

"Peter?" I whispered.

"Go back to sleep." His arms tightened around me. "I'm not done holdin ya."

I chuckled and snuggled back in his chest, closing my eyes again and matching my breathing to his.

"Bein here aint goin to be good for us Bell."

"Why?" I whispered back breathing him in and snuggling closer to his chest.

"Not here in the woods Darlin, here with the others."

"Why?" I pulled back with a frown at him.

"I ain't going to fight myself anymore Bella and you wont like how I handle all this. Besides there are to many personalities in a small space and it could lend itself to trouble."

"You want to leave the family?"

"Jasper's my only family."

"Not mine."

"They'll always be family then, even if we take off for a bit."

"If I say no?"

"We'll fight about it."

"You don't just get to decide this."

"Put it this way, we stay and someone is getting dismembered."

I rolled my eyes and snorted pushing away from him but he yanked me back into his arms, "You wont like how I react to you running from me again mate." He warned.

"I'm not." I hissed and then sighed sinking back into his body. "Where will we go?"

"One of my homes. We have a lot to learn about each other."

"Fine." I agreed snuggling into his chest. His arms wrapped around me and then he flipped us and as he kissed me he slid into me. This time was fast and wild as instinct took over. The sun was high when we finally made it back to the house.

Jasper smirked at us, "Edward seems to think you violated my little sister brother. He was raving about us stopping you and burning you for it."

I was surprised by the dark and vicious growl that erupted from my own throat.

Peter just laughed, "Bring it on dickless!" he called out.

"Peter." I hissed smacking his chest.

Peter just pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply. I moaned leaning into him as desire swamped my senses again.

"I told you I was made to incite that." He chuckled.

"To satiate it to." I reminded him rubbing against him.

Peter smirked and pulled me up into his arms, "That I am Darlin."

I hummed as I began kissing along his neck. Peter carried me into the house and up to his room, kicking the door shut behind him.

A long while later we came back down and I looked away with the need to blush as all the vampires turned to look at us.

"Welcome back." Emmett teased.

I rolled my eyes at him, "Not for long." I would have been a tomato for that as it was I looked at my feet and turned into Peter who chuckled.

"We're leavin tomorrow."

"We'll see you in six months." Alice smiled at us.

"Six months?" I asked.

"Five months twenty three days. In Maine." Alice told me with a nod.

We shared a smile and I turned to Jasper, he didn't seem to need me to find the words because he sent me a blend of emotions that clearly said, I love you, I'll miss you and I'm here if you need me as well as take care of yourself and my brother. I nodded smiling at him and he nodded back.

I turned to Carlisle and Peter's arm tightened pulling me a millimeter closer to him, "Thank you, for everything."

Carlisle nodded, "We're family. Even if we aren't all together. We'll always be there when you need us."

I nodded at him with a smile and turned to Carmen and Eleazar, "Thank you for having us."

"Family is always welcome." Carmen smiled at me, Eleazar nodding in agreement.

I turned to Kate, Irina and Tanya then. "I… thank you."

"Call us anytime." Kate assured me with a smile.

"Our covens might be extended family but you're our sister now too." Tanya added.

"We succubi need to stick together." Irina winked.

"I'll miss you."

All three of them nodded and Peter let me go to hug them.

I moved back to Peter and smiled at the others, "I'll see you all soon."

"Take care Tinkerbella." Emmett nodded.

"Be sure to call and let me know how you are." Esme added.

Rosalie met my eyes, "We'll let you know if and when we move." I nodded, "We… I, will never leave you again." She smiled, "Even if we aren't together, we're family and always here for you."

I sniffed, feeling venom sting my eyes as I pulled from Peter again to hug her, "How do I let go of what I've already forgiven?"

"I wish I knew." She whispered back, "I think its just time, lucky we have lots of that and the family will spend forever making it up to you and proving you can trust our love of you."

"Thank you." We squeezed each other tighter for a moment and then let go. She smiled at me and nodded so I nodded back and moved to Peter who took my hand and then led me outside.