It's not everyday a single witch wakes up in bed with a gorgeous wizard, naked in her bed, especially if that witch is Hermione Granger.

She slid off the mattress, clutching the sheet to her nude form and stared at the fit form of Charlie Weasley, sprawled on his stomach buck assed naked.

Her mouth felt dry and her heart pounded in her chest, she'd shagged Charlie Weasley, quite thoroughly. She'd been sober enough to know what she was doing but drunk enough not to care when she'd tugged him into her room late the night before. Uncommonly brazen she'd kissed him heatedly and taken charge, removing his clothes, kissing along the lines of his muscle and various scars, tracing his tattoos with her tongue and nipping gently at various sensitive spots. Having thoroughly soaked through her knickers at this point, she'd stripped down and ridden him, bouncing on him like a pogo stick to the edge of orgasm, at which point he'd obliged a need she didn't have to voice and flipped her onto her back driving wildly into her while she clawed down his back, screaming her release like a banshee. Said claw marks were slightly visible on his shoulder blades making Hermione blush in a mixture of embarrassment and renewed need. Instead she very quietly dressed and slipped out of the room before appartaing away.

She was late and she hated being late.

Bill was grinning at her and shaking his head as she ran down the corridor to where he was waiting with the head of the Dragon Reserve.

"Sorry I'm late." She breathed.

"Not at all Miss Granger, Mr. Weasley just arrived as well. We appreciate the two of you coming out here to have a look at what we've found."

"Of course." She sent him a polite smile.

"Charlie told me you found it while digging in a cave?"

"Yes." He nodded, "Charlie's been bringing the dragons in since last month, when we were certain the reserve was ready to open, however when we got word he'd found a rare Norway Black baby in a trap, we set to work on the caves to make it a proper home and that's when we stumbled upon the wards and the door."

"Where's the baby dragon now?"

"Just a wee thing still really and injured to boot so Charlie's set up a pen and is nursing her until you've cleared the caves and we can make her a proper home."

Hermione shifted and tried to hide her blush when his name came up but she knew Bill hadn't missed it.

"Hermione is my best associate regarding cursed wards so I'm sure between us we can get it sorted and bring any cursed items back to Gringotts."

"Good good. Thank you." He nodded to the cave, "Dragons I can do but you'll excuse me from not returning in their with you."

"Of course." Bill gave him a nod and he and Hermione began walking across the field. "Well?"


Bill nudged her shoulder, "Three years we've been together Granger."

"And?" She blushed.

Bill snorted, "Don't play coy."

She rolled her eyes, "I slept with Charlie."

His steps faltered just for a heartbeat, "My brother Charlie?"

She gave him a nod, not looking at him, "Don't let my brother or mother find out."

"Ronald and I are just friends, we've only ever been just friends."

Bill rolled his eyes, "I know that, doesn't mean mum wishes it weren't different."

"Ron wouldn't care I slept with Charlie though."

Bill barked out a laugh, "Mia my brother and Harry Potter are so over protective of you I got a twenty minute lecture before our first mission to break that half-assed curse in the Welsh tomb about your safety. They hexed Krum because he stood you up for dinner, never mind that he was unconscious from getting a bludger to the head because someone should have let you know. They nearly made Eric Maitland wet himself when they interrogated him over his intentions with you and Ron broke up with Samantha Ellis because she said something unkind about you. Trust me, Ron finds out you shagged the shit out of our brother, the confirmed bachelor, he's going to flip his shit."

Hermione bit back a smile, he was right, Harry and Ron were a tad over protective of her. "I doubt he'd care it was your brother any more than he would if it weren't though."

"Oh I know he'd freak out about any wizard but it will be worse because it's Charlie."


"One, he's our brother, he should know better than to mess with you and because Ron doesn't know what a little vixen you can be and will think Charlie took advantage of his sweet, innocent bookworm best friend. Two because my mother will be seeing wedding bells and if Ron flips his lid the entire world, including her, will find out about it. Third, and last, because he's jealous as hell of anyone in your life possibly becoming more or even as important to you as him and Harry but he can hardly scare off his older brother believe me he tried when we started to become so close over these last years and still sends me glares or gloating looks when you stop talking with me to go sit with them."

"He does not." She gasped.

Bill nodded, "His last girlfriend broke up with him over it. She thought he was in love with you. Gave the rest of us a good laugh knowing it wasn't true but" he shrugged, "He and Harry are terrible when it comes to you. Harry's just a bit more reserved and sensible about it all but he'll flip his lid over Charlie too."

"Oh." She breathed, blushing a little.

"I'm not saying don't do it again." Bill nudged her with his shoulder, "Just be careful about it. Neither of you is exactly looking to fall in love so I'm not worried about one or the other of you getting hurt but" he shrugged.

"I think it was a one time thing anyways." She shrugged with another blush not able to look at him just then. She really hadn't planned to sleep with Charlie, she'd wanted to be good but when she'd seen him? It was like she was possessed.

"Come on then." He nudged her forward into the cave.

Seven hours later Hermione sat, grimy and tired, at a table of Dragon Keepers and the various workers trying to set up the new Dragon Reserve. With them also was the Head of the Reserve, Angus MacDougie who was beaming at them.

"So it's all clear. One day and you two have broken through that damned cursed cave." He grinned at them.

Bill shrugged, "It wasn't so bad, tricky but no match for Mia."

Hermione blushed and rolled her eyes, "You did all the really dark magic reversal." She reminded.

"Only because you figured out what it was so quick." He winked at her. "Damn good team we make eh?"

"So the goblins say." She grinned at him then, "Guess it's why we're still partners after all the ruckus we've caused."

Bill laughed, "I think the Sheik is still shaking his head and muttering over that tiny dress."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "It was hot."

He laughed, "You definitely were."

They shared stories and laughed with the others, teasing each other and all just having a good time. Finally Hermione excused herself to shower and get some rest.

When she stepped out of the bathroom in her towel, she was surprised to find Charlie Weasley waiting.

"Charlie?" She questioned, shifting her weight a little.

He didn't look pleased as he stepped towards her, his heavy boots on the wood floor, the only sound to break the nerve wracking silence.

"Do you know how many women I've been to bed with?" he asked in a low growl that sent heat flooding through her. "Do you know how many of them snuck off on me in the morning?"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm sure they didn't have a chance before you left."

He snorted, "I have never led a woman to believe I was offering more than I was willing to give but I never disappeared in the middle the night."

"It was hardly the middle of the night Charlie, I was late for my eight am meeting."

"Might have been courteous to wake me up and say something, no?"

"Say what? Thanks for the shag?" She felt her temper rising.

Charlie glared at her, "Actually, I think that ought to have been my line this morning, but it sure as well will be yours tomorrow."

"What?" Her heart beat furiously and Charlie yanked her body into his, crashing his mouth to hers in a passionate kiss that had her moaning, giving him the perfect opportunity to push his tongue into her mouth.

He yanked away the towel and lifted her easily, laying her back on the bed. His hands roamed her body, the rough calluses on his hands sending shivers across her delicate skin. He licked and nipped down her body, stopping to suckle and then bite her nipples, making her cry out before making his way down her body.

He teased her mercilessly, lashing her clit with his tongue and then sucking on it so she was thrashing and bucking wildly on the bed.

Finally when her body was quivering and she could take no more, he plunged into her body in one hard thrust. He gripped her leg, lifting her bent knee so it rested evenly with his shoulder and began to thrust in long, deep strokes.

She came on a keening wale and felt him follow a few wild thrusts later before collapsing on top of her. After a few breaths he rolled over, tugging her with him so she lay sprawled and panting on his chest.

"You tell him?" Charlie asked after their breathing had become regular again.

"That we slept together last night." She confirmed.

"He going to hex me?"

She chuckled, "No, he's known I've snuck off to have flings over the last three years. He's not deluded into thinking I'm a nun like Harry and Ron seem to want."

He smacked her ass, "Flings?"

She yelped, squirming against him, but his arm around her waist held her tightly. She chuckled, "Well I dated a little for that first year we worked together."

Charlie growled and rolled so she was pinned under him, "Did you?"

She grinned at him, "Yeah but I decided I didn't like dating and all the pretention and hassle with every git wanting me to be whatever they had envisioned the Girl of the Golden Trio to be."

"Don't like dating."

"Nah." She shook her head and he began to tickle her until she cried uncle.

He returned them to their previous position, with her sprawled over his chest, "What did Bill say?"

"He's not worried about either of us getting hurt since neither of us do relationships." Charlie snorted and Hermione grinned, kissing his chest.

"Take it you didn't mention it's been two years since we started shagging?"

"No." She chuckled, "I told you, he thinks I've been off having flings and besides we decided to end it last time."

"That was before you pulled me into a room and reminded me why we are so fucking good together. Bill never asks who you're with?"

"No." She sighed. "I told you. He'll tease me about it but he never asks for details."

Charlie snorted and she snuggled into his chest, kissing up his sternum to his neck and around to his ear before biting it. He moaned and let his hands wander over her back and hips as she kissed along his jaw to his mouth.

In the morning Hermione stretched and climbed out of bed, looking down at the naked man sleeping, with the sheet clutched to her chest.

It's not everyday a single witch wakes with a gorgeous wizard, naked in her bed, especially if that witch is Hermione Granger, unless the gorgeous wizard happened to be her, not-boyfriend, Charlie Weasley that is. She shook her head at him and went to close the curtains, they'd again neglected to close them last night and she was startled by a knock on her door.

Charlie groaned and rolled over as Hermione went to open the door, finding Bill grinning in at her, his brows lifting at her in a teasing expression, "Have a good night?"

"Bugger off Bill." She grinned at him.

He laughed, "Missed breakfast."

"Shame." She sighed.

"I'll buy you coffee when we get back."


"We're do at Gringotts in thirty minutes." He reminded her, "Didn't want you to be late, again." He teased.

"Eek." She squealed slamming the door in his face, hearing his laughter through it as she spun around and hurriedly dressed, magicking her things back in her travel case.

"Mia?" Charlie growled from the bed.

"Right." She spun around, kissed him quickly but passionately, "Bye." She whispered with a wink and hurried out to Bill, all in under five minutes. "Ready." She huffed at him.

"Bye Charlie!" He called through her closed door.

"Bugger off Bill." He shouted back.

Bill just laughed and led Hermione outside where a portkey was waiting for them.