Hermione and Fleur got up early the next day and took Victoire to breakfast and then walked around the beautiful city. Both women ignoring the painful subject of anything Weasley. It wasn't working well and as they watched Victoire feeding the birds, Hermione sighed.

"Mia?" Fleur took her lovers hand.

"I already miss them."

"I know."

"Do you suppose running away again was the wrong way to handle this?"

"What other way is there mon amour?"

Hermione sighed again and shook her head as tears stung her eyes, "Accept what they offer."

"Always you will wonder if Bill does not love you and always I will wonder if he does not love me."

"You?" Hermione gasped.

"Bill loves you enough to let you go mon amour, even to give you what you need in Charlie, he does not love me the same." Fleur smiled sadly at her, "I cannot chose between you, I cannot fathom losing either of you, sharing you was easy because I love you both so much."

"What about Charlie?" Hermione frowned at her, "We never asked you what you felt about sharing me, not just now but, ever."

"I did not like it." Fleur admitted looking away, "I listened to Bill, he thought it was important to give you wings, that you were like a bird, he said holding you to tightly would kill you, to lose and you would fly away."


"If we held you to tightly we suffocate you in our love, our need for you. If we held to lose you would not see how we loved you and would leave us."

"Fleur." Hermione sighed her name.

"It was better for me." She admitted in a small voice.

"What?" Hermione frowned at her.

"When you told us about Charlie. It was harder for Bill but so much easier for me. Even afraid as I was that I might lose you."


Fleur met her eyes again, "Because you love him. It wasn't that you might not love us, love me, the way I love you, it was just, you loved him too, like I love Bill, like we both do."

"I'm sorry I hurt you Fleur."

The two women held hands in comfort, "I'm sorry too, I should have separated my love for you from what we share with Bill a long time ago. I should have made you understand, it isn't that I shared Bill with you, you and I aren't a side of what we both share with him. I love you as much as I love him, it was always a triad Mia, in my heart, all parts are equal."

"Mine too." Hermione squeezed her hand and then sighed, "It's just, Charlie is in there too."

"I would easily have made room for him in mine Mia. Charlie has always been special to me, he and Bill are more than brothers, they're best friends, and I love him. It would be so easy to let that love grow."

"Now what?"

Fleur shrugged, "Now we try to heal, we forget what might have been and accept what is."

"I've lost them both haven't I?"

Fleur shook her head, "They both still love you Mia."

"It's over though, us, my relationships."

"Not with me." Fleur insisted, "We'll make it work. Love is worth the struggle to make it work."

Hermione nodded in agreement, "I miss them."

"I know. Zat is why we are here though mon amour, so that you can heal."

"Bill does love you Fleur."

"Yes." She nodded, "And I will get over the hurt because even if he did love you more, how can I blame him, I love you too, I love you as much as I love him."

Hermione nodded and the two women turned their attention back to Victoire, "What about Rose?"

"Rose Weasley." Fleur nodded. "Or Dominique?"

"I like it." Hermione nodded. "What about if he gets his boy?"


Hermione grinned and nodded, "Louis Weasley. It's perfect."

They talked more about the baby until Victoire got tired.

"Let's go back to the flat for lunch." Fleur suggested handing the little girl some juice. "Or would you like to eat at Le Café Vin Rouge?

"Oui ma mere." Victoire nodded taking Hermione's hand.

As they walked towards wizarding Paris, they did some window shopping, in the café connecting muggle and wizarding Paris the two women found a table but Victoire pulled away from Hermione.

"Victoire?" Hermione questioned.

"Victoire." Fleur called after her daughter with a frown as she walked up to an occupied booth.

"Daddy!" The little girl yelled.

The two witches looked at each other and headed around the divide over to the booth section as the little girl disappeared into the silenced booth.

"Bill?" Hermione and Fleur both exclaimed, "Charlie?"

"Mummy, Mimi, daddy's here!" Victoire bounced and focused on her dad, "I fed the ducks!" She exclaimed happily. "Mummy and Mimi had coffee and I fed them by myself like a big girl!"

"Wonderful!" Bill grinned at her. "I brought you a present."

"You did!" Victoire bounced again. "Is it Teddy? I saw Teddy come this way!"

Bill laughed, "It is Teddy. He and Andromeda came to take you some place special while daddy and Uncle Charlie talk to mummy and Mimi."

"Ok." Victoire hugged him and kissed his cheek, "You talk to mummy and Mimi, I'm go to find Teddy cause when I grow up big I'm going to marry him."

Bill laughed and kissed his daughters cheek, "They are just one booth over." He shook his head after her as she scrambled back off the bench seat and hurried to the next booth before shyly kicking the floor and staring at her feet.

"Want some of my desert?" They heard Teddy ask as he stepped out of the booth and helped her up.

"I haven't had lunch yet." Victoire told him quietly.

"Me neither." He laughed, "Grandma let me have chocolate crepes for lunch!"

"Can I…" Their voices disappeared as they climbed into the booth.

The two women turned back to the brothers.

"What are you doing here?" Hermione finally asked.

"Looking for you." Charlie shrugged.

"Pourquoi?" Fleur frowned at Bill, "I ask you to give us time, non?"

"I'm done giving Mia time, or space for that matter." Bill told her before turning to the other woman. "I love you damn it, stop running from me and talk to me."

"What is there to say Bill?"

"I can think of a thing or two." Charlie growled, "Even just goodbye would be helpful on occasion."

Hermione rolled her eyes at him, "Goodbye Charlie."

He gaped at her a second and then slammed his mouth closed with a dark frown.

Fleur put her hand on Hermione's arm, "Do not be angry wiz him over Beel."

Hermione sucked in a breath but instead of a retort she just sighed, "You're right, I'm sorry. I'm not even mad."

"Sit, please, this conversation would be better in private." Bill motioned to the table.

Hermione rolled her eyes and sat next to him, Fleur shrugged and sat next to Charlie, before they both turned their attention back to the men, the silencing spell automatically reactivating as the presence of someone at the end of the table disappeared.

"Charlie and I should have talked to you when we got home the other night."

"We were just a little drunk." Charlie shrugged.

"Clearly we crossed your comfort zone with the suggestion you might share a woman." Hermione responded dryly.

Bill held up his hands, "In our defense we might not have handled the immediate suggestion smoothly but neither of us said it was a bad idea or that we wouldn't do it."

Both women just glared at him.

Charlie chuckled shaking his head, "What the hell am I getting myself into."

"Want to change your mind?" Bill asked him, his attention completely on his brother.

"Oddly," Charlie met his eyes and then grinned, "Not even a little."

"Great." Bill nodded, "So you want to tell them?"

Charlie looked from one witch to the other and then nodded, pulling a box out of his pocket at the same time Bill took out his wand.


"Charlie?" She looked from the velvet box to him.

"Marry me?"

"Non." Fleur gasped.

"Yes." Bill nodded tapping the box with his wand so it multiplied into another two rings. "And me."

"And Fleur." Charlie added tapping a box with his own want.

"You want me to marry both of you?" Hermione frowned at them.

"I want you to say you'll still marry Fleur and I." Bill explained softly.

"I want you to marry me as well." Charlie added. "Both of you."

"Both of us?" Fleur was frowning at them as well.

"Are you two spelled?" Hermione frowned at them, pulling out her wand and completing a reversal spell.

Both wizards laughed and shook their heads.

"We came back drunk because we sat talking about what you had said, and then about where we were going and what we both wanted."

"We both needed a little liquid help."

"You left before we could explain that we agreed."

"It would only work between us if it was between all of us."

"You don't want to get married Charlie." Hermione reminded him.

"I don't want that life Mia, the husband role that demands I change everything about myself but you've never asked me to do that and Fleur has never asked either of you to either. I want to be part of a family though, being with you has shown me I wanted that connection with someone, I just didn't realize it before. This can work, the four of us together, we can each give as much of ourselves as we can without asking any of us to give up who we are."

"Charlie will still raise dragons, I'll still break curses with Mia and Fleur will raise babies."

"This is insane." Hermione shook her head.

"Oui." Fleur agreed, "Zis will never work."

"Why?" Both wizards demanded.

The two witches looked at each other and then back at them.

"It just," Mia started.

"Wont." Fleur finished.

"Do you love me Mia?" Charlie caught her hand.

"Yes, but…"

"And do you love me?"

"Yes, but…"

"Is it you?" Charlie turned to Fleur, "Do you not think you could love me?"

"Do love you Charlie but…"

"It's not cheating anymore than me being with Mia is."

"Oui, but…"

"We're both possessive and jealous but we can learn not to be with each other, hell we've already proven we can be ok with it over the last two years by sharing Mia."

"The only problem either of us had was the fear of losing her."

"Which wont be an issue once we're all married."

"There might be some adjustment."

"Time is the only thing to work out all the details."

"All of which aren't important."

"The only thing that is, is how much we love each other."

"How much we all want to be a family."

"So there are no buts really."

"No reason not to jump right in and make it work."

"Since it's what we all want."

"Since we're all miserable apart."

"Haven't these last months proved it?"

They sat in silence for several minutes just looking at each other.

"This is crazy." Hermione sighed.

"Oui." Fleur nodded, "But zey have a point."

"In theory." Hermione hedged.

"No reason not to try though." Charlie pressed.

"Lots of reasons against not trying. Bill added.

"Marriage is a bit more than testing the waters." Hermione nodded at the rings.

"So we hold off the wedding until we're all ready." Charlie shrugged.

"The point is, we are both all in." Bill added.

"We want you both to be as well." Charlie flicked his wand and the boxes opened to reveal four identical rings. Instead of the three entwined rings this one had four, one was black zirconium and another platinum, they ran parallel to each other never touching, the other two bands, one yellow gold and the other pink gold, were slightly smaller and instead of running parallel they crossed over and twined around the other bands, connecting the four of them together.

"Per'aps we give zis some time." Fleur whispered, one delicate finger caressing the ring.

Hermione just nodded, swallowing against a suddenly very dry throat.

"To think about or to try?"

"Try." Hermione whispered.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Charlie winked at her and wrapped an arm around Fleur's shoulders.

"We've arranged a vacation." Bill grinned leaning back and pulling Hermione against his chest.

"Tonight, you come with me." Charlie winked at Fleur.

"I get you to myself." Bill growled in Hermione's ear.

"Tomorrow…" Charlie started.

"We all head to Crete…" Bill added.

"For a week." Charlie finished.

"Victiore is going to stay with Harry and Gin." Bill cut off what Fleur had been about to say.

"So?" Charlie looked from one witch to another.

Hermione flicked her hand and a chain appeared around the ring facing her, pulling it up and clasping it around her neck, "Ok." She nodded as Fleur copied the spell.

Both men nodded and took the rings from the two remaining boxes, slipping them on their right hands.

"Shall we then?" Bill motioned to Hermione to get up from the booth.

"We haven't eaten." Hermione frowned at him.

Bill winked at her, "I have plans for you."

Hermione blushed and got up from the table. Fleur stood as well and the two witches embraced.

"Je t'aime." Hermione whispered.

"Je t'aime aussi." Fleur answered before kissing her softly.

The wizards led them in opposite directions.

"You ok Bill?"

"It's no easier or harder than it is with you." He shrugged and then sighed running a hand through his hair and pulled her to a stop. "I'm sorry I ever made you doubt that, either of you. Believe me, letting you go was never easy Mia, it's not easy with her either but Charlie and I talked a long time about all of this, then you left, both of you and we realized we needed to speed up our plans and show you we were serious about trying this between all of us because we knew it could never be casual for any of us, between any of us, not if we really wanted it to work."

"So you want to share wives with your brother."

"I want to be married to the two witches I love, I want both of those witches to be happy and I want my brother to have the life and family he wants with the witches he loves and yes I do think with even the tiniest hit to that wall of Fleur being my wife and the two of them will fall in love."

"If they don't? Or if you can't handle sharing? Or he can't?"

"We'll work that out if it happens. Right now we all deserve to give it a fair chance."

"You know he's probably seducing her right now."

Bill shook his head, "More likely she's seducing him."

"You're ok with that?"

"In theory." Bill nodded.

"What theory? It's happening. Right now. You gave them permission!"

"Yes." Bill nodded "but none of us will know until we're all four around each other and he kisses her or you, or I do and we witness it."

"So what now?"

"We take it one day at a time." He told her gently, pulling her into his arms and apparating them away.