" Cuz you're my zing! "

The End.


"Daddy, what's wrong?!"

Gasping for air, furious, hurt, scared, it took Dracula several moments to register where he was and what he was doing. Thunder flashed in the window outside as the storm raged on through the late night hour. In its momentary light he looked about and surveyed the room. Another flash, and he saw there beside him in the black velvet covers of their bed lay his beloved Mavis, the concern in her eyes shared by only a twinge of fear. Her bright blue gaze met his own as her bare chest heaved, startled, as a bead sweat ran down his own.

"What is it Daddy?" she asked again.

"I… uh… nightmare, precious." He felt almost embarrassed to answer.

Even she could not suppress a smirk. "I didn't think you had nightmares, you always taught me you were the nightmare."

"All creatures feel fear my love."

"What was it about?" she pressed.

"I…" his mind wandered back to the nocturnal visions. The annoying human stumbling into the castle, his daughter's longing for the outside world, the horrid misadventure on her birthday ultimately ending in their professing love to one another after having only met the day before. He could not help but chuckle a little to himself.

"Do you remember the foolish mortal boy who stumbled into the hotel on your last birthday?"

She giggled as she remembered. "Oh yeah, the guy you tore limb from limb and let me torture with a cattle-prod for hours on end? Yes, that was a fun. He certainly made a great birthday meal."

He stifled a laugh as he told her, "Well, in my nightmare I let him live and the two of you fell in love."

Mavis erupted into laughter, her giggles uncontrollable as she wiped away a tear of amusement. "Hehehe… hehehe… in love… hehe… the human… hehahahehe" It took her a full minute for her laughter to subside. Then she met his eye again and a sly smile crept across her face. She shifted in the bed over to him and climbed into his lap facing him as her exposed breasts slid across the pale surface of his own chest.

"Don't get me wrong Daddy, he was yummy…" She leaned in, inching her face closer to his until her lips barely hovered above his own, "But you're irresistible." She slid her tongue up the surface of his cheek, licking his smooth perfect skin as she stopped just below his eye, seeming to savor the taste. Then she pulled his head back by the silky ebony hair, and passionately pressed her barely open lips to his own. Their tongues met in a fiery dance as they shared their passionate moment. After some time Mavis withdrew and met his eyes once more.

"You're the only man for me. You know that right?"

"I do, just as you are the world to me. I love you as I never thought I'd be able to love again after your mother's death." For a moment his thoughts wandered back to Martha and how she would feel seeing them now. No! He mustn't think such things, Martha is dead, Mavis is all he has now. Besides, she'd want them to be happy, both of them. Right?

Again his mind wandered, this time to wretched dream he's endured. He hesitated, then asked, "Are you happy Mavis?"

"What do you mean?" she inquired.

"I mean here, in this castle. I know you've always longed to see the world, grown frustrated when I've strived to keep you sequestered. And I've expressed my reasons for it time and time again. When we make love I feel as though we're somewhere else entirely, but then the sun sets and we begin a new night, and I feel a longing emanating from you that even I cannot satiate."

Her face fell slightly at his words and she took a moment to collect her feelings before answering. "I'm not entirely happy. I'm who I want to be, and with who I want to be with, but it is true that I'm far from where I want to be. I do long to see the world, and I will never be fully happy until I do, but now that we've shared so much, I cannot imagine living this dream without you in it."

For a long moment they were silent. Nothing but the sound of raindrops striking the closed window and the sounds of their breathing detracted from the auditory stillness as Drac reclined against his pillow and Mavis crouched in his lap. Finally her black thigh highs brushed across his legs as he sat up and took her face in his hands.

"Alright," he whispered, tenderly pecking her small soft lips before resuming, "let's see the world."

Once more she pressed her lips to his as she pushed him down against the mattress. In moments she was pulling off her bat-pattern panties.

The next morning Mavis and Drac awoke to a knock on the door. Dracula lazily pulled on his black silk robe and answered it as Mavis draped herself in sheets and rose to see who it was.

"Mr. Dracula, we have an urgent maintenance issue requiring your attention" announced the armored suit.

"No Captain," Dracula replied, "You have an urgent maintenance issue requiring attention. I'm promoting you. Mavis and I…" He glanced back at his lovely paramour, the mark of his fanged hickeys still visible up and down her perfect ivory skin, "We're taking a vacation."