The Prince of the candy people slid to a slouch on his throne with a sigh of frustration. The land in which he ruled was peaceful and every thing was well, but he was growing agitated. There where no out standing dilemma to be mended and no occasion needing celebration. Fionna and Cake where far from Ooo on a grand adventure and they were not due to return for some time, and Marshall Lee the Vampire King did not wake until the sun had set. Even the Ice Queen seemed to have disappeared, which was, by far, not a bad thing.

He thought of science, the thought excited him, all the equations and the feeling he got when he unwrapped a major problem, but his excitement was easily dashed by the mental block he was suffering from. Recently he was unable to find matters that needed or, despite his beliefs, could be solved by science. Even when he would go to his lab to start he could not find where to begin or find the mind set to focus.

He picked himself up from his slouch, bettering his posture, but soon rested his head on the back of his propped hand, and drifted into unconsciousness.

Marshall Lee woke in a clad of darkness as a night owl sang outside his home. He rolled to the cold side of his mattress then finally lifted himself into the air. The owl continued to sing as he drifted downstairs to the kitchen in his underwear.

The fridge opened with a pop when he pulled on the door. Taking the fruit juice he floated back to his room whistling between gulps for red. Once in his room he placed the jug on the crowded bedside table, took in a deep breath and stretched his spine. It was a nice night, a night with this clear of skies had to be spent outside.

His spine curled back to normal as he turned nearly top side grabbing a pair of clean-enough jeans, a black t, and a red plaid shirt from the floor around his bed. With a soft thud, and a creek from the floor, the King of vampires let his feet touch the cool wood. As he began to pull on his clothes, Marshall hummed the song he had worked on before he had went to sleep.

He threw the strap of his axe over his shoulder, with only his pants on, and plucked the thick strings with his right hand, and let his left fingers dance up and down the neck of the bass. The song started quickly, sliding up and down scales then slowed to warm half notes. The King opened his mouth willing for the words to flow but his mind was void of lyric. "Red flower drip like ..., nasty paper cute sting and make me ..., sweet headache make me think in blurry thought but ..." He liked none of what was coming to mind.

Marshall frowned and ruffled his hair then laid his bass on the bed so he could finish getting dressed. When he finished he replaced his family's axe with his red guitar and opened the window; where the owl, still, hooted. Marshall let out major chords while floating through the open port singing with the owl.

Writer's block could always be cured by fresh air and a gentle smiling moon.

Peppermint maid pulled P.G out of his shallow sleep by a touch on his now numb hand.

"Sorry, prince, but I thought you might be more comfortable in your chambers."

"Thank you, for waking me, you umm ... do you know the time?" Gumball said rubbing his hand over his face.

"It is ten o'clock, my Prince." she said in her usual pleasant voice.

"Ah, I see. Well I shall go to bed then." He said feeling a little confused, he felt as though he had only closed his eyes for a moment.

The maid bowed and the prince left the throne room.

As the prince ascended the spiral stair case to his room he heard the faint sound of a guitar, and stopped; to make sure he was not mistaken. He climbed until he reached a window where he found the unmistakable silhouette of Marshall Lee and his guitar in the distance. "How nice it must be," he thought as he continued his travel up the tower. "To be without responsibilities, to be so carefree."

Marshall sang softly as he glided over a gathering of fluffy people; lulling them to sleep. He looked over the field towards the castle of the Gumball Prince. Most of the cities lights where dimming, but he noticed the window he knew belonged to the Prince was still lit; he drifted closer, still strumming his guitar.

Marshall had visited the Prince in the past but he had long since done so. The Prince was often wrapped up in one thing or another and no longer had the time to hang.

"Maybe I should drop in for a quick spook." Marshall thought and proceeded towards the castle with a growing grin. The Vampire King loved pulling pranks and scaring people almost as much as he loved making music.

Lee reached the tower where the Prince slept and floated higher and higher until he was outside of Gumball's open window. Seeing that P.G was in the bathroom, he drifted into the room and hid under the canopy bed. He laid in wait, watching the pink feet of the Prince patter to the closet.

He snickered as he watched the Prince throw his shirt to the near by hamper and drop his trousers to the floor and kick them to the basket as well. Gumball pulled on a pair of striped sleeping slacks and the black band shirt Marshall had given him. The candy Prince stopped in front of the book shelf.

Marshall grew bored with waiting and so he slid silently out from the bed and creeped inches above the floor twisting his face horrifically; his mouth over flowing with jagged teeth, eyes hallowed, and growing until he towered over the Prince.

Unaware of the monstrous Marshall Lee the Prince turned, walking into the looming King. Shocked, Gumball jumped backwards into the bookshelf with a surprised yelp, causing a several volumes to fall.

"Oh, Marshall, that was ..." he searched for the word. "Surprising."

Marshall Lee shrunk and returned his face to its normal beauty. He half smiled with a small laugh although he was disappointed he did not force the Prince into a ball of fright.

"What have you come for?" asked the Prince, picking up the fallen books.

"Nothing, I just saw that your light was on," Marshall dropped himself into Gumball's reading chair. "and thought I would pop in to say hey." Marshall picked up one of the books from the floor and leafed through it, still thoroughly disappointed that he had come all this way for nothing.

Prince Gumball placed the last book on the self and stood awkwardly in the middle of the room. He did not want to tell the vampire that he was just about to go to bed but what was he to do with him? He pick up the book he was going to read and sat on the edge of his bed.

Marshall wanted to leave but he had just gotten there, it would be weird of him just to leave after getting there. If only there was something to do or talk about, but the only thing to do was read and there was not anything the two of them had in common to talk about. The vampire thought and snapped the book close with a slight grin that would have scared small children.

He dropped the book and his guitar on the chair and floated above the bed, "How about," he lowered himself so he was standing. The prince frowned at the shoes that dirtied his comforters. "we play a game?" the King of vampires finished.

The Prince looked at Marshall, still a little miffed that he was standing on his bed with shoes. "A game? What kind of game do you want to play?"