Marshall inhaled deeply, taking in as much of the early morning as he could, before having to hid away in his lair. His ax guitar was heavy on his shoulder, and he longed for his bed.

He drifted in through his bedroom window, the owl he had sang to long gone. He leaned his ax against his desk then hovered above his bed, slowly falling to soft comfort. The jug of juice sat waiting for him on the table next to his bed. He unscrewed the cap and drank from it, paying no mind to juice that spilled from the corners of his mouth. P.G's blood had been, almost, as sweet.

A smile formed on Marshall's lips thinking back at how easy it was to play Gumball. His smile grew knowing that P.G would over think things and worry himself in circles; he was so young. Reasons like this was why Marshall liked sex with men best. It could be meaningless, it could be physical rather than all emotional.

Marshall threw the empty bottle across the room. He never understood why people cared so much about sex. It had always been a part of life for him, if not sex, rape. So easy had he been prayed on, alone, and small. It didn't bother him now, he'd become insensitive.

With his warped way of thinking, he had become strong.

Sorry I've been gone for so long, and sorry it was another short chapter, but I've kind of hit a wall with this one. I know one of the early chapters there was an ax bass and the guitar he took with him to the candy kingdom was a normal guitar, but since in the 'Bad Little Boy' sneak peek the instrument he played has 6 stings I changed it, assuming that it's a guitar and not a 6 stringed bass. I started this fic with the soul intent on writing a steaming hot love scene, and now that it is done, I have no drive nor direction in which to go. I thought I had one, but then, putting a little more thought into it, I realized that I don't like where it was going. So for now this story is on hiatus ;P I'll put it as completed until I can think of away to end it. I'm working on another Marshall and Prince Gumball fic, it's not anything serious but, if you want to check it out it'll likely be up something this week. I'm thinking of calling it "So Very Large" or something else unoriginal.

Thank you for all the support! You guys have filled me with so much joy!

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