Title: And the Leaves

Notes: This my rewrite of Season 5, eric/sookie eventual pairing. Pretty angsty as that is what I love to write! At some points this story will follow canon, in this Tara did die...sorry! Had to for this. If anyone is interested in being my beta I would love you forever but in the meantime please excuse any mistakes :)

She was beautiful, in a very unassuming way. So unaware of how men would stare after her longingly as she took their orders or the way that they would fall at her feet when she would delicately brush her long blonde hair away from her face.

There was only one, her, that could bring him to his knees. He would never admit it to anyone even though it was obvious, he longed for her again and it killed him.


He didn't turn to her voice.

"I thought I told you to stay at Fangtasia."

The woman sighed.

"When are you going to give up this pathetic little game of yours?"

He clenched his fists, in an effort to calm himself. His progeny. He felt anger stir inside of him, things were unresolved between them but there was nothing he could do. Things were happening and there was no time for petty squabbles.


She softened, hearing the hurt in his voice and placed her hand on his arm. He shrugged it away, never once looking at her. She glanced at the pretty blonde who had everyone wrapped around her tanned little finger.

Hatred. Disgust.

This uppity little bitch had come between her and her maker.

She turned and left without a goodbye, there was nothing left here for her in this backwater shit hole.

The small hairs on the back of her neck tickled. That feeling only meant one thing, he was here.

There was an ache between her legs at the thought of his long, delicate fingers and an ache in her heart at the soft loving words he used to whisper in her ear right before he would leave her side at dawn.


She turned to Lafayette's voice; he placed an order in her hands and turned back to the kitchen, no other words passed between them. Things were strained between the two of them since Tara – oh, tara.. –, Sookie was running out of people to turn to pretty fast.

Lafayette hummed as he stirred the pot of gumbo, low and sweetly, the tune painfully familiar to Sookie; flashes of pigtails and dirty knees, swinging and giggling on the seat on her porch with Gran singing to the three of them. She felt herself falter, the plate sliding out of her hands, crashing to the ground.

Lafayette turned, nothing but pity in his eyes, pity for this poor little girl who was falling a part slowly but he said nothing. He couldn't anymore.

Sookie turned and ran from the restaurant, slamming the back door and crying out in frustration.

"Why are you here?"

Her voice was soft and quiet, just like her beauty.

He didn't say anything, just watched her. His blood, his body, his being, called to her – he wanted to comfort her but she had said no, she had said stay away.

She studied him warily, a deep want coursing through her body. She moved swiftly and was standing right in front of him, craning her neck to look deep into his eyes. They were dark and stormy, emotions running wildly.

Her hand tentatively stroked his face, his eyes closed – this was how it was supposed to be. Love and want and nothing else. She stood on her tiptoes and pulled his head down towards her mouth, he didn't stop her.

Her mouth parted ever so slightly and she moaned as his hands roamed free, she had never made love with the real Eric before and the thought excited her. She pressed her body into his, letting her hands wander to his belt, but his hands stopped hers, he tilted her chin up.


His voice driving deep within her soul, she turned her eyes upwards.

"I have to go away for a while."

She knew this was coming, nodding her head she felt more tears prick her eyes. Eric pulled her towards him again, his arms enveloping her, she felt safe in these arms. Right here, that was all she wanted but it wasn't meant to be, as soon, he was pulling away.

"I'll miss you."

He smiled down at her, his finger tracing the outline of her jaw. He would miss her too but he could not bring himself say it just like she could not admit she loved him, the real him.

"Be safe Sookie. I will see you again."

He turned to go but she grabbed his hand and pulled him to her again, her mouth desperately seeking his, she couldn't let him go, she was falling a part fast and Eric seemed like the only cure.

Love me, love me, love me, love me.

Sookie chanted in her head over and over. His kisses back were just as desperate and soon she was gasping for air, Eric's pupils were dilated and his pants tight.

Her big brown eyes looked up at him, pleading with him to stay.

"Will I see you again?"

It was almost a whisper but he heard it, he leaned his forehead against hers and fought for control.

"I don't know."

Her heart clenched and the emptiness inside threatened to swallow her whole. Eric straightened, smoothing down his jacket, it was getting late and he had to meet Bill soon, they were going into hiding to regroup and work out some way of getting them out of the current shitstorm they were in. Eric dropped a small kiss on the top of her head, she closed her eyes not wanting to see him leave, when she felt the rush of wind she opened them to emptiness.

"Sook, we kinda need you back in here."


She turned and nodded, he stopped and stared, she didn't need to read his mind to know what he was thinking.