Chapter 1

This pain inside

Maddy lay on her bed. Her medium length brown locks flowing around her soft face. Her brown eyes hidden by scrunched up eye lids and thin pink lips pulled into a sharp tight line.

Blue/black veins climbed along her hands, circling her fingers and then retreating. She arched her body letting out a whimper.

"Maddy?" called her Mam from the other side of the door. "Maddy are you okay?" she called. "I'm fine!" Maddy snapped digging her fingers into the bed sheets.

It has been two month since Rhydian joined his Mum and Brother in another pack. Ever since then Maddy has been crippled with an intense pain when the full moon arrived. This, as you may have already guessed; is today.

This should be a time where I am my happiest. I get to see the moon, I get to change, and I get to run free!

Maddy thought as her claws extended ripping holes into the sheets. "Maddy! Open this door now!" Her Mam barked from the door sensing her daughter's pain. "I would if I could Mam!" Maddy shouted back, biting her lip after she had done.

The click of the door was left unheard by Maddy as her ears were filled with the sound of her own heartbeat. A cold hand brushed her forehead. "Maddy" her mother sighed brushing her daughter's hair out of her face.

"This is the second full moon that this has happened. I blame that Rhydian boy" Her Mam sighed again and tried to sooth her cub. "You always blame him for things! He isn't even here anymore he left me! Stop blaming him! He has done nothing wrong!" Maddy's voice cracked and a tear spilled down her cheek.

"It is his fault my little cub" Her Mam paused and took her daughters hand in her own. "He is your soul mate, he shouldn't have left you"

Maddy's Mam held her for what felt like a very long time till the pain subsided enough for her to get out of bed.

"Mam... What do you mean by soul mate?" Maddy asked worriedly biting her already saw lip again.

Her Mam sighed again. "The wolf side of us... is attracted to are one and only partner. For example, your Dad and I are soul mates. During a full moon a couple of years before you were born I went exploring when I shouldn't have. And before you say it yes I guess I am kind of a hypocrite!" Mam said leaving Maddy opening and closing her mouth like a gold fish.

"I saw your Dad across the Moore. We made eye contact and... Well the best way of saying it is a switch sort of clicked on inside me and before I knew it we were side by side for the whole night... We were separated at one point as we are both from different packs." Maddy's Mam paused looking out the window.

After what felt like a life time Maddy spoke up "Mam?". "Oh sorry dear just got a bit side tracked" Mam let out a breathy laugh. "It was extremely painful. Not as bad as yours though as Rhydian is a lot further then what me and your Father were. But it felt like someone had removed every single part of my heart slowly and painfully. During a full moon when I changed I could feel a sort of pull. A pull that lead me to your Father" Mam smiled lightly at Maddy and tucked some of Maddy's hair behind her ear.

"I didn't think it could happen at such a young age. You only turned fifteen last month" Mam shook her head slightly.

"Rhydian is your soul mate dear. And soon maybe not this full moon but the next. You'll give into this pull and you will find Rhydian at the end of it. But don't worry he is feeling it too. Go ask your Father if you want a better insight to the pull for the males." Mam got up and leaned down to peck a kiss on her cub's forehead. "Just promise me this. You and Rhydian will make your own pack. Don't make him join ours, Don't let him make you join his. Make your own" And with that she left.

Maddy stood in the shower thinking of what her Mam had just told her. Soul mates? I've only known him for what? Half a year! A new pack? I like my old pack! Do I love Rhydian? I always had a fuzzy feeling inside when I was near him but I thought that was because he was the only one my age who I could talk to about everything! I don't even know what his favourite colour is never mind if he is my Soul Mate!

Maddy let out a low growl and let her head lightly hit the wall by the shower. "Why can't this be easy" She mumbled running her hand through her wet hair.I'll ask Shannon about this! She beamed at this idea and quickly grabbed her towel rubbing at every wet area on her and then wrapping it around her head as she ran into her room and pulled on some jeans and a faded purple hoody with an denim jacket on top. "Mam where are my trainers?" She yelled as she grabbed her socks and ran down the stairs. "There were you left them! In the porch!" Her Mam yelled back.

She quickly pulled on her socks at the bottom of the stairs and then grabbed her shoes and a slice of toast from the table. "Going to see Shannon!" Maddy yelled behind her as she left the house.

Shannon stared at Maddy with an all-knowing grin. "Aren't you the slightest bit shocked?" Maddy asked her mouth hanging open. Shannon shook her head. "Just a tad?" Maddy asked again using her thumb and first finger to make an inch showing Shannon.

"Not at all Maddy" Shannon grinned. "Who do you think you are the Cheshire cat?" Maddy pointed at Shannon's grin then continued. "And how are you not shocked!?"

"I have seen how you and Rhydian react with each other. Even in heated arguments you both end up with your foreheads touching. It's like you're a south pole of a magnet and he is the North! You both move around each other perfectly and you two always end up side by side again!" Shannon boasted with a wicked grin.

"B-b-ut... that can't be!" Maddy flung her hands in the air in exasperation. Shannon just held her grin and nodded her head before getting her newly distressed Wolfblood friend a hot beverage. Maddy clung to the cup not caring what was inside but just wanting an anchor to make sure this was really happening.

"Maddy. You know deep down that this is true. You're just going to need a Rhydian sized shovel to dig it up" Shannon touched Maddy's hand lightly and gave her friend a gentle smile. Maddy sighed and smiled back. "I hate saying it... But you're right." Maddy whispered playing with the spoon in her cup. "I always am, it just takes a while to notice" Shannon laughed. "Hey I said you were right don't push it" Maddy said jokingly sticking her tongue out. Maddy hissed as the pain started forming again. "Thanks for... well whatever this is" Maddy said pointing at the cup "and for the advice Shannon. I have to go" She slightly whimpered but muffled it behind her sleeve before she ran out of Shannon's house and out into the forest.

Maddy had been running for what felt like hours. And with each step she took the more the pain receded. She sighed in relief as she reached a clearing and the pain stopped. She let herself fall to the ground like a rag doll onto her back. Looking at the clouds she tried to make shapes out of them.

A twig snapped off to the left and Maddy was up on her feet.

"No need to be like that Madds it's only me" Came a very familiar male voice...