Chapter 4

Skin on Skin

(I do recommend if you are not one for slight mild smut please do not read the first part of this chapter. Skip till you reach the line break)

Maddy tapped her foot impatiently on the wooden floor of her house. Rhydian is coming around at six after her parents leave. A whole night on there own.

Butterflies were attacking the insides of her stomach. A whole night on are own. A whole night! Maddy started to panic. Her heart beating thirty miles a minute. Her parents had left five minutes ago. Rhydian should have arrived by now.

Maddy started pacing. Please, please! Let him still be here. Don't tell me he has left again. She thought doubts clouding her mind.

Her pace stopped when a pair of broad warm arms wrapped around her waist. "Hey Madds. What's with the pacing?" Rhydian laughed in her ear and Maddy's heart melted. "No reason just too much energy" She lied placing her hands over Rhydian's.

She leaned back into him and breathed in his scent. He smelled amazing, of the forest and old spices. Rhydian placed his chin on top of Maddy's head and closed his eyes. "I really did miss you" He whispered as he placed a kiss on top of Maddy's head.

Maddy turned in Rhydian's arms so that she was facing him. "I missed you too" She whispered back as she trailed her nose up his neck to his chin and then lightly kissing him on the lips.

She pulled away slightly to be captured with Rhydian's lips again.

Rhydian started to lick the outside of Maddy's lips begging to be let inside. He nipped her sides with her fingers making her gasp and he let his tongue inside. Maddy moaned and her hands found their way into Rhydian's hair tugging and pulling lightly. Rhydian lifted Maddy up so her legs wrapped around his waist. He pushed her back up against the living room wall and linking his fingers in her belt loops. A raging tongue war began both trying to be dominant. Rhydian pulled out and bit her lower lip. "Bedroom?" He asked out of breath. Maddy hummed a yes and latched her lips back onto Rhydian's.

He wrapped his arms more tightly around her and took her up the stairs to her room. Opening the door Maddy unhooked her legs from Rhydian's waist to walk through the door way. Rhydian let out a whine and Maddy spun round and grinned. "I have seen enough movies and enough of you being clumsy to know my head would probably hit that door frame" She giggled and pulled Rhydian through the door. He pretended to be upset until his lips met Maddy's again. Rhydian's jacket and shirt soon found there way to the floor and Maddy's shoes and shirt joined them. Rhydian pushed Maddy down onto the bed and put his body over hers. Rhydian started kissing down Maddy's neck, to he collar bone, right down to the top of her breasts. Maddy let out another moan that went straight through Rhydian making him shiver and want more. He softly bit and sucked his way back up to her lips. Maddy drifted her feet up the sides of Rhydian's thighs till she could wrap her legs back around his waist and pull him closer. This made Rhydian moan. Maddy bit back a giggle as Rhydian's eyes slightly drooped. Rhydian reached down to Maddy's jeans and looked at her for approval. Maddy became impatient and unbuttoned Rhydian's making Rhydian unbutton hers. Rhydian kissed down her stomach till he reached the edge of her underwear. "You sure about this Madds?" He breathed out looking up at her. Maddy placed hands on both sides of his face. "I am so sure! I have never been so sure about anything in my life. I love you Rhydian, you are my pack mate, my soul mate. I want this" She kissed him long and hard leaving the both breathless "I love you too Madds, always have, always will." Rhydian kissed her neck.

Tonight we are going to be together.

****Break line****

Maddy woke encased in a pair of warm cosy arms. Her head resting on a bare beating chest. Maddy traced his features with her finger tips. She loved seeing Rhydian sleep. He always looks so peaceful and sweet. Cuddly! She giggled to herself at the thought of Rhydian being cuddly. This made him bury his face in her neck as he started to wake up. "Morning Madds" He whispered into her neck. Maddy brushed her fingers through his hair. "Morning cuddly" She said with out thinking. Rhydian shot straight up and raised an eyebrow "Cuddly?!" He asked. She started giggling again. Rhydian tackled her to the bed and started tickling her. "Cuddly?! Who do you think your calling cuddly" He joked tickling her sides. "Oh my god Rhydian stop!" She begged trying to wiggle away. "I wont be responsible for your injuries" She blurted out between giggles. "Bring it wolf girl" He playfully growled nipping her neck with his lips.

Life's definitely getting better Rhydian thought as he pulled Maddy close again and burying his face into her hair.