He'd never seen anything so beautiful in his life. He found that he couldn't breathe when she walked out, deciding that Kurt had been right and he shouldn't have gone with the bow tie Blaine had suggested. Dammit, Blaine, why always with the bow ties? he wondered to himself, wanting to glare over at the other man but unable to take his eyes off of Rachel.

Because Rachel was beautiful. She was beautiful anyway, but now she was walking toward him in the most beautiful white dress with the most beautiful baby bump and the most beautiful smile on her face and was he drooling? He might be drooling. He couldn't help it, though. His mouth wouldn't shut and it was all her fault. Those weren't tears in his eyes, either; he was fine. He was perfectly fine.

His mother had warned him that this was going to happen and he'd scoffed, telling the older woman that he'd seen Rachel in beautiful dresses before. His mother had shrugged and smiled knowingly, letting him believe what he wanted. He now realized exactly how wrong he'd been; nothing would ever compare to the sight before him, even if he lived to be 300.

Doctor Finn Christopher Hudson (he really was a doctor now, he had the medical certificate to prove it) was finally marrying Miss Rachel Barbra Berry, recent graduate of NYADA and the future mother of baby Hudson.

Mr., Mrs. and baby Hudson. It seemed surreal, like it was happening to someone else. They'd put off the wedding until they'd both graduated, wanting to see if they could get through school without killing each other before they started married life. It was a close one, and Finn was surprised that she'd stuck with him through the craziness of med school. He'd been stressed out almost every minute of every day, but Rachel was always there with a solution to every problem. Tough day? They'd take a ride together. Tough week? They'd take a trip somewhere. Lots of homework? She's massage his shoulders while he read through textbook after textbook.

He'd helped her out, too. NYADA wasn't a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination. She'd come home with sore feet and he'd rub them. If she was upset that someone else had gotten a solo, he'd be her captive audience for however long it took for her to calm down. Someone took the song she was going to sing? He'd help her find a better one. He wanted to be her knight in shining armor and she'd pretended he was exactly that.

What Finn didn't realize was that she hadn't been pretending. As Rachel walked toward him, it was all she could do not to cry. He was perfect in every way, looking so handsome in his tux and bow tie that she couldn't take her eyes off of him. Everything about Finn Hudson had been made for Rachel and for Rachel only; his crooked grin, his nerdy sense of humor, his amazingly strong arms that could chase away any demon she had; he was her home and she walked a little faster, unwilling to spend a moment longer than she had to not being his wife.

He held his hand out for her and she took it, not surprised at the warmth that enveloped her with the slightest of contact. She looked up at him and smiled, blushing slightly at the look of pure adoration in his eyes. He loved her completely, the same way she did him. No matter what life threw at them, she knew she could look into those beautiful eyes and find peace.

Neither really paid attention to what the preacher was saying, Finn whispering how beautiful she was and how much he loved her even as the man talked to them and the crowd. "I love you, too," she whispered back, looking away for the briefest moment to glare at Sam who had shushed her.

Being with Finn had meant adopting an entire group of people- Sam included- but Rachel loved them all as if they were her own family. Finn had gotten her friends out of the bargain too, and the group and formed a cohesive unit that belonged together. Sam and Mercedes were happily married, as were Quinn and Puck. The latter couple had a little girl named Beth that called them Auntie Rach and Uncle Finny, both completely wrapped around her little angelic finger. Rachel had sung at both weddings with Finn as backup. Finn had played the drums at Artie and Sugar's wedding, Mercedes and Rachel singing with Sam on guitar. It was weird, but the majority of them were musically inclined. If they'd all gone to school together they would have made a kickass Glee Club, Finn and Rachel in the lead. One big, dysfunctional, loving family is what they were now, and none of them would have it any other way.

When it was time to repeat their wedding vows, both Finn and Rachel did so with complete conviction, their voices never wavering. Finn's hands shook as he slid the ring onto Rachel's finger and he grinned sheepishly when it finally found its place. He lifted her hand to his mouth and kissed it before lowering it again, refusing to let go completely.

Rachel heard Kurt sigh wistfully when it was time to kiss the bride and she smiled against Finn's lips as they met hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life, and that made sense because that's exactly what Finn was; her life.

She kissed him back, her heart so full of love and happiness that she thought it might burst. She heard the people in the audience begin to cheer and laughed, pulling away to look up into his eyes. He was now her husband and she would love, honor and obey him for the rest of her life.

Finn's hand rested on the slight bump between them, smiling down at her before turning to face the crowd. "My family!" he called, grinning so widely his face hurt but he couldn't stop. Another cheer went through the crowd as they all stood up, clapping. He smiled at his mother, who was wiping a tear off of her face, mouthing, "I love you," to her. She just nodded; she knew.

Without warning, Finn bent down and scooped Rachel up, his nose touching hers briefly as the crowd gathered around the front door of the chapel. "My goddess on a motorcycle," he said, realizing now that he'd probably fallen in love with the woman in his arms the moment she'd almost killed him. Life's funny that way, isn't it?