"No… Not this one…"

The girl let a slender finger softly trail the neatly lined-up paperbacks, her cerulean eyes reading the printing on the covers. She sighed once and tucked a strand of her raven-hair behind her ear before bending over to grab one of the books from the shelves.

"Charles Dickinson…" Videl Satan mumbled to herself. "No, not this one either…"

Putting the book back the girl continued her search, this time scanning through the books by author. She gave a little enthusiastic yelp when she had finally found what she was looking for.

"Great Expectations by Charles Dickens." Videl read out loud. After searching through the various bookshelves for over half an hour she had finally found something that she deemed worthy of a good read. The Satan girl inspected the cover and let her finger slide through the page quickly, inspecting the book's condition. When she noticed that the thing was completely unharmed and okay she tucked the book under her armpit and walked away from the shelves categorized by the letter 'D'.

"And now for something a little lighter…" Videl started muttering to herself again. She walked through various rows of shelves, each and every one of them sorted by alphabetical order of the author's last name. Videl had walked in between these shelves so many times now that she was able to pinpoint the location of nearly any book in just a matter of seconds.

"Let's see.. K…" Every Saturday afternoon Videl went to the Satan City library to nurture her love for literature. Every time she walk through the enormous collection of books to choose from in the search of any shred of literary 'genius' that she hadn't read yet. The gray shelves towering above her and the plush red carpet beneath her feet had become so standard to Videl that they made the library feel like a second home. Videl simply loved the atmosphere, the silence, the slightly trademarked smell of books in the air. The library was one of the few places that Videl felt truly comfortable, even her bedroom didn't make her feel so safe and secure. Once Videl had entered the magical world of books there was no pulling her out of it before it was time for the library to close for the night.

"K… K…" Some people found Videl's hobby to be ridiculous. Her best friends always called her insane for reading books. Videl in return thought that it was highly annoying to see her friends nearly super glued to their phones and having to nearly scream I their ears to get their attention. And that wasn't the only thing that Videl and her friend's weren't on par with either.

"Ki… Kl…" When it came down to Videl's friends there were two special cases in particular. First there was Sharpener. He was a teenage boy with long blonde hair and the physique of a body builder. Sharpener had the extremely annoying habit to hit on every girl that crossed his path, and Videl specifically. Too bad for him that she happened to be the daughter of the World Champion of Martial Arts, Hercule Satan. Still, Sharpener continued his attempts to woo Videl and the raven-haired girl had pounded a good and firm 'NO!' into him on more than one occasion.

"Kluun… Kluun…" Secondly there was Erasa, Videl's life-long best friend. Erasa was a bubbly blonde girl who shared the annoying trait on trying to seduce everything that moved with their friend Sharpener. What was even more annoying was her tendency to try and set Videl up on dates to get her a boyfriend. Videl scoffed at just the thought of it. She was a martial artist and a renown crimefighter! She didn't have the time to show any interest in boys!

"Where is it…" Videl mumbled as she continued her search for the book she had her eyes on. She let her fingers slide over the backs and stopped when she reached the name she had been looking for. After going through the author's many different publications she was sad to see that the book she wanted had been taken already. Slightly disappointed she walked over to the service desk in front of the library to ask if there happened to be another copy.

"Excuse me ma'am," Videl said, causing the woman behind the service desk to look at her over the thin frame of her glasses. "Do you happen to have another copy of "A woman enters the doctor's office..' by the author Kluun lying around? I checked the shelves but there isn't one left."

The lady behind the desk turned to her computer and typed a few things on her keyboard.

"No, sorry sweetheart," the woman apologized. "The last copy was given away just an hour ago."

"That's okay," Videl told the woman with a polite smile. "Just hope that I'll have better luck next time, thanks for your help."

The woman politely smile back before returning to her own business. Videl gave a small sigh and tucked Great Expectations under her arm. Since the book she wanted wasn't available she might as well go and read some Charles Dickens. The crimefighter walked away from the service desk and made her way towards another area of the library which was designed for visitors to have a comfortable reading experience. This part of the library was brightly lit as sunlight filtered through the skylights above, giving the entire scene a warm and welcoming feel. Videl felt herself relax almost instantly and spotted a nice table for her to sit and read a bit.

It didn't take Videl long to get lost in the world created by Dickens. The more she read the more she spiraled down into the old English setting painted by the words of a true author. Flipping page after page Videl completely lost track of time, only the number of pages being able to give her a rough indication of how long she had been sitting there already. After flipping page 100 movement caught the girl's eye and made her gaze leave the pages for the first time since she flipped the book open.

A teenage boy was standing about three feet away from Videl. The girl would be able to pick him out of a crowd immediately, even if it was just by his jet-black hair which almost seemed to defy gravity as it shot out in every direction possible. The kid was tall and slender and seemed pretty fit in Videl's eyes. The boy gazed at the ground, almost as if he feared eye contact.

"W-Would you mind if I sit here?" he queried without averting his gaze from the carpet beneath his feet. He gestured to one of the empty chairs by the table to indicate the spot he wanted to take.

Videl gave a giggle. With friends like Erasa and Sharpener constantly hanging around her she had almost forgotten that there were actually shy people in the world. She put on a friendly smile and turned to the boy.

"Sure you can," Videl answered. "I don't see my name on it anywhere so make yourself comfortable."

This made the boy smile in return, whether it was in gratitude or out of sheer politeness Videl didn't know. The raven-haired girl turned her attention back to her book and even the scraping of chair legs over the floor didn't cut her gaze loose from the lettering on the pages.

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours as the story of Pip and the evil Mrs. Havisham completely sucked Videl in. Before she even knew it she had read the last page and closed the book. She let out a huge exhale and pushed the book to the side. Why was it always so exhausting to read a book in one go?

"Great Expectations, eh?" a voice caught her attention. "Quite a pill to take, don't you agree?"

Videl looked up to see the black-haired boy sitting across her, in the exact same spot he had taken several hours ago. Videl was surprised to see him, normally she was the only person to stay in the library for such enormous amounts of time. People actually considered her crazy for it and they certainly didn't mind telling her. It made Videl somewhat sad to know that so few people still actually enjoyed reading books. And seeing the boy sit on front of her, a book open in his hands put a smile on her face. At least he knew what he was talking about.

"Yeah," Videl replied to the boy's question. "Reading entire books in one go always make me feel like I've been hit by an eighteen wheeler."

The other teen gave an amused chuckle. "You speak like a literary genius, throwing in analogies like it's nothing."

Videl started laughing. "And what about it?"

The boy raised his shoulders. "In my opinion: nothing. But ask just about anybody else and they'll look at you like you've told them their parents died."

Videl shot up with a giggle. "Ha! You do it too!"

Mr. Nameless raised his hands in defense. "Okay, okay, busted. You got me, guilty as charged. What is my punishment?" A playful smile curled around his lips as he spoke those words.

Videl pondered for a moment. "How about you tell me your name so I can at least match a name with that face of yours."

"Fair enough," the boy replied. He put out a big hand which Videl gladly shook. "My name is Gohan, nice to meet you."

It wasn't up until this point in time that Videl managed to get a glimpse of the boy's eyes. They were a very deep and penetrating onyx, like they would be able to stare directly into your soul. They sparkled in joy and happiness, but somewhere deep in their cheerful look a tiny glint of sadness was visible between the cracks. Videl found herself lost in those onyx gems for a split second, mesmerized by their powerful and intense gaze.

"M-My name is Videl." Videl said uneasily. Whatever those eyes of Gohan held, it sure as hell messed up her speech.

"Yeah, I know." Gohan replied. "Videl Satan, right?"

Videl had to resist the urge to sigh and roll her eyes. Of course he knew her. She was a renown crime fighter and her last name was printed on every piece of crap souvenir that one would fin within a fifty mile radius. Ah hell, the entire city bared her last name!

Videl nodded at Gohan and mumbled in conformation. She watched as Gohan's smile grew, as if he was trying to pat himself on the back. If there was one thing Videl couldn't stand it was arrogance and she hoped that that smile was merely out of politeness.

"I knew it!" Gohan grinned enthusiastically. "Excuse my anxiety, I'm usually very bad with names. I guess something got stuck up there in my big thinker during roll call."

Videl found herself baffled. "Roll call?"

"Yup!" Gohan answered. "Maybe you haven't really noticed me before but we have both Math and History together."

Videl felt like smacking herself across the face. She had automatically assumed that people knew her because they knew her father. She had to admit that it was kind of refreshing to see that there were people who knew her because of… well… her!

"So what are you reading?" Videl queried in an attempt to keep the conversation going.

Gohan smiled and showed her the cover of the book that he was holding.


"That's the book that I wanted to get today!" Videl nearly shouted. "I guess that you were the bastard that swooped it away from me!" she chuckled.

"Okay officer, I apologize," Gohan joked in return "But please don't shoot me!"

The two teenager's shared a fit of giggles when a few beeps were heard. Videl noticed Gohan looking at the watch around his wrist.

"I'm sorry, but I have to leave now." Gohan said as he rose from his chair. "But how about this: I assume you know that this book is a pretty light read, so I think that I'll have it finished by the end of the weekend. How about I give it you at school on Monday?"

Videl gave a nod in confirmation and watched as a genuinely happy smile grew on Gohan's face.

"And would it be too much to ask if we could have lunch together too?" Gohan asked. "Cause I've thoroughly enjoyed your company so far, Videl."

Videl felt a fierce shade of red assault her cheeks as those words reached her ears. She tried her best to hide it by covering her face with her hair.

"S-S-Sure thing!" she answered, her cheeks still radiating with heat.

"Well then, Gohan said as he took a step back, "It's time for me to leave now. See you Monday!" And with that the boy sped off to Kami knows where, leaving Videl with a tint of pink in her face, mumbling a soft "See you Monday, Gohan…"