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The clouds were grey and cluttered the skies, preventing the sun to shine down and leaving the 439 Mountain Area in a grim semi-darkness, eerily reflecting the somber atmosphere that could be felt by the entire funeral party. Silence prevailed in the great grassy fields behind a tiny dome-shaped house in the middle of the mountain clearing. The numbers were few, but every single soul had its reason to be present.

After the news had come out that Videl Satan had passed away due to a traffic accident the world had gone into a state of shock. Every inhabitant of the planet dwindled into a state of mourning, the masses weeping over the loss of their heroine. As millions and millions of people paid their respects the Satan girl had been brought to her final resting place, on the graveyard that bared her last name only five days after her passing.

Her father had been absolutely devastated. The newspapers would write the next day on how the once so great and strong Hercule stood by her open grave, big tears rolling down his cheeks and into his black moustache. The man had cracked at the hands of his own sorrows and had thrown himself onto her coffin, begging to the Kamis themselves to give him his daughter back.

While the whole world was fixated on the death of one of their heroes there was a select group of people that mourned the loss of someone else, someone close to them, someone they had loved unconditionally and each for his or her own reasons. The public only knew this young man as Videl Satan's possible love interest, an unknown face suddenly appearing at the arm of a public figure. But only the group that had gathered in the backyard of his maternal home knew that he had died that night, along with the girl that he loved more than the entire world.

Everybody that had ever been close to Son Gohan had gathered on this grim day to pay their respects to the boy the loved and dearly missed. Bulma was the first to arrive. The blue-haired genius was already drying her cheeks with a handkerchief as she exited her jetplane, a grumbling Vegeta keeping her arm hooked in his. Bulma had come to say goodbye to the kid that she had seen grow up and had come to love just as much as her own kin, the little purple-haired Trunks slouching behind his parents as they walked to the back of the house. Vegeta had come along to pay his respects to the demi-Saiyan that he had came to see as a worthy adversary and a true Saiyan warrior. It was one of the first times that the Prince actually felt grief over losing a comrade, even if that comrade hadn't fallen on the battlefield.

Piccolo had also come early. The Namekian's feet touched ground only a few yards the Briefs family, only giving a small and silent nod in a way of greeting. Vegeta had mimicked this action and Bulma had replied by looking up from her handkerchief and cracking a weak smile.

Piccolo didn't feel like speaking, to anyone. Even while he fully understood why Gohan had decided to end his life it still hurt him to know that the boy that he had practically raised was no longer amongst them. That particular day one week before the son of the Demon King had not only lost his former pupil, but also his son. And while he had never really been one to speak up he now preferred to mourn in silence more than ever.

As time crept by more clouds began to pack over the heads of the funeral party, the prospect of rain seemingly being of no bother to anyone. Over the course of the afternoon more and more of Gohan's friends and family gathered and faces such as Yamcha, Tien, the Ox King and even Master Roshi began to appear. They sat themselves down the two rows of seats that had been placed in front of the still open grave.

Finally the last four guests at the private funeral arrived, the sound of a hover car landing making their presence known. One of the doors swung open and Krillin stepped out. After slamming his own door shut he walked around the vehicle to the passenger's side, opening the door for his wife to step out. The expression on the short man's face was somber. He had known Gohan for the better part of the kid's life and they had been through alot together. Accepting that he was gone all of a sudden fell very hard on the bald monk.

Eighteen looked somewhat distraught as well. Of course it hadn't been a secret that she didn't want Gohan to be around her adoptive child, but the older demi-Saiyan was still the one that saved her from that green atrocity, Cell. Somewhere she felt somewhat guilty for being so demeaning to him, so she felt that the least she could do was attend the guy's funeral.

Lastly two little children, a young boy and an even younger girl stepped out of the car and quickly joined their parents on the way to the rest of the group. The small girl clung onto her brother's sleeve for dear life, her cheeks blazing up red with shyness as soon as she made eye contact with a kindly smiling Bulma. Maron had always been like that, hiding behind Goten whenever she was in unknown company.

Goten didn't even look up from the blades of grass beneath his feet as he dragged his legs forward. While his one arm was being held tight by his adoptive sibling he used the other to clutch a small teddy bear close to his cheek, given to him by his big brother for Christmas. Taking the news of Gohan's passing had probably been the hardest on Goten most of all. The seven-year old had had to miss his big brother, his role model for the better part of his life already and now that they had finally begun spending some time together he had suddenly died. Just the thought that he would never be able to see Gohan again brought tears to the boy's eyes.

He barely even realised it when Maron let go of his sleeve to jump onto her father's lap. He simply continued to shuffle forward, gaze still cast downwards. When he finally came to a halt he looked up and was greeted by a cheerfully smiling Gohan. Unfortunately it was only a photograph.

Goten had to do his best the fight the tears and bit his quivering lower lip, his small fingers clutching around his Teddy more tightly. What was he going to do now that the sole real sibling that he had left was gone? Who was gonna read him his bedtime stories and tell him about the many great adventures of their heroic father? No one would ever call him 'squirt' again and that pained the boy.

He let out a little snivel and hugged his bear tightly, rocking the stuffed animal from side to side.

"Now all I have left is you, Teddy," Goten sniveled, speaking to the toy as if it were a living thing. "I'm so glad that Big Brother gave you to me, now at least I still have one friend."

The child sniveled again before holding the stuffed animal up, dark brown eyes meeting tiny black beads. The sewn in smile on the bear's face gave the little boy some comfort, causing him to smile back weakly before hugging it again.

After releasing the embrace Goten turned his gaze to the open grave, a hard wooden coffin hanging above the hole in the dirt. Of course there hadn't been any actual remains left to bury, seeing the way Gohan had decided to terminate his life, but all of the demi-Saiyan's friends and family had agreed that having a funeral would be a good thing. It made them feel like they actually still had a proper opportunity to say goodbye. Krillin and Eighteen had decided not to tell their son that the casket was actually empty; telling him the news about his brother's death had been hard enough already.

A big gust of wind blew over the grassy plains, causing the leaves of the trees to rustle like the wings of a thousand birds. The small hybrid shot his look up at the sky and noticed how the clouds above began to grow darker and darker the more time passed. The big plumes could erupt into a cascade of raindrops any second and shower the whole funeral with cold water, but none of the people attending were showing any signs of leaving due to unfortunate weather circumstances.

"I hope that Big Brother's funeral won't be spoiled if it starts to rain," Goten said, once again addressing his Teddy. "All the flowers would go bad and miss Bulma worked really hard on them too."

The thought of Gohan's funeral going awry made the boy hang his head in sadness again. He hated this feeling, he really did. For all of his life he had been joyful and happy, a smile always adorning his face. But now he felt so sad,so on the verge of tears and he couldn't stand it. He wanted to be cheerful, but there was no reason for him to be happy today. No, today was a sad day, the saddest in his life so far.

"Hey, chin up, kid," A deep voice sounded from a short distance. Goten jerked his head to the side, instantly recognizing who the voice belonged to. Under a tree, only a few yards away, a tall green man was hovering above the ground, legs crossed in meditative position. That man was, of course, Mr. Piccolo, Goten had met him before. The Namekian had been the one to deliver the terrible news to his mommy and daddy. At first the young kid didn't quite understand why his father had reacted so outrageously to whatever Mr. Piccolo had told them, but when Krillin had explained the situation to Gohan's only brother the child had burst into tears, running out the door and out the in sea, not stopping until he was knee deep in the water.

He had no idea how long he had been out there in the tides, all he knew was that he had continued crying for a long time, salty tears mixing with salty sea water with every droplet that fell and rippled the surface. And then, when it felt like he had run out of tears to cry and his cheeks had dried up completely, he had heard that same deep voice calling from behind him.

"Hey, chin up kid," Piccolo's voice reached Goten's ears, catching him by surprise and almost causing him to tumble backwards in fright. The kid sighed in relief when he turned around and saw the Namekian levitating in his direction. Piccolo stopped to hover right besides him, looking down on Gohan's sibling while trying to keep a smile from forming on his face.

The boy looked so much like Gohan that it was absolutely ridiculous. The way Goten looked at him with those charcoal orbs of him reminded him of his former pupil in every way and how Gohan had always looked at him when he was still a child. Their faces also looked so much alike that it was a bit eerie and even the sound of their crying was nearly identical. It was as if he was looking down at the Gohan from ten years ago today.

"There's no need for you to cry," Piccolo said, his voice strangely consoling to the weeping child. "I know that it's hard to lose your big brother like that, but you shouldn't be crying over his death."

Goten let out a loud sob as he wiped his eyes with his sleeve. "I-I don't think I can, Mr. Big Green, I just feel so sad. I only knew Big Brother for a very short time, so that makes me miss him extra much."

Piccolo rolled his eyes at the nickname, which sounded all too familiar to his highly sensitive ears. Ten years ago he had hated the nickname more than he had hated the sound of whistling, but hearing them spoken now somewhat warmed his heart.

Dammit, he was getting soft.

"Look... Goten," the Namekian begun, hesitant to call said boy by his first name, since 'brat' or 'kid' had always felt like a much better suit when it came to his big brother. "I want to tell you that everything is okay and that there is no reason for you to cry, but that would be a lie. All I want to tell you is that there is no need to feel sad, Goten. Gohan was one of the greatest people I have ever met. He was brave and strong and always did what was best for his friends and family."

He paused for a second and looked down, his gaze meeting Goten's cobalt stare halfway.

And I'm sure," Piccolo continued, a weak smile growing on his lips. "That one day you will be just as strong and brave as he was."

Those words had moved something in Goten. ever since his little talk with Piccolo he hadn't cried over his loss anymore, wanting to show his parents and the rest that he was strong and brave, just like his big brother. he'd still feel sad, but just like Piccolo had told him he'd kept his chin up and simply continued with his life. It was just that now he was actually going to have to say goodbye to Gohan and that was something that seemed almost impossible.

Meeting the Namekian's stare caused the kid to pull himself together a bit and straighten his back, getting out of the slouching position he had been in previously. Goten jerked his head back to look at his parents, Krillin sending him a playful grin and Eighteen managing to put a faint smile onto her face.

Slowly, he began to shuffle forward over the grass, closing in on the open grave with every step that he took. Along the way he quickly cast another glance at Piccolo, who only gave a small nod of approval. Goten knew that if he wanted to say goodbye personally now was the time to do it.

He didn't return the gazes of the other members of the funeral party as he walked past them. The only thing his eyes were fixated on was the big photo of Gohan right by the grave and the dark colored coffin over the hole in the soil.

He stood still until his toes nearly touched the hard wooden casket. there he remained silent for quite a while, his eyes only fixated on the coffin that supposedly held his big brother's body, as if he was studying every little crack, split and cut that could be found in the wood.

Another gust of wind blew over, this one even stronger than the previous and causing the boy's hair to dance in the wind like the leaves of the trees. A small rumble could be heard in the distance, announcing the coming of a thunderstorm. Several of the people attending the funeral looked up, trying to judge how long it would take until a cascade of raindrops would soak them all to the last fiber.

Goten didn't turn away his stare from the casket. He didn't respond to the weather changes in any way. The boy simply put a hand forward, fingers outstretched. The hardwood felt cold to the touch and oddly comforting. His other arm took a firm hold of the stuffed animal he had been carrying and kept Teddy stuffed under his armpit.

Actually feeling the coffin made the moment so much more real; it only confirmed that the object was actually there and that it wasn't a figment of the child's imagination. He really was at Gohan's funeral and now was the time to say goodbye.

"Big brother," Goten began with a scrape of his throat. "I hope that you can hear me up there in the Otherworld.."

His voice choked momentarily, the tears burning behind his eyes. He was going to cry, that was for sure. it was only a matter of how long he would be able to fight off the tears.

"B-But I want you to know that I really miss you," Goten continued, his fingers softly sliding off of the wooden coffin. The words were only his to hear as another rumble from above blocked out the sound of his voice for the rest of the guests. "I want you to know that even though I didn't know you for a long time you... you..."

A snivel escaped the boy, forcing him to pause again. A single tear began to well up in the corner of his eye, leaving him certain that there were more to come.

"Y-You were the best big brother that I could ever wish for," Goten managed to mumble in between snivels. "And I can only hope to become just as strong and great as you were one day."

He sniveled again, this time louder than before. They rumbling of thunder clouds grew louder along with him.

"I-I really hope that you've finally find your rest now," he cried, more tears beginning to form after that first one had rolled down his cheek. "Daddy told me how you were always so restless and that now you can finally get the sleep that you need."

Goten wiped the salty liquid from his face with his sleeve. His snivels were about to turn into sobs, but the kid managed to stay strong and somehow managed to find the strength to continue speaking.

"And Mr. Piccolo told me a lot about you too," he said, thinking of the many wonderful stories that the Namekian had told him about his only brother. "he told me how you fought the evil space meanie Frieda, or Frieze, or whatever his name was and that you saved the world more than once before."

A sob couldn't be prevented from escaping, the boy now being at the verge of bursting out crying.

"Mr. Piccolo also told me that you always loved to read books," Goten said as he wiped his cheeks dry again. "So I decided to make you a book myself, see?"

The child abruptly dropped his Teddy to thee grass below and rummaged in the pocket of the jacket that he had been wearing, pulling out a small square booklet, the pages tied together by a rainbow-colored string. He flipped the first page and managed to smile between his tears, albeit paired with another sob.

"I wrote the story myself," Goten told, his eyes falling on the scribbly handwriting at the bottom of every page. "It's a story about you and me going out in space to fight the bad guys, cause we are the space police, you see?"

His lower lip began to quiver and his eyes were already burning with the tears that wanted to be let loose. As the young boy gave in to his emotions the skies above finally cracked, a loud rumble rumble forming the background music as flashes of lightning began to appear along the horizon.

"I even drew you the pictures..."

Raindrops began to fall down on the earth rapidly soaking every single person in the funeral party in only a few seconds. Goten could hear his mommy and daddy calling behind him to come sit with them; it was time to bury the casket and have everyone say their final goodbyes to Gohan.

As Goten closed his self-made book for Gohan he glanced over at the photo by his side, his big brother smiling at him from in between the droplets of rain. The young kid placed the present to his late sibling on top of the coffin, cobalt eyes watching closely as the rain quickly soaked every page. Then, he turned around, picking up Teddy as he walked back to his parents.

His father quickly met him in an embrace, rubbing soft circles over the crying boy's back. He felt felt his mother's finger under his chin and tilted his head up, meeting his mother's consoling blue orbs with his own. Feeling a little comforted Goten suddenly felt a giant wave of fatigue wash over him, the urge to sleep nearly impossible to fight off.

Bulma led the funeral ceremony, speaking for everyone when she said that Gohan would be dearly missed by them all and that it was hard to lose such a young soul so incredibly close to him. The people present would all get their time to walk to the front and stand by the coffin, a possibility to say their final goodbyes. But Goten didn't want to. he had already said goodbye and all he wanted to do now was sleep.

The kid managed to stay awake until the end of the ceremony, until the coffin slowly began to lower deeper and deeper into the soil. Goten wanted to feel sad about it, but he was too tired for that now. Besides, he had cried enough already.

As the coffin sank lower and lower Goten could watch it move out of sight with every passing second, his tired eyes fighting off the sleep for as long as it was still possible. They last thing that his charcoal eyes saw before he drifted off into dreamland was his own made little booklet disappearing into the ground.

"Good night big brother, I hope you sleep well now..."

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