Hey guys! I've decided to write more Spectrobes stories! :) I hope you like this one!

"Alright now, you are going to be introduced to your partners today. You will participate in everything you do together, and if you decide that you truly do want to be part of the NPP, you shall graduate from here and go straight to being an officer. Now, with that said. Let us begin." The Professor announced at the podium. Jeena was so excited to meet her new partner! She was hoping that she would be paired with her best friend Sora, or her current secret crush Jet. Crossing her fingers she waited patiently as the paired up people would walk up in front of everyone and shake hands."Sora Zorna and Jet Artezza. Come on up!" The Professor called. Jeena felt a little pang of sadness. She really liked Jet, but she was happy for Sora. But... It just felt odd...

When Sora and Jet shook hands, Sora gave Jeena a look that said "I'm Sorry" But Jeena just shook her head and smiled. Finally, after pretty much everyone had been paired they called Jeena's name. "Jeena Maruyama and... Oh... It seems as though Jeena will be paired with an upperclassmen. Alright then, Jeena Maruyama and Rallen Takahashi!" The Professor announced. Sora gave her a look that screamed "Get out of here!" Jeena shot her a look that pretty much said, "Help me!" Rallen was a Sophomore in this high school, and Jeena was just a Freshman. It seems as though they were one more person short for someone to be her partner. It was rumored that Rallen Takahashi was a delinquent and that the only reason they kept him in this school was because he was such so good in combat and training. He could basically memorize any fighting pattern and counter attack it.

But it was also rumored that he nearly got his last partner killed in a flight accident. He totaled the Practice Patrol Cruiser, and his partner nearly died from his wounds. After that he wasn't assigned another partner until now. As Jeena made her way up to the front of the room, she felt absolutely mortified. As she reached out to shake her new "Partners" Hand she couldn't help but feel embarrassed. When she looked up to look at him, he was grinning at her with this mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Hello... I'm Rallen, and these next three year, well four for you, are going to be awesome!" He said smugly. Jeena could feel her irritation for him growing stronger every passing moment. "Yes. We shall." She said through gritted teeth. Fourteen years old and she just HAD to get stuck with the pain in the ass of the entire school! As she walked back to her seat with her new Partner in tow she couldn't help but wonder what the Hell had she gotten herself into.