"Rallen! Rallen... Rallen, what are you doing?" Jeena asked as she entered their private Patrol Cruiser. Rallen was sitting cross-legged on the floor with a bowl of noodles and was in the process of slurping them up with chopsticks. "Uh... Hey Jeena." He said while waving the chopsticks at her. But since his mouth was full, all she heard was this "Uhmmm... Haaaaa, Jeena." She rolled her eyes at him, he could be such a child sometimes!

"Rallen! What did I say about eating in the Patrol Cruiser, especially if your near the controls!" She nagged putting her hands on her hips. Rallen glared at her pointedly as he swallowed and sat up, "Jeena, your overreacting. I'm on the ground. Gosh... It's not like I'm going to eat right over these amazing high tech controls that could be ruined at any given moment with some noodles." He said sarcastically while jabbing the chopsticks in her direction.

Jeena rolled her sapphire eyes. "Whatever Mr. Sticks." She said before kicking his shin and exiting the Patrol Cruiser. "Ow!" She heard him yell as the doors closed behind her. 'What a joke.' She thought while smirking. It had been a while since she and Rallen had battled against the Krawl. It had been over a year since they had been to Wyterra as well.

For once everything has seemed to go back to normal. As Jeena walked through the halls until she entered the gardens. 'Maybe I should go to the Museum. Nahhhh... Professor Webster will probably chew me out about Rallen...' She thought as she wandered aimlessly into the south garden. She sighed, this was where Rallen smuggled her and a picnic basket in after curfew (Which was at 10:00 P. M.) into this garden.

They had a picnic consisting of noodles, rice, and sushi. It was amazing, and he took her for a ride on Pegatinum. Even though they had to be quite, they were so high up that no one could have heard them unless they screamed. So Jeena got away with laughing as she clung onto him.
She sighed, why couldn't he be like that all the time? He was so frustrating! 'Frustratingly funny, sarcastic, and on occasion cute' She shook her head, 'Okay, forget cute.' She thought as she ran her fingers through her pearly pink hair. The moonlight highlighted her hair giving it a slight almost metallic, glow.

'Oh Rallen.' She thought as she sat down on one of the benches. She had to admit, their first full year consisting of three-hundred sixty five days, without her totally hating Rallen. It had actually been even fun. 'Wow... I never gave him a chance in high school...' She thought guiltily as she played with her Kaylee. The memories of her dissing him when she promised to help him with studies, her ignoring him when he was trying to have a conversation with her, her throwing his kind gestures right in his face, and her always trying to start a fight with him.

She did so many horrible things to him... 'I never got the chance to tell him I'm sorry.' She thought as she brought up a holographic 3D image map of the entire NPP Campus. Sighing she fiddled around with it, but then quickly dismissed it. She didn't know what to do. After a while of just sitting there and looking up at the night sky she was ready to go back to the Patrol Cruiser to finish up some analysis's and to see if Rallen had fallen asleep on the controls again.
Jeena shivered as a gentle breeze brushed against her shoulders. Late Autumn and it was already getting pretty cool outside. But she loved gazing at the stars, she could do it for hours if she really wanted too. 'But Rallen... I can't leave him alone most of the time.' She thought as she rubbed her hands against her arms before shivering again. "Why didn't I bring a jacket?!" She muttered. She didn't notice the dark shadow looming over her until it was too late. "Wha-?" She exclaimed before she was knocked to the ground.

Using her training strategies that she was taught she rolled backwards and came back up into a fighting stance. 'What the heck?!' She thought as she pushed some of the hairs that had fallen into her face back. Evil laughter seemed to echo all around her, goosebumps erupted onto her porcelain skin. "You shall come with me young one. And if not, you shall pay a high price. Because love comes with one, all love does at one point or another." The voice said.
Jeena didn't understand what was going on. She was still slightly dazed from being knocked to the ground. "Wha- What?" She shakily asked. Thoughts raced through her mind, trying to gather information that wasn't coming to her. 'Where is Rallen when I need him?' She thought frantically. She had never really been scared of many things, but tonight was one of those times where she would be scared. Truly, truly scared.

"Ah, don't be frightened my dear. You shall come with me now..." The voice seemed to soothe. Out of the corner of her eye, Jeena saw something dart out from the shadows, but it was so fast she didn't have time to react. She felt herself struck on the head. She reeled backwards, but nothing could be stopped from the darkness creeping into her vision. Her last thought was of Rallen, before falling into oblivion.

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