(A/N: Moien! Overnight, I had this weird vision for a story, set in an alternate universe.

In the official arc, Yami was set free after the final duel. What if I told you that that version of the story was a lie, and that Yami's soul was always to be bound to the Millennium Puzzle?

5,000 years after the classic Yu-Gi-Oh! arcs stopped, the Millennium Items had been all but forgotten, along with the ancient game of Duel Monsters. Only one person, a girl by the name of Bennu, is interested in it enough to dig deep into the ancient past, unravelling the history, along with the King of Games himself. On the night her expedition started, her mother passed away, leaving a strange disassembled pyramidal puzzle for the child in her will. The same night, her best friend, Celeste, received a strange bracelet in the mail. The next day, the two made a vow not to don these strange items until the puzzle was complete.

When at last the puzzle is complete, the two don their items simultaneously, releasing spirits from beyond 10,000 years ago. However, two spirits bound to the items take over their bodies and save them from utter destruction. These spirits have the power to take over the hosts' bodies at will, but only do so when nessicary or allowed by the host.

Story warnings: Minor Kaiba bashing in the first installment, but later on he gets some respect. Based heavily on the fanfic 'Why did it come to this?' by Alverna (Now Magi Magi Magician Gal)


Celeste's POV

June 10, 7006.

That's the day it all started.

Bennu Tamaki is my best friend. She practically worships Ancient Egypt and Duel Monsters, a now almost forgotten children's card game. She's the only person I know who knows as much as she does about these two topics, and I think she's gotten to me too.

Anyway, this all started because of Bennu's hair.


"Bennu! What happened to your hair?! Did it get into a chemical accident?!"

Bennu's normally flat, boring, bust length brown hair was now jet black with amethyst trimming and golden bangs. What more, said golden bangs stuck up in lightning bolt like patterns, which covered parts of her glasses, and by extension, her light purple eyes.

"I told you, Celeste. I got this hairstyle in homage of the King of Games. It's for the Duel Monsters Festival."

"One, the festival isn't for another 2 months tops. Two, who's the King of Games?"

It was at that moment that she dropped her case, dragged me into a nearby locker, and shut the door. (Our lockers had latches on the inside, as stuffing people into lockers had once been a problem at my school.)

"Don't tell me you haven't been listening to me all those times I dragged you to the library!" she whispered, her bangs poking me in the eye occasionally.

"No, I haven't! Bennu, that's ancient history. You've really got to let go."

"One, not in 5,000 years. Two, I guess I'll have to show you."

With that, she opened the locker and made a beeline for the library, dragging me along with her.


Bennu's POV

I sat down with my giant textbook on Duel Monsters, and flipped open to the page with a picture of the man in question.

"That, Celeste Blackstone, is the King of Games."

The book had a full page color photo of a man who looked about 16, but he was probably in his 20s, with the same hair coloring style as I had, the only difference being being that the back of his hair defied gravity and stood on end, displaying the amethyst trimming, as well as being slightly tanner than I was. The man had a determined look in his eyes.

"That's Yugi Mouto, the first King of Games. They say his dueling skills are still unmatched today."

She stared at the picture for a few seconds. "I recall you saying that someone named Seto was the first King of Games."

"Yeah, but he didn't really matter, because he was a jerk." I said. "But look at his necklace."

I pointed at a large chain that held up a heavy-looking upside down pyramid, emblazoned with the Eye of Anubis on the front.

"I've seen that symbol on pieces of the strange puzzle I received one month ago, the same day that mom died. I believe that it's also on your bracelet, is it not?"

Celeste pulled out the golden bracelet, which bore the same eye. "Yeah."

"Ah, I see our promise still stands." I said teasingly. On the day we got our items, we had made a promise to one another not to put them on until I had solved the puzzle.

"How is that puzzle coming along, anyway?" she asked.

"I've managed to fit 3 of the 7 pieces together. God, that's a tough puzzle."

"Well, you said that no one in the last 5,000 years had re-solved it."

I looked at her funny. "Do you only remember the stuff that can be used against me?"

"Yeah." she said. Suddenly, the bell rang, and we both departed for class.


Two Months Later, About 6 pm, Bennu's POV

I was hunched over my desk, trying to fit the last two pieces into the puzzle.

"Come on, puzzle, give me an answer." I muttered. As if obeying my will(or taking pity on me for my small mind), the corner piece slid into place, leaving just the piece with the eye left. My eyes widened with shock, and I immediately grabbed the phone next to the box which held the pieces. Fumbling with the speed dial function, I finally got a hold of Celeste.

"What is it, Bennu? It better be important, because I just smeared lip gloss all over my cheek, and now it's a sticky mess."

"Celeste, meet me at my house ASAP. Also, bring the bracelet, I think I've solved the puzzle."

I could hear a small clunk in the background, probably the bottle of lip gloss. The line was cut, and I set down the phone.

20 Min. Later

"Are you ready, Celeste?" I asked, my hand holding the last piece and hovering over the puzzle. Her right hand was holding her bracelet, while her left hand was ready to slip it on.

"Ready." she said, looking the most confident in 3 months.

"3...2...1... Go!" we counted together. I fit the last piece into the puzzle and flung it around my neck as Celeste slipped the bracelet onto her wrist.

At first, nothing happened. Just as Celeste was about to say something, beams of light poured from our items and took the form of monsters. Celeste and I backed up against each other, scared out of our wits.

"Holy crud, they're real!" Celeste shrieked. One of the monsters lunged at me, ready to tear off my face. I covered my face with my arms, and made a silent prayer:

"Please, if there really is a spirit inside the Millennium Puzzle, I beg of you to give us guidance!"

Scene change, 3rd person POV

Somewhere inside the Millennium Puzzle, a very familiar looking spirit rested with a peaceful look on his face. The cry for help echoed down the hallways until it reached his ears.

"Please, if there really is a spirit inside the Millennium Puzzle, I beg of you to give us guidance!"

The spirit's eyes snapped open.



3rd Person POV

As the monsters lunged for the two teens, two bright lights emitted from their Items, one yellow and one blue. When the lights dissipated, there were two different people standing in their place.

In Bennu's place, stood the same young male that was in her book, identical down to the skin tone.

In Celeste's place stood a very different person, or should we say, creature. It resembled a bipedal lioness with cat ears, a spiky spade tail, wings like an eagle, and three crystaline spikes that grew out of its spine. Its eyes were green as grass, and slitted like a snake. The only real resemblance between the creature and Celeste was the hair, which was reddish brown and sticking up so they looked like bull horns and ears.

As the monsters roared around them, the two only glared at them. They looked to each other, as if understanding exactly what the other was thinking.

"Shadow Creatures! Be gone, we command you! Return from the dark realm from whence you came!" the two said in perfect harmony. The male had a deep, baritone voice, while the creature's voice was a female alto.

The Puzzle and Bracelet pulsed with magic, releasing a blinding light and driving the monsters to retreat, leaving the room empty again. The man turned to the creature with a warm smile on his face.

"It's nice to see you again, Aclina." the male said.

"The same to you, Yami." Aclina replied.

(A/N: In case you hadn't gotten the trend, all of the modern characters, such as Bennu, are reincarnations of classic characters, her case being Yugi. Aclina is actually an OC reused from a different plotline.)