Or Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles - Cry Havoc 2

The second instalment of the Apocalypse Universe.

Warning: This story does contain violence and subjects of sensitive natures so if you find yourself offended by this please go read some of my more gentle/general stories.


To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wish'd.

To die, to sleep;

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause: there's the respect

That makes calamity of so long life;

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,

The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,

The pangs of despised love, the law's delay,

Hamlet – Act iii Scene 1


Disclaimer: I receive nothing in the terms of money or gratuities for this or any other story based on the television show Supernatural. I just like to borrow them, play with them and do some rather nasty things to them before sending them home again unscathed.

Author's Note 1: This is the sequel to Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War and picks the story up one year after Cry Havoc finished.

Author's Note 2: Sorry it has taken longer than I thought to get this chapter written but sometimes life has different ideas for us than what we want to do…

Characters: Dean Winchester (21), Sam Winchester (17), Bobby Singer, Caleb Reeves, Jim Murphy, Ellen Harvelle, Jo Harvelle, Rufus, Azazel, and other assorted characters including original characters. Special appearances by John and Mary Winchester.


09/09/1999: The day the world ended.

"To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come?"

Hamlet: Act iii Scene 1


Chapter One:

Scarred earth, scorched skies and a destroyed humanity were the very visible results of a very violent, bloodied and unholy war. The day had come when the forces of hell had spilled forth from hell and attacked an unsuspecting human race. The only true resistance was that of a small group of supernatural hunters, who for years beforehand were the only ones standing in the way of the minions of hell.

Living in the shadows and on the fringe of society the hunters fought against the rising tide of evil trying to flood the world. Even though they knew deep down that they were fighting a losing battle, the hunters never gave up the fight even in the face if undeniable defeat.

One commander of the rebel forces, hunter John Winchester had managed to keep the fight up to the monsters, with the help of his two sons sixteen year old Sam and twenty year old Dean, and fellow hunters did what they could to protect the remaining humans but it was only a matter of time…


The Blue Earth Church and rectory was one of the last few remaining lines of defence against the raging hoards from hell. It was also a refuge and self-imposed prison of Dean Winchester, son of the now deceased Commander John Winchester and older brother to Sam. A talented soldier, hunter and tactician Dean fought alongside his family and especially his father with pride and bravery. A natural born leader and soldier Dean thrived in battle but in the planning and executing of plans. He had an eerie talent of being able to workout exactly where the enemy would strike and what kind of supernatural entity they were facing each battle.

Fiercely loyal to his family and friends, Dean was both father and brother to his brother Sam and after losing their sole remaining parent the only father-figure he had to turn to was Bobby Singer.

A year after the battle at Singer Salvage Yard, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Dean Winchester was a changed and damaged young man. At the tender age of twenty-one Dean had lost more friends and family members than he dared to count, including his father, he had fought skirmishes to full blown battles and had survived until that last encounter with the demonic enemy.


Dean sat slumped in the ancient but serviceable wheelchair a thin blanket covered his hated stump of his left leg, he had lost from the knee down in the attack at Bobby's salvage yard a year ago, the damage too severe to save the limb. That and the disappearance of his younger brother Sam had sent the young man spiralling into a deep depression, suicidal tendencies and self-imposed isolation from everyone and everything.

His only constant companion now was Ares, a young German shepherd given to Sam as a companion and security dog for that Christmas and now both brother and pet are fretting for the teenager that had disappeared the night after they had arrived in Blue Earth.

'What do ya think yer doin' with that knife Dean?' Bobby asked as he came into the darkened room carrying a small tray of sandwiches and coffee.

'Shaving,' Dean mumbled as he stared down at the sharp blade and fought to remember exactly when he had picked it up and why. 'What is it Bobby?'

'Lunch ya idjit, yer gotta eat to keep yer strength up Dean.'

'Why? What's the point?'

'What's the point?' Bobby exploded, his own hardened heart had been softened by fathering the two wayward Winchester siblings only to have it broken when Dean lost his leg and his brother all in one hit; Bobby lost his youngest boy and was losing his older one only slower. 'Whatcha think Sam is gonna say when he comes back and finds yer dead and gone?'

'Sam's not coming back Bobby.' Dean said hoarsely as he stared down at the shining sharp blade. 'He's dead and gone.'

'What the hell ya sayin'? Ya great idjit.' Bobby left the tray on the bed and limped over to Dean ready to knock some sense into that hard Winchester head, 'have ya seen his body? Have ya buried him? Well Dean? Have ya got any proof of Sam's death?'

'Only what I think…'

'Idjit, ya not thinking, ya sit up here wallowing in self-pity in the darkness and have no idea what is going on out there.'

'Don't ya think I've given enough Bobby?' Dean said emotionlessly, 'I have lost everything why should I …?'

'That's it…' Bobby straightened his shoulders, unlocked the wheelchair brakes and gripped the handles tightly, 'yer joining the land of the living again Dean Edward Winchester if I hafta drag ya kickin' and screamin' back.'

'What the hell are you doing Bobby?' Dean shot back but in his shock and anger, his focus on the knife slipped and he dropped the blade to the floor. 'Dammit.'

'Not gitting it back so don't ask for it Dean.' Bobby said as he started to push the wheelchair out of the darkened bedroom, 'yer gittin cleaned up and then yer sittin' at the table with the rest of us for Christmas dinner.'

'No Bobby I can't … not without…'

'Yes yer are.' Bobby said not letting Dean finish his own argument he pushed the chair into the bathroom placing it parallel with the shower before he locked the brakes, 'Jim had hand bars put in so ya can shower in private, there's also a seat in there for ya if ya need it.' Bobby started placing everything Dean needed within reach of the younger man while he spoke and pointedly ignored the "death" glare he was receiving. 'I'll bring ya clean clothes when yer ready and there's an electric razor for ya on the basin, I'll be right outside feeding Ares if ya need me.'


'Look Dean I know that it's hard for ya, I do but ya can't jist give up on him Dean he won't give up on ya.'


Dean sat for a few minutes trying to calm down after Bobby left him alone in the bathroom, with a bleary gaze he stared at his reflection in the mirror and barely recognised himself. 'Bobby's right,' he muttered hoarsely, 'fuck it.'

With a shaking hand Dean pulled the blanket away from his legs and let it slide to the floor, swallowing deeply he used the new handrails to pull himself up onto his right leg until he had enough balance to undress quickly. Cursing loudly as he tumbled back into the chair Dean fought the urge to call for help and tried again, this time he succeeded in undressing and getting himself into the shower.

Finally, he stood under the hot spray of water and felt the warmth seeping into his back and joints pulling a sigh of contentment from deep within him. Lowering himself onto the seat while he washed Dean held the shower head and let the water sluice away the dirt and grime of existing.

'Sorry Sammy.' He whispered as the water hit his face, 'I am so sorry.' His tears mingled with the shower spray and his grief finally found an outlet.

After he finished his shower and shave, Dean draped a dry towel over his lap and yelled for Bobby, startled at how quick the older man had responded bringing him in a clean change of clothes and that hated prosthetic leg Rick had managed to get for him.

'What are you?'

'It's time Dean,' Bobby said as he crouched down in front of the young man, 'look I'm actually getting down here in front of ya with my knees so yer can at least try it for me.'



The two hunters stared at each other, both refusing to give an inch when Dean sighed and scrubbed a hand over his newly shaved jaw line, 'oh for fuck's sake alright.'

Knowing he had won a small but hard-fought battle of wills Bobby kept quiet and hid his smile as he helped Dean to secure the prosthetic limb to his stump. 'When yer ready I'll help ya to git up but only when yer ready.'

'Yeah, yeah I know but … geeze some pants first,' Dean said his face turning a dark shade of red as he had to be helped to finish dressing.

'Ya want the crutches?' Bobby asked as he gave Dean an approving grin, 'looking good kiddo.'

'Yeah, yeah happy now?'

'That I don't hafta look down at ya anymore? Yep sure am.' Bobby said grinning.

Dean stood with a straight back and a deep look of concentration formed on his face as he started to experiment on moving slightly while retaining his balance.

'Better than that chair?' Bobby asked after a few minutes of watching Dean testing the new limb.


Sam sat in silence next to Azazel's larger more throne-like chair as he watched the demon lord over the room. He was no longer chained heavily to the wall, now he only wore a collar with a lighter short chain attached to it, but to Sam it was still torture and extremely humiliating.

After tending to Sam's injuries, Azazel had the young human with him at all times, ensuring that Sam had no chances to attempt to escape. That no one could harm the boy or try to kidnap him for themselves or that his son could exact his own revenge.

Charzael had already found a new meatsuit by the time Azazel returned triumphantly with his prize pet and now his son was somewhere close pouting and waiting for his chance to get back at his father and Sam.

Azazel had made himself supreme ruler and emperor of hell and now of earth, his armies were growing steadily now they were converting humans to demons at a faster rate. Soon, soon he will have the numbers to not only defeat the humans completely but also to defeat Lucifer and to keep the devil himself locked up.

'What is it my Child?' He asked as he looked down at Sam, giving the teenaged psychic rare undivided attention. 'You seem upset.'

'Upset?' Sam said as his upper lip curled in contempt, 'why shouldn't I be upset? You took me from my family and keep me chained up like I'm your pet dog.'

'You wound me Samuel.'

'Don't call me that.'

'You will learn your place here Samuel and then I will remove the last of your chains, unfortunately you still have much to learn.'

'Let me go and I'll show you what I've learnt.'

'Ah yes and what happened when I did that a few days ago? One of my guards now walks with a limp and has a rather large swelling of his groin.'

'He shouldn't have touched me.' Sam said as he lifted his gaze to stare at the demon leader. 'I am not anyone's pet.'

'You may not be my pet per se but I do own you Samuel, you would do well to remember that. I was the one who made you into what you are today.'

'You made me into a freak.'

'You are not a freak Samuel. You are a talented and gifted psychic. You are my true son.'

'I am not now or will I ever be your son!' Sam spat the words out angrily, 'John Winchester is my father, Mary Winchester is my mother and Dean Winchester is the only brother I will have and ever want.'

'I do believe that it is the most you have spoken since you returned to me.'

'You kidnapped me!'

'Semantics my Son.'

'I am not your son.'

'Why so argumentative today Samuel? You should be rejoicing, you are alive and well and now by my side to rule.'

'Geeze Egomaniac much?'

'I am only going to tolerate so much of your petty attempt to anger me Samuel.'

'Why whatcha gonna do to me? You've done your worst, you took me away from Dean when he needed me.'

'He is no longer your concern Samuel.'

'He will always be my concern, he is my brother.'

'Who succumbed to his injuries, he is dead Samuel he bled to death after falling from his bed when Charzael extracted you from the rectory at Blue Earth.'

'No, no I don't believe you!'

'I can show you if you like what happens to hunters like your father and brother when they die.' Azazel said with a cruel, cold smile on his face.

'No, no I'd know if Dean died.' Sam said tearfully, 'he is not dead.'

'You have forced my hand on this issue Samuel remember that!' Azazel said as he waved his hand and uttered a few words in Latin too fast and soft for Sam to make out. A ball of light floated in front of them for a few seconds before it cleared into a mirror-like object, in it Sam could slowly make out a pitiful one-legged body lying stretched out on a rack, naked and covered in blood.

The pitiful being resembled his brother but there was no way that he could recognise him for sure when suddenly, the tortured soul opened his mouth and screamed out, 'Sammy!'

'D-Dean?' Sam stammered as he stared in horror at the bloodied image before it faded and disappeared, 'no I don't believe you! It's a trick, Dean's not dead … he's not! He's not!'


Dean stopped just outside the living room to catch his breath and to prepare himself for what lies ahead when he goes through the doorway.

'Ya aint gittin any prettier by jest standing there idjit.' Bobby said softly by his side, Dean turned his head to look at the older man and gave him a small but genuine smile.

'Thanks Bobby.'

'Yeah, yeah jest git in there!'

'Alright keep ya cap on!' Dean said as he took another calming breath and with Bobby's support limped into the room, he gave the expectant looks a shy almost painfully shy and sad smile, the only face he wanted to see wasn't there.

Bobby's hand landed on his shoulder and gave a tight squeeze in an almost anticipated move to prevent Dean from fleeing back to the relative safety and loneliness of his bedroom.

'You look good there Dean,' Jim said as he stood up and took the younger man's hand, 'though I think you should sit down before you get too tired and over do it.'

'Thanks Jim,' Dean said, 'so what's going on?'

'Mom has been slaving away in the kitchen cooking a big meal, and hmm what else oh yeah Caleb and Rufus have been out doing recon while you've been up there sulking…'

'Joanna Beth Harvelle what have I told you about thinking before you speak?' Ellen said as she came into the room just as Jo started her rant.

'Well it's true mom,' Jo answered moodily, 'why do we have to act like he's gonna fall apart at any moment just coz he's lost a leg?'

'Jo!' Ellen paled as her anger flared, 'get into the kitchen now young lady!'

Stunned Dean stared at the mother and daughter not to sure whether to be offended or what, he glanced around the room at the others who all sat in embarrassed silence and then he started to laugh.

'Dean?' Jim looked down at him with a concerned look on his face, which made Dean laugh louder and harder.

'Oh God, thanks Jo that's just what I needed,' Dean said hiccupping slightly as he tried to quell his laughter.

'What? But I wasn't being funny!' Jo protested angrily as Dean managed to slow down to chuckles, 'oh you…'

'I dare ya to stomp ya feet.' Dean said feeling a little better for the first time in a long time.

However, before Jo could retaliate a loud banging on the front door startled all of them, silence descended over the occupants of the living room while Bobby pulled his gun out and stood by the door just out of sight while Jim answered it.

'Yes can I …?' Was all Jim could manage to say before he had an armful of an unconscious young man, 'Sam?'

'Sammy?' Dean stood in the doorway of the living room propped up against the door jamb when he saw the familiar shaggy haired kid collapse into Jim's arms, 'God Sammy!'

'Help me Bobby,' Jim said and between the two of them they carried Sam into the living room and laid him gently on the sofa.

'Rufus, Jo and I will go and check outside,' Ellen said breaking the tense silence, 'Bobby call Rick!'

'Sammy?' Dean whispered ignoring the others he awkwardly lowered himself onto the edge of the sofa at his brother's side and visually scanned him for visible injuries, 'damn he's covered in blood.'

'Like he's been drenched in it,' Jim agreed, 'can I help you Dean?'

'Huh? Oh yeah,' Dean blinked and suddenly realised that he and Sam were not alone, a warm wet nose snuffling against his hand, 'Sam's home Ares, he's home.'

'Rick's on his way, I had to get him on the radio, phones are down.' Bobby said as he joined Dean and Jim, 'has he showed any signs of coming around?'

'No not yet, why's there so much blood?' Dean asked as he ran his hand down Sam's cheek.

'There's two dead demons just on the other side of the perimeter, looks like they had their necks broken,' Rufus reported as he returned closely followed by Ellen and Jo. 'The only other thing we found was a large scorch mark and blood in front of the steps, more coming up and another large pool of blood at the door.'

'Whatever happened out there was fast and lethal,' Ellen said before turning to her daughter, 'go and fill a bucket with warm water and bring as many face washers and towels as you can, go on with ya.'

'But mom I want to…' Jo started and then changed her mind and gave a small nod before going to do what her mother asked, Sam needed her help.

'Mmm gotta find Dean,' Sam moaned as he started to move around on the sofa, his fingers twitching and clutching at the cushions beneath him, 'find Dean, not dead, not dead.'

'Dead?' Dean said as he looked up at Bobby, 'he, he thinks I'm dead?'

'Or not dead and he tried to find out,' Jim said using his voice of reason, 'he found his way back to you Dean.'

'No, no lies all lies,' Sam screamed as he lifted a hand and flicked his wrist, books on Jim's shelves suddenly launched into the air as Sam's anger and desperation grew.

'Sam, Sammy come on kiddo wake up for me, I'm not dead, Sammy I'm not dead!' Dean pleaded with his younger brother to wake up, managing to catch Sam's flailing hands, albeit with difficulty because they were so greasy and slick with the blood, he pinned them to Sam's sides and tried to once again get through Sam's despair.

'Dean? No, no not dead!' Sam's eyes opened wide and he stared around wildly, a low keening sound came from deep in his throat as he tried to work out what had happened and where he was now.

'Sammy, look at me, that's it kiddo, look at me!' Dean let go of Sam's wrists and cupped his cheeks instead forcing him to stop writhing and to focus on the face above him, 'Sammy please kiddo look at me.'

'D-Dean? You? Really? Truly? You?'

'Yeah kiddo it's me in the flesh living and breathing,' Dean said releasing his breath he didn't even realise he had been holding, 'Sammy you're back.'

'He – he said … he said you died!' Sam wept as he launched himself at Dean wrapping his long arms around his brother's shoulders, 'he showed me … on the rack … covered in blood … said you lost your leg and then you bled to death.' Sam sobbed into Dean's flannel clad shoulder.

'He lied Sammy, he lied to ya, I'm alive, I'm here and aint going anywhere.' Dean said and pulled back from Sam slightly so he could see his brother's eyes, 'look right into my eyes Sam.'

'You're really … you're alive aren't you Dean!' Sam said as he slipped back into unconsciousness again.

Tenderly, Dean laid Sam back on the cushions and with his thumbs he wiped away the tears from Sam's already bloodstained face, 'I'm alive kiddo and aint goin' anywhere.'


After deciding it would be easier for both the brothers if they stayed downstairs in the same room together, Jim got the others to help shift around some furniture and to bring one of the larger double beds into the disused front parlour. 'They should be comfortable in here, it's close to the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen,' Jim said pleased at their work, 'ah yes much better than trying to tend to them upstairs, safer too.'

'But they'll be sharing the same bed.' Jo protested grossed out at the thought of sharing a bed with a sibling.

'They were quite used to it as children,' Bobby said without any further explanation, 'I know it doesn't worry them and with the fragility of both of their states of mind at the moment the more contact they have with each other the better.'

'Oh okay,' Jo said wisely deciding to heed her mother's words about thinking before she speaks, 'Pastor Jim there's reports coming in on the ham radio.'

'Thank you my Dear, why don't you come with me and take some notes?' Jim asked leaving Bobby and Rick to get the brothers settled.


Sam opened his eyes and stared around confused and terrified. Everything was still muddled in his memory but this was not the room Azazel gave him he was sure of that. A slight movement next to him had him nearly hyperventilating when he realised that there was someone in bed with him.

'Who, who are you?' Sam rasped poking the person on the shoulder, 'hey who are … Dean!'

'Sam? What is it? What's wrong?' Dean asked waking immediately from his deep sleep as his inner "Sam-radar" went off.

'This a dream?' Sam asked as he forced himself to calm down, 'I'm dreaming again.'

'No Sammy, this isn't a dream,' Dean said as he pulled himself up to sit against the bed-head, 'do you remember what happened yesterday?'

'Yesterday?' Sam blinked confused.

'Yeah you turned up here all covered in blood and collapsed at the door, with two dead demons outside a scorch mark and lots of blood splattered around.'

'I-I came back?' Sam slowly reached over and touched Dean's cheek, shyly almost tentatively as though he was scared that Dean would disappear on contact. 'You, you're really alive Dean?'

'Last time I looked.' Dean said with a smile, 'what's going on Sammy?'

'Your – your leg?' Sam turned his attention to the bottom half of the bed his face paling when he saw the difference in Dean's legs, 'you did, did lose part of your leg?'

'Yeah I did, the doc couldn't save it. It all happened the same night, just after the – the operation someone, somehow they managed to get in around all of the wards and snatch you. I couldn't do anything…'

'Not your fault Dean, Charzael he – he took me from here. He said that he rode someone as a meatsuit but he wouldn't tell me who. All I know was that it wasn't you.' Sam said returning his gaze to Dean's face. 'I don't remember a lot of what happened to begin with. They kept me chained up most of the time; forced me to use the powers, I – I was always feeling like I was in a fog ya know. Like I couldn't see much through a haze and I was dizzy a lot, felt like they were giving me …'

'Drugging you, keeping you quiet and not wanting to runaway.' Dean finished for him, 'do you remember anything of where they kept ya?'

'Nope but … I know it wasn't earth.' Sam said hesitantly silently hoping that Dean wouldn't press him any further.

Dean paused as Sam's words sunk in, the bastard took Sam to hell; he was still alive and they took him to hell. 'Anything else Sammy?' Dean gently prodded Sam, he hated grilling him for information but for Sam to be able to move forward eventually he had to talk through it, at least part of it.

'Umm once I was I guess well enough Azazel kept me with him all of the time. Literally he had me wear a collar and chain and I had to go everywhere with him, at night I slept on a mattress on the floor next to his bed.' Sam said and looked away, his pale cheeks flushed with humiliation as he spoke, 'he had me heal or do other others when he wanted or I just had to sit there and to listen and "learn" about the war.' Sam said making quote marks with his fingers when he said learn. 'He had Fire and Ice training non-stop. Dean he's planning the last ultimate attack to completely enslave all humans.'

'Fuck, do ya know when?' Dean asked worriedly he watched Sam as the kid paled and had to lie flat again, 'Sammy what's wrong?'

'Tired I guess and, and I dunno I've been getting weaker lately. Like he was draining something from me.' Sam admitted smothering a yawn.

'How about you rest for now and we talk later?' Dean said.


'Yeah kiddo?'

'Your – your leg m'sorry, all my fault!' Sam said, 'where's Ares?'

'Right here,' Dean said as the pup pushed the door open and jumped up on the bed, 'if I didn't know better you'd think that he was just waiting for you to ask for him.'

'He's grown up so much.'

'He kept me company while we waited for you together,' Dean said scratching the dog's ear as he nestled between the two brothers, 'dunno if I could've gone on without him.' He added thinking that Sam hadn't heard him until he heard a soft sob, 'ah shit I'm sorry Sam I didn't mean the way that sounded.'

'Nah it's alright Dean honestly I just missed you guys so much,' Sam said and swallowed down on the rising tide of tears, he remembered the promise he had made to himself, not to cry again or to show weakness. He was going to be strong and confident like Dean.

'We missed you too kiddo, so how bout nuff of these chick flick moments huh?' Dean said as he ruffled Sam's hair, 'you need a trim Sammy, even for you it's long.'

'Yeah I – I know I guess …' Sam said with a small sheepish grin as he snuggled down to sleep again, 'Dean?'

'Yeah Sammy?'

'I – I know that this is all a dream and well I just wanted to tell you that I love you and you're the best big brother a guy could ask for.' Sam said as his smile deepened but was also tinged with sadness, 'I – I know I'm dying and that I'm dreaming this, so I'm not so scared bout dying anymore. I'll see you and dad again soon, maybe mom too.'


'Sam you are not dreaming child, nor are you dying. You really made it back here to us, to Dean.' Jim said making his way to Sam's side of the bed he pulled up a chair and sat down, 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to pry and to listen to your discussion but… this is real Sam I promise you.'

'Uhhuh,' Sam said as his eyes slowly started to droop with weariness, he smiled at the cleric and then rolled his head to look at Dean, 'love you guys,' he said as sleep took over, this time he seemed calmer and was actually sleeping without disturbing dreams.

'I dunno Jim what if…?' Dean whispered as he sat up a little and looked over at Jim, 'he seems fine but…'

'Yes there is something I cannot put my finger on either Dean, but all we can do is give him time and to show him that this is real and we are all here for him.'

'Yeah guess so.'

'So how are you Dean? You were looking so good with your prosthetic leg.' Jim said happy with the fact that Dean at least seems to be a little calmer and confident now he doesn't need the wheelchair as much.

'Getting there Jim, I – I dunno…'

'What is it?'

'How can I look after Sammy Jim? I can't protect him like this, hell they took him from right next to me and all I could do was to fall out of my bed. I'm useless like this Jim, I can't hunt, I can't fight I'm totally useless.'

'I am going to ignore what you just said Dean, you are not useless,' Jim snapped and then immediately regretted his tone, 'forgive me Dean I shouldn't have snapped but you are so far away from being useless.'

'What can I do Jim? Research? Yeah right Sammy here is the researcher extraordinaire, I'm a hunter, a fighter, not a – a bookworm.'

'Teach, train, we need someone to teach the new recruits, to train them in warfare as well as hunting. You are a leader Dean a born leader, you still have your mind. So what if you can't run there are very few of us original hunters who do not have significant injuries we adjust and go on. You are needed Dean, your year locked away did nothing for you or for anyone it is time to come back amongst the living and do what you do best.'

'Looking after Sammy is all I thought I …'

'Think about it Dean, there are a lot of young ones out there who need you to teach them.' Jim said as he stood and went to go, 'get some rest, my boy I'll call you both when dinner is ready.'

Dean closed his eyes but sleep evaded him, instead he thought about what Jim had said, could I be happy just teaching and training the new recruits? Is that what I'm destined to do? To be?