Or Take Arms Against a Sea of Troubles - Cry Havoc 2

The second instalment of the Apocalypse Universe.

Warning: This story does contain violence and subjects of sensitive natures so if you find yourself offended by this please go read some of my more gentle/general stories.


To be, or not to be: that is the question:

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep;

No more; and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to, 'tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wish'd.

To die, to sleep;

To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub;

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause: there's the respect

That makes calamity of so long life;

For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,

The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,

The pangs of despised love, the law's delay,

Hamlet – Act iii Scene 1


Disclaimer: I receive nothing in the terms of money or gratuities for this or any other story based on the television show Supernatural. I just like to borrow them, play with them and do some rather nasty things to them before sending them home again unscathed.


09/09/1999: The day the world ended.

You cannot, sir, take from me any thing that I will more willingly part withal: except my life, except my life, except my life.

― William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Chapter Four


'Dean?' Sam asked breaking the companionable silence that had fallen between the brothers.

'Yeah Sammy you okay?'

'M'fine, did you notice those buildings over there?' Sam pointed across himself and to their right, 'such a strange feeling.'

'Huh?' Dean blinked and as he slowed the impala down, he glanced over in the direction Sam was pointing to. 'What the hell?'

Long structures, similar to barracks were surrounded by razor wire fences, making them look like prisoner of war camps of the past. Heavy storm clouds hung cloyingly over the buildings making the scene look even more sinister.

'I can feel so much pain,' Sam gasped clutching at his chest, 'hurts so bad Dean.'

'We are so getting outta here now Sam, no arguments this time.' Dean said as he once again put his foot on the accelerator and sped away from the depressing scene only to find another one seemingly identical to the first one only a few miles down the road.

Swearing under his breath Dean pushed the car even faster along the bitumen, silently he apologised to his 'baby' for pushing her so hard but each time he glanced at Sam's pale features and tear-filled eyes it spurred him on to continue their berserker run. He had to get Sam away from the potential threat those seemingly innocuous buildings held.


Charzael stood staring out of his office window at the pathetic creatures slowly moving from the barracks to their new workhouses; the way it should be, the new order of the world. With demons the lords of the earth and the humans nothing better than beasts of burden and food. The latest innovation of his father was brilliant and totally boring at the same time. Charzael knew that this was a test for him set by his father one that he could not fail this time. He had been allowed out of the pits once again and was given a new meatsuit, tall, muscular with a shaved and tattooed head, it felt right as though this body had been his all of his life. Well, all of his previous lives anyway. This life though, was a gift from his father and Charzael knew it, he knew that this time he could not mess up again no matter what, after the disaster at the house of the old hunter in South Dakota and then the raid on the church going down without the prize, he doubted that he would even reach the pits and that this was his last life.

The prototype farm had three barracks for the humans, one each for the males and females the other for the breeders and offspring. With selective breeding, slowly but surely they would breed out any thought of freedom and of rebellion; instead they would be mindless cattle ready to do the bidding of their rightful masters.

There was only one human, whose existence haunted him, and through him made Charzael hate his father with a passion; he had been given the boy and through no fault of his own had lost him and now his father refuses for him to recapture him. That lithe beauty, with large green eyes and deep dimples, he was captivating and breathtaking and he belonged to Charzael. Now though, now father wants him for himself, father says that the boy is special and not to be harmed. He is no longer allowed to hunt the boy.

'Where are you my Sammy?' Charzael whispered leaning his head against the cool glass, 'where are you?'

'Talking to yourself again son?' Azazel asked appearing directly in front of the startled young demon, 'that is such a human habit.'

'Oh that is rich father,' Charzael scoffed angrily, 'what are you doing here? Checking up on me again?'

'I just want to see how my latest offspring are doing,' Azazel said staring at his son intently, 'what is wrong?'

'Nothing Sir, we have several new arrivals since your last visit and they are seemingly disease free.'

'And the breeders?'

'We have been trying different methods but the best seems to be rotation, allowing them to feed the infants while the next crop is fertilised and then they are weaned and prepared for impregnation once again.'

'And the others?'

'The workers are compliant and work well, the segregation of females and males has helped this compliance, and the denial of a permanent mate has had an interesting effect on them.'

'Very good so shall we go and inspect our latest crop of offspring?' Azazel said with a glint of almost glee in his cold eyes.


'We have also started work on a new wing for the latest arrivals to go to before they can be assimilated into the general population. Some of them are diseased, injured or just plain filthy when they are brought here. I thought it would be prudent and good business to have a permanent quarantine wing with its own holding yards.' Charzael explained as they walked passed the nearly completed building. Several of the human workers lifted weary heads to stare at the two demons as they walked by, before silently returning to their labours none wanting to show their interest too long in fear of being caught and accused of some imagined infraction so that they could be punished.

'Keep your head down Callum, don't let em see ya staring,' Caleb Reeves counselled the young man next to him, 'we just keep our heads down and keep working for now anyway.'

'Yeah sure Caleb,' Callum answered as he ducked his head down, inwardly he swore loudly when he had heard the conversation between the two demons, the end of the war was coming he only had to worry now about keeping this body intact like he had promised a certain hunter a long time ago.


The further away from those buildings Dean drove the worse Sam felt and it was starting to scare the teenager. He hated worrying Dean at the best of times and lately all he seemed to do was to make his older brother worry and fret over him. Swallowing deeply Sam pressed his aching and burning forehead against the cool glass of the passenger side window and tried to relax enough to fall asleep.

However, as soon as he closed his eyes he was once again assaulted with visions of death, blood, burnt flesh and a crucified Dean. This time though he also saw the bodies of Caleb and the face of someone he had not seen for a long time Callum. They were both heavily chained, with the flesh torn from their bodies, their eye sockets were blackened ruins with rakish blood seeping from them. All Sam could hear were their voices screaming his name as though they blamed him for what was happening to them.

'You left us behind Sam!' Were the last words Sam heard as he lurched forward with eyes wide open and a bloodcurdling scream erupted from deep within his chest.

'Fuck Sam!' Dean exclaimed startled as he momentarily lost control of the speeding impala and fought to control both the car and his thudding heart. 'Sam, Sammy talk to me? What's going on?'

'We-we have to go back Dean, we have to go back now!' Sam said in between his heaving breathes, 'we have to help them.'

'Help who Sam? You're not making any sense dude,' Dean said as he managed to wrestle the car to a shuddering stop and then turned to face his distraught and confused looking brother. 'What happened? Did you have another vision?'

'N-not sure Dean,' Sam started to stammer again something he had done for a very long time, 'I – I saw you on that cross again but this time it was different, this time I – I s-s-saw C-Caleb and-and C-Callum, they were chained with … they oh God Dean … why me?'

'Slow down Sam, take some deep breathes … that's it nice and easy.' Dean said as he coached Sam through his latest panic attack.

'D-Dean they're in-in th-the ca-camp.'

'Camp? What camp … those buildings?' Dean asked with a frown creasing his brow as he tried to remember the layout as they sped by them. 'There-there were three buildings that we could see from the road right?'

'Yeah, I-I think so,' Sam said, 'Dean I heard Caleb scream that I left them behind, h-how Dean I-I don't understand.'

'We'll get to the bottom of this but we have to be smart about this Sam,' Dean said starting the car once again, 'we have to be careful with you and your empathy thingy it sounds like it could be bad in there.'

'I-I have to do s-something Dean.' Sam said, 'it's … wh-what oh God wh-what do we do?'

'Find somewhere to hunker down and get hold of the others, we need backup man.'

'O-Okay,' Sam said squeezing his eyes closed as another headache hit him just as his stomach started to do somersaults, 'don't feel so-so g-good.'

'Just hang in there dude, won't be long and you can lie down for a while.' Dean said as he pressed the accelerator down and sped off kicking up loose stones and gravel from the side of the road.

Ten minutes later he was pulling in behind an abandoned house just off the main road, with nothing but paddocks on all sides of the property and surrounded on three sides by a six feet metal fence it seemed to be the perfect place to stay the night. After a very short and terse discussion, Sam stayed in the locked impala while Dean went into the house to make sure that there was nothing untoward waiting for them inside.

Keeping to the back of the house Dean pulled two mattresses into the kitchen and laid them out in the dining area. Satisfied that he had the house locked down and as safe as he could Dean hurried back to find his little brother sound asleep in the front of the car, a tiny trail of drool dribbling down his chin made Sam look so young and so vulnerable.

'Hey Sammy,' Dean spoke softly and tapped Sam's shoulder in an attempt to wake him without startling his sibling too much.

'Mmm, no, no Dean!' Sam cried out flailing his arms as he fought to wake up.

'Sam, Sammy dude it's okay it's just a dream.' Dean said as he took Sam into his arms and gave him a comforting hug, rubbing his arms rhythmically as he kept repeating, 'it's just a dream,' until he saw Sam's eyes slowly open and bleary green eyes blinked owlishly up at him, 'hey dude.'


'Ready to go inside kiddo? Be a bit more comfortable than out here in the car.'

'Yeah I guess,' Sam said, 'did I … was I s-sleeping?'

'Don't worry too much dude, just need a bib for ya dribble!' Dean grinned, helped his fragile brother out of the car before locking it securely, and headed inside.

'How about you make yourself comfortable on the mattresses while I rustle up some food?'

'Ahh what food Dean?'

'Well … whoever lived here left everything and I mean everything dude there's a full pantry filled with canned foods and we even have … Lucky Charms!' Dean grinned widely and produced the box of sweet cereal from behind his back, 'who says we aint lucky!'

'Dean!' Sam shook his head but couldn't help and stare at the box of his childhood favourite cereal, 'man how long has it been since we were able to even have some Lucky Charms?'

'Long time kiddo,' Dean answered internally jumping for joy when he saw the small smile grace Sam's pale face and for the fact that there was no stammering in his speech.

After a meal of canned spaghetti and toast, Lucky Charms and powdered milk Dean made a pot of campfire coffee and rang Bobby while they waited for it to brew. Their campfire was only a small propane gas ring using the last of a bottle of propane Dean found in the garage, using the last of it to keep them warm for as long as possible after they had eaten.

'Bobby and Rufus are on their way kiddo, we just have to wait until then,' Dean said passing a mug of coffee over to Sam, 'it's not great but…'

'No Dean it's perfect,' Sam smiled showing off his dimples, 'thanks Dean for everything.'

'Shut up and go to sleep bitch.'

'You too jerk,' Sam said, finished his coffee and slipped down to lie on his side close to Dean, 'Dean?'

'Yeah dude?'

'Do you think we'll be able to find Caleb and Callum?'

'Yeah we can do anything remember dude we're superheroes.' Dean said, though all he could see and think about was the last time he had seen Callum, or rather Callum's body reanimated by the Watcher known as Jet. 'Go to sleep Sammy.'


Bobby and Rufus found the impala parked behind the house just as Dean had told them but something felt off, the car was covered in dust and cold to the touch.

'Bobby do you remember anytime when Dean would let a speck of dust cover his car?' Rufus asked thoughtfully.

'Never,' Bobby said and pulled out his gun, 'yer ready?'

'Am I ever not ready?' Rufus grinned as he brandished his own weapon.

Cautiously the two hunters opened the back door to the house and moved inside stealthily, moving as one they crept through the rooms towards the kitchen, Bobby noticing the sigils and symbols Dean had put up to ward off any intruders. Beckoning with his gun Rufus stood by the kitchen door with his gun ready while Bobby moved to enter.

'Fuck!' Bobby swore, 'what the … dammit it!'

'What is it Bobby?' Rufus asked as he barged into the kitchen behind his partner, 'ahhh shit.'

The two hunters stood in the middle of the kitchen and stared at the scene in front of them in horror and disbelief.

'What the hell is going on Rufus?' Bobby fumed, 'this place looks like a battle took place all in this one room.'

'That and how did they get passed all of Dean's protection?' Rufus asked.

The mattresses were overturned and ripped; there were blood spatters all of the floor and walls and a large pool of blood had already started to congeal just under the window, smashed plates, crockery and food stuffs littered the entire kitchen. It looked just like a tornado had raged through the room.

'That looks like a scorch mark,' Bobby said pointing to a black mark on the wall next to the window.

'And looks like something had been frozen or was thawing out here,' Rufus said pointing to near his own feet.

'Balls!' Bobby shoved his cap back and scratched his head before readjusting it. 'Right, we're gotta find em, Dean said about the buildings …'


Dean groaned and tried to open his eyes he had to find Sam, and then those freaks were going down. It had all happened so fast he still couldn't believe it; one minute they were sleeping side by side, although Dean had one hand resting on his knife tucked under the thin pillow when the attack began.

Two creatures seemingly came from nowhere, one attacking with fire the other with ice, and then they brought in the others, breaking the salt lines and smudging symbols for them to outnumber the brothers.

'So you two are the freaks old Yellow Eyes created huh?' Dean scoffed as he dropped to his knees panting heavily, blood trickling from another cut to his cheek.

'We are here for the Princling, you are … expendable.' Fire said as he landed a scorching punch to Dean's jaw.

'Stop it!' Sam cried out without realising it, he raised his hands and his power pulsated around the kitchen. Four of the demons dropped to the floor screaming in agony before the thick, oily smoke was expelled from their mouths.

'Sammy?' Dean croaked out in shock as he tried to fight back against the fire creature.

Lost in the haze Sam barely heard Dean as he directed his wrath towards the intruders, coming to a stop only when he felt the frozen touch of the other twin and saw a heartbreaking sight.

Bloodied and beaten Dean struggled against the powerful grip of the fire demon, the sight of his brother so badly hurt brought the visions to life in Sam's mind and he dropped to his knees in shock and defeat.

'I'm sorry Dean,' he whispered unable to look up at his brother and to see his eyes, shame flooded through the teenager as he allowed himself to be restrained by the Ice demon, 'forgive me.'

'Nuthin to forgive Sammy,' Dean muttered as he finally lost consciousness, 'm'sorry Sammy.'

Lightheaded Dean shook his head and immediately regretted it and it was only then when he realised two things, the first was that his hands were tied behind his back and the second was that he was actually hanging from those said tied hands. Swinging dizzily, he tried to get his bearings but he seemed to be hanging from a wooden frame. Swallowing deeply Dean tried to keep his nausea at bay while he fought the urge to panic. Sammy …. Where's Sammy?


Charzael inspected his handiwork and clapped his hands with glee, not only had he recaptured his Sam but he also controls the other one, the one who Sam would die for.

'So nice to have you back my Sam.'

'WH-who are y-you?' Sam asked blinking furiously to try and clear his vision.

'I'm overwhelmed with sadness that you don't remember me,' Charzael mocked Sam before delivering a backhanded slap to Sam's already bruised cheek. 'You were mine and will be mine again.'

'Ch-Char-Chaz?' Sam stammered 'but you-you're d-dead.'

'A few times but that's history, now I'm back … with a new and improved meatsuit,' Charzael preened in front of Sam, who remained oblivious to his captor's antics while he tried to work out what exactly happened.

'Where's Dean?'

'Ahh I wondered how long it was going to take for you to ask,' Charzael smiled coldly, gripping the heavy leather lead he gave it a hard pull and forced Sam to walk, 'good boy,' he scoffed, while he forced Sam to trot to keep up with him. He had Sam stripped down to a small pair of black briefs, his hands cuffed in front with old-fashioned chain manacles, the only other thing he wore was a thick leather collar with the lead attached to it.

'Ah now this is perfect, the way it should be, you properly attired and following me around like a good pet on his lead. You behave yourself my pet and nothing … more … will happen to your brother.'

'Wh-what do you m-mean b-by that?'

'Come my Sammy and you will find out, and oh by the way you will perform for me from now on or I will destroy him.' Charzael gave the lead an extra hard yank and chuckled when Sam stumbled and crashed to his knees unable to stop himself with his manacled hands his elbows slammed painfully onto the floor, 'oh dear you are clumsy aren't you.'

Struggling to get up Sam bit back on his sarcastic retort instead, he opted to remain silent and to give Charzael the perfect bitch-face look complete with an eye roll. Infuriated Charzael strode off dragging Sam behind him, ignoring the grunted sounds of pain, instead he continued until coming to a complete stop, with Sam crashing into his back.

'Look up my Sam,' he said turning around he twisted his fingers in Sam's hair and yanked backwards forcing the young human to stare upwards. Hanging by a rope attached to his bound wrists was Dean, blood from open and raw cuts on his face and body dripped in fat droplets landing on Sam and Charzael.

'Get him down please Charzael,' Sam openly begged, 'I'll do whatever you want just please get him down.'

'Ahh so the Princling begs,' Charzael laughed happily, 'hmmm what else could I do to get you on your knees?'

'Get him down Charzael now,' Sam ground out as he stared up at the demon, 'now Charzael.'

'How quick can you change? First, you beg for his release and now demands. Perhaps I should teach you some more lessons?'

'No, no but it is with me not my brother,'

'With you what Samuel?'

'Do what you want with me but leave Dean alone,' Sam said again levelling his gaze at the demon, 'I mean it Charzael.'

'Hey ahh I hate to interrupt but you know I'm just hanging around up here,' Dean called down to them though the heat and sarcasm of his words were lost a little with the hoarseness of his voice.

'Ah so the puppet speaks,' Charzael glances up at Dean with a smirk on his face, 'perhaps I should do something else to keep him occupied?'

'Leave him alone!' Sam said in an erringly calm voice as his eyes flashed from their normal green to gold.

'I can always cut the rope and have him fall to you,' Charzael sneered before nodding to the demon guarding Dean.

Without any warning, Dean felt the tension on his arms release so suddenly it took his breath away and then he found himself hurtling towards the ground.

'Dean!' Sam called out for his brother before raising his shackled hands, with intense concentration he managed to stop his brother's plunging to certain death.

Dean screwed his eyes shut and silently said goodbye to Sam when he felt himself come to a stop and almost hover in place, slowly he opened one eye and then the other to find himself floating about five feet from the floor.

Gasping with the effort Sam lowered Dean to the ground, blood ran from his nose and ears as he blindly tried to reach his brother, he had to finish what he started. He had saved Dean and now he had to heal him.

'Where do you think you're going?' Charzael pulled Sam's lead hard forcing him to fall backwards and to land heavily at his feet, 'you do what I say and nothing else you hear me!' He spat the words at Sam, 'you are mine!'

'I am no one's pet, no one owns me,' Sam said as he slowly managed to climb to his feet, 'I have to heal him.'

'Take the cripple and chain him to the whipping post,' Charzael ordered the demon guard, 'and then prepare a post for my pet but make sure that they cannot reach each other.'

'Wh-what are you doing?' Sam whispered the question, he could feel his strength and willpower waning, 'leave Dean alone.'

'Shut up dog,' Charzael kicked Sam in his ribs and then in his abdomen forcing him to roll onto his side, 'you will never defy me again if you want your brother to survive.'

'Kill me if you want, I don't care anymore.' Sam moaned as another kick bruised his kidneys, 'you will never control me Charzael.'

'Tie him to the post and let he dog beg for his life and that of his pitiful cripple.' Charzael tossed the lead at one of the guards before disappearing. The guard looked down at the teenager lying on the floor writhing in pain and then smiled, dragging him bodily across the room to another whipping post; quickly he unlocked one of the cuffs on Sam's wrist and forced his arms behind him before refastening the cuff. He looped another shorter chain around the manacles and locked the ends together effectively pinning Sam to the pole. He removed the leather lead from the collar and replaced it with a short chain attached to a metal ring on the top of the pole.

'Now try and move freak,' it hissed before going to check Dean's chains, 'and you cripple no fancy ideas of running away now.' Reaching down he pulled Dean's prosthetic leg off and tossed it against the wall and out of reach, 'maybe we should call ya hoppy now.'

'Maybe I should just call ya deadmeat!' Dean ground out giving the guard a bloodied smile, 'ya know coz that's what ya gonna be very, very soon.'

'Play nice now boys,' the guard laughed as he left the brothers alone, 'now don't go anywhere.'

'Bite me!' Dean ground out and spat a globule of blood and mucous on the ground at the demon's feet.

'Yeah might do just that soon enough,' the demon laughed as he stood on Dean's fingers and ground his heel into them, the snapping of the fragile bones clearly audible, 'whoops.'

'Bastard,' Dean pushed out as he lost his fight against unconsciousness.


Charzael swallowed a large shot of whiskey, 'damn them!' he cursed as he poured another drink.

'What have you done now you moronic idiot?' Azazel demanded when he appeared in front of his son, 'are you completely bereft of any intelligence?'

'Father I don't understand…?'

'Don't give me that, who told you to use the twins to capture the Winchesters?'

'I got intel on where they were holed up and made an executive decision.'

'And that includes with torturing my Samuel?'

'He is mine father, you gave him to me!' Charzael whined.

'I told you the next time you fail me will be your last forever.'

'Father I have subdued both of the Winchesters, Sam will learn to obey everything while his brother is captive, I have done you a favour.'

'Where are they?'

'In the whipping room, Sam defied me so they are both being taught a lesson.'

'Charzael you are trying my patience, tell me why I shouldn't be rid of you now!'

'I am your son I am the one who brought you the Winchester brothers when no one else could.'

'Including you until now, take me to them Charzael!'


'Dean?' Sam called out weakly, he could feel his own life ebb away but he had to stay until he could hear his brother's voice once more. 'Dean are you alright?'

'Sam?' Dean blinked groggily until he could focus on his brother's face, 'ahh Sammy what did he do?'

'I'm okay … they won't let me heal you…'

'No, no it'll kill you Sammy…'

'I'm dying anyway Dean,' Sam sighed, 'it hurts so much.'

'Try not to focus on me Sammy, I'll be fine!'

'M'fine Dean.'

'Oh so touching, brotherly love.' Azazel interrupted the brothers, 'Samuel you have returned to me… what is this Charzael? What have you done to my Samuel?'

'I am not your Samuel!' Sam ground out, 'I will never be yours.'

'Such bravery in the face of … this,' Azazel waved his hand in the air sniffing disdainfully, 'ah so you are the protector Dean? I have wanted to have you as my guest for so long.'

'Yeah glad I could make ya day.'

'Charming boy,' Azazel turned back to his own son and glared at him, 'why are they so beaten and bloodied? You were told not to hurt Samuel and yet once again you failed to obey me.'

'He needed to be punished father, he refused to ….'

'And this one? He is crippled with only one leg what danger does he ….?'

'He is the ultimate control for Sam the threat of hurting his brother has immediate positive results with Samuel.' The demonic father and son spoke of the brothers as though they were nothing to them, except to use and abuse.

'Why are they like this?'

'Sam has the need to heal his brother he cannot reach him, the ultimate punishment for disobeying me.'

'Hmmm I see,' Azazel crouched down and stared at Sam for a moment before standing up and looking over at Charzael, 'allow him to heal him I wish to observe it.'


'I wish to watch him heal his brother, do not …'

'Of course father,' Charzael capitulated nodding at the guard, minutes later the guards dragged Sam over to Dean, 'heal him now.'

'Bastards, don't do it Sammy.' Dean ground out when he heard a soft sob come from his brother and he felt Sam's heated touch, 'ahh Sammy.'

'Sorry Dean,' Sam whispered as he lost himself in the healing.

Fascinated Azazel watched as the visible injuries on Dean disappeared and then reappeared on Sam in the same places before slowly vanishing completely. As the healing continued Sam's flesh became transparent and his breathing shallow, 'pull them apart!'

The guards gripped Sam's arms and dragged him away from Dean severing their connection; dispassionately they dropped him at Azazel's feet and reconnected the lead to his collar. Except for the slight rise and fall of his chest, Sam appeared dead, nudging him with a toe Azazel watched for any reaction before returning his attention to Dean. 'Take him to the male barracks he will be allowed to survive there, make sure you give him his … cough … leg back.'


'Bring Sam to my private rooms.'

'Father he is mine.'

'We shall see Charzael for now he shall reside with me.' Azazel said levelling his stare at his son, 'do you really want to argue with me about this?'

'No father, of course not,' Charzael dropped his gaze and stared mournfully at the unconscious Sam, 'I will do as you say.'

'Of course you will, now I all of this has given me an appetite, have dinner prepared and I think some entertainment as well.'

'Yes father.' Charzael bowed to his father but kept his gaze fixed on Sam's face, silently he plotted on how to get the boy back, even if it meant taking his life at least he would belong to Charzael forever.