License to Steele

So blue in color

I guarantee protection

For heart, or jewels?

Tempered Steele

That stiff was my friend

Let's throw a dinner party

Did you like the tea?

Steele Waters Run Deep

A stroll on the dock

But we were merely posing

Toodle-Loo for now

Signed, Steeled, & Delivered

CIA involved

Sheldon thinks I'm a hero

You lived with a man?

Thou Shalt Not Steele

5 Nudes of Cairo

New forms of intimacy

My very first heist

Steele Belted

Creighton the cretin

With Murphy's help I break in

But never wrinkled

Etched in Steele

An awkward moment

Charlotte Knight's Prone Positions

Gender reversal

You're Steele the One for Me

In Geisha costume

I foiled the Yakuza

Care for some sushi?

In the Steele of the Night

A conundrum

At Havenhurst reunion

Who's the best PI?

Steele Trap

Don't call me Myrtle!

Cross that line…turn that corner…

Walnuts and honey

Steeling the Show

The Queen of the B's

Dying in my living room!

She calls me "Dimples"

Steele Flying High

Save the Bald Eagle

Environmental hijinks

A chance to play Spade

A Good Night's Steele

Canard au vin rouge

Insomniac on the loose

Narcoleptic help

Hearts of Steele

Posing as Pepplers

Can't get no satisfaction

Shame about divorce

To Stop a Steele

Working separately

A confession from Murphy

Happy? He's a dog

Steele Crazy After All These Years

Murph's Alma Mater

Paris weekend or 1 year

A wager is made

Steele Among the Living

Under the crossed palms

Honesty, 60 seconds

Who are The Lovers?

Steele in the News

Idols and heroes

Can fall from the pedestal

Still a kid searches


A leggy red wine

THAT'S the trouble with Harry!

Shades of Mexico?

Steele's Gold

A long lost journal

Champagne and a sleeping bag

Gold fever infects

Sting of Steele

Daniel sets a trap

Johnny Todd to the rescue

Abigail assists

Steele in Circulation

Suicide thwarted

Civilized conversation

Fantasies fulfilled?