Caroline, reluctant, though utterly noble, has sacrificed ten years of
her existence to the hands of a man with the face of an angel- the heart of a
devil. Her friends, in an attempt to rescue the golden girl, unbury mysteries
that may be the remedy to the evil that lingers in their lives.
But legend has it that the Beauty will fall for the Beast, and if this myth
becomes truth - we must beg the question; just how noble will she be where her
heart is involved?
Though in the years confined to the chains of her captor, her heart speaks in
silent flutters, her body in an agonizing heat of unbearable desire.
She wonders just how good Klaus is, or more-so, just how dark she has become?
The chains bound around her wrists and neck are now worn like jewels strung with pearls. A token
for a dangerous relationship she may never escape. Even if she wanted to

The stars never stay and neither do you




An Unlikely Request




No one ever warned her that when all is said and done- Klaus will never forget.
Though, a fool they all were- to not have been prepared.

Caroline's cell phone vibrates in her pocket- disrupting her and Tyler's reunion. All tears and shuddering breaths filling the receiver.
"Elena, calm down. What's wrong?"
"Klaus-he came after Damon and Stefanā€¦ Caroline one of his hybrids bitthem".

Caroline's blood freezes when her eyes look over Tyler's shoulders and onto a rugged man. Lurking forward with golden orbs for eyes. A roman soldier on his quest for death.

"Tyler-" Caroline's warning scatters to all ends when he yelps as Klaus' hand plunges through his chest. Fingers fisting snuggly around the boys' heart. "Tyler!"

"You didn't think I had forgotten, did you?" Klaus murmurs, blood coating his fingers as her snakes them around the hybrid-pups neck.
"Ambushed I was- desiccated I became at the hands of the Salvatore brothers and your dear-sappy excuse for a boyfriend."

She holds up arms in resignation, gambles on a step forward, voice upon a quiver "Klaus, please. Just stop!"

"Come now, sweetheart. I don't take betrayal lightly. I do believe retribution is in order."
He finds her eyes and she can see a flicker of excitement there- a promise that he will do it. That he wantsto do it.

"Klaus, pleaseā€¦please, I will do anything you want."

His hands go still, eyes focusing on nothing but this child, "and what, do tell, makes you think that has any effect on me?"

She holds his eyes, refuses to be disregarded. Her golden hair shields the drops of tears trailing down her cheeks.
With a grin she is yet quite to understand, he releases an unconscious Tyler. Lets him tumble to the floor.
"This is not yet over, dear heart" he gives her one last discerning look before he leaves her to pick up the pieces of her fortitude.

Though he refuses to admit it, not too many hours from now- she will convince him of her effect.

"Are we negotiating now?" Klaus lounges in the chair. The bourbon swivels in his cup as he holds it to his lips. His eyes peering over at her from the rim of his glass.
Crossing her arms over her chest, she simply tilts her head to the side. Are we going to do this or what?

"Very well then" he pulls himself forward, planting his drink on the table with a clink. "What have you to offer?"
"Me" she answers. Doesn't bother beating around the bush, because quite frankly- Klaus deserves everything double speed. Like a slap to the face. Or a merciless death.

Klaus is momentarily stunned. Though, like his usual- somewhat- measured self, resumes a placid look of transgression.
"Under what terms?" he mirrors the slant of her neck.. Mocking her adorably- delirious attempt to take control.
"Excuse me?" she straightens... She's here for Tyler. Not for Elena.

"Well, I presume there are certain terms and conditions I must meet. If I want you that is."
"Tyler walks free" she begins. He raises his eyebrows, encouraging her to continue "and Elena is left alone".
He laughs, cold and amused. "Now, why would I leave my blood bank- the essential elixir to my hybrids lives, here? In mystic falls?"

"I-" she sucks in a breath when a gust of wind presents Klaus standing directly before her. His angled face merely a hair width away from her lips.
"- Clearly, didn't think this through" he finishes for her, and like the true predator he is, Klaus circles the baby vampire. She can feel his eyes observing her. Feels a trail of hot coal dance across her flesh.

"Although" he murmurs, pausing behind her. Commanding a shrill shiver to trace down her spine.
"perhaps a trial?" she turns questioningly. Trial?He stares her down with saccharine eyes and a thick flash of teeth as the meaning dawns on her in waves of fear.

She packs the next day. All the necessities- toothbrush, underwear, multi colored tops, short denim pants and a pair of slacks. Her fingers scrape against red material, black-silk lace threaded through its seams.
Lingerie? No, she sure as hell shouldn't need that.

Travel light Caroline,
he had said you will not be able to resist what fashion the world has made for you alone.

For her alone? She cannot deny the excitement and curiosity that welled deep in her chest. Though, none of that matters, at least not right now.
She doesn't say her goodbyes. There wouldn't be a use; people will try stopping her: Elena and Bonnie.
Someone would insist on her sacrifice: Damon.

Others would plead with her to reconsider; Stefan, Matt, Tyler. His face ignites a sudden fuse- a sharp pang of guilt and worry amalgamating as one. I'm sorryshe whispers.

Wondering if the words will ever reach his heart, she shakes away his face, closes tight eyelids and slams her suitcase shut.

The next morning they find her room empty. It lacks a golden light- it lacks her over-bearing energy.

There's a stale texture filtering the air- someone unwelcome infiltrated this very room- it sits heavy in timid waves. All that shows for it are two vials filled with crimson liquid. A remedy for two hybrid bites.
But Caroline... Well, she's gone.


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