If you have read some of my other stories, you know that I already have too many but I'm bored and I promise that this story will be good.

"Hurry up, Harmony!"

Sigh. That must have been my older twin sister, Melody.

Even though we are twins, we are not alike at all.

Melody has dyed platinum blonde hair with deep red highlights and surgically altered green eyes. She is the most popuar 14 year old in the Capitol. she is the only reason why I have friends. A bunch of people try to gain my trust so I can introduce them to Melody Green, the muse.

On the other hand, I have frizzy and dull brown hair and natural baby blue eyes.

Nothing spectacular, stunning, or fake.

My only true friend in this world is Henna Tilling.

She originally wanted to use me like all the others, but she realized that Melody is only some dumb material girl, and that I am worth it.

Since I have absolutely no sense of style and Melody expects me to dress up nice everyday, Henna comes to my house every morning to help pick out my clothes and do my hair.

Since Henna's mom is a stylist for District 12 in the Hunger Games (her name is Portia, I think), Henna has extreme talent.

Today was no exception.

"Oh my gosh, Harmony, how could you still be sleeping!?" Henna is always there for me, even when I oversleep.

"Today is the 74th Hunger Games Chariots! Wake up!"

Henna was dressed in a purple flowing blouse that accented her purple-tinged skin with black dress pants.

"Your sis decided to wear aqua today and expects you to match."

"I am NOT wearing a super short dress!" I argued.

"Chill, she only said color, not design."

Henna's expert hand flowed over the dresses and silk in my wardrobe.

She picked out a turquoise shirt and a bolt of aqua silk. While I got up and brushed my teeth, she went to work.

As I got ready, I saw what Henna's hands made. A flowing skirt that resembled the flowing waters of rivers.

She held it out for me to see and I gingerly took it from her hands. As I put it on and felt the soft fabric against my skin, I whispered, "Thank you."

Henna broke the tension and grinned. "Anything for my best friend" she said and we walked hand in hand towards the chariots.