This is a bit more about the Games... Soon they will end and a new event will come! )

Harmony's POV

Only five more to go. Cato, Clove, Thresh, Peeta, and Katniss were still alive. I was astonished, but my twiny was disappointed: I think I mentioned her passionate love for Cato. Hayden is against the Games as ever, but when also seems to be appreciating District 12s comeback. The star-crossed lovers are all the Capitol can seem to be talking about! I was kind of sad when Rue died, but I'm happy to see Katniss doing so well... What am I saying? I'm getting as shallow as Melody, thinking the tributes as just pieces in a game! Henna is getting more popular in schoher because her mom is a stylist. Now the fashion trend is wearing glossy black clothing with read and orange streaks representing fire. Melody is freaking out now, Clove and Thresh are dead, so we are down to the final three. She sent Cato some impenetrable armor or something because the news revealed that the Gamemakers were going to send in some mutts... I truly hope Katniss aNd Peeta win!