It is official. The world has gone mad. After Katniss and Peeta pulled the stunt with the berries and the whole thing was over, Panem was thrown into a state of chaos. Melody is totally weeping over Cato's death, some are celebrating the power of true love, and some are questioning the Capitol's own power. Our father is going to go into serious battle in District 11 so to be safe, he is sending us to a secret area near where District 13 used to be.

"Goodbye, my sweet Harmony and never let the Capitol run your life. Remember, fight for what's right." Were Hayden's last words to me. I was weeping over my loss of him while Melody was weeping over her loss of extended riches on our journey.

At least Henna was able to come with us. She is great at cheering me up. I hope us Capitol Gurls can survive in the Wilderness with out our usually comfort, luxury, and pampering. I wonder what we would be without our backbone, the Capitol, supporting us. Oh well, Fate will have its way...

Sort of a filler chapter... I have a loss for ides :/

Can I have a bit of help and maybe some good reviews would help as well :P

-Ness the Clueless