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By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

The Vampiricorn sucked a Unibear's fluff out. What is wrong with that Vampiricorn? How could he do that to a Unibear? I'm hiding and it was a horrible sight seeing that Vampiricorn do that to the Unibear.

Stardust and Giggles arrive. The Vampiricorn comes up to them while the rest of his horde eats..Giggles fluff is sucked out..I'll go save save Stardust even though he will be more than likely going to be ungrateful, but no one deserves to have their fluff sucked out by those Vampires.

Wait a moment...That lousy Stardust is convincing that Vampiricorn to eat me and he was the one that summoned the Vampires! To think I was going to save him from them. I do not like Vampiricorn he's horrible, scary, and that foolish Stardust thinks I'm worse than a Vampiricorn! At least I do not suck anyone's fluff and I haven't sucked a Unibear's fluff out. I'm going to punish that Vampiricorn and Stardust. They will not get away with it.

The Unibear is okay now, but he is attacking me. Unbelievable. I didn't even do anything to him! I walk away, but Unibear keeps on attacking me which is annoying and I'm not going to kill him. However, I'll scare him away.

"Boo!" I said loudly and the Unibear suddenly exploded. I groaned, turned away, and started walking. Life is unfair and it is sad that the Unibear is dead. Didn't know he was senstive to a little scare..

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