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Chapter 11

The sun begins to rise as snow flies around dancing with the breeze as it lightly takes the white blanket across the sleeping neighborhood of Queens, its wintertime now in December. Mary Jane stirs in her sleep as she wakes lying on her bed with the sheets covering the lower half of her body.

She looks up at the white ceiling studying it with calculating eyes as she begins to be lost in her thoughts. Over the last few months since the time of the incident, the red head has never been the same; if it were not for Peter and Aunt May, she would have committed suicide just to escape this nightmare.

She has been going to a psychiatrist for help because of her traumas, it helps but nothing can ever fill the void of losing her mother and aunt, they were always a major influence in her life ever since she was a little girl and now they were gone from her life.

Her sister on the other hand said last night that she would probably been in New York by the end of February and if not the first week of March. Though she was excited that her older sibling was coming to support her, she still felt that void. Even in her eyes, anyone could see the pain of her suffering, before she could go even further in her thoughts her 7th sense started to tingle.

'Peter…' She smiled getting up from bed walking towards the window. She opened it and saw a red and navy blue figure crawling up the sidewall of the house climbing into her bedroom, the figure closed the window and the curtains.

When he finished the man removed his mask to reveal none other than our mild manner Peter Parker in his Spiderman costume. MJ looked at him for moment absorbing his physical attributes, 'His costume definitely outlines his muscle tone, look at that…that…hold the phone…what am I thinking?' MJ mentally slapped herself as shook those thoughts out of her head embracing Peter in a tight hug.

Peter returned it lovingly as a brother would to his sister, "Hey MJ…"

"Hey yourself…how college treating you?"

He let her go as he sat down on her bed with MJ joining him as leaned her head on his shoulder, "Ah…same old, same old, I got this huge test of genetics coming up in less than a week and being Spiderman is already starting to become a problem."

"You'll get through it Peter, I know your smart enough to balance this double life that you have."

He looked down at the redhead with a brow raised with a 'you got to be kidding me look'. MJ leaned her head up to meet his gaze smiling.

"Hmph…easy for you to say, you don't even have to go to college nor do you work Ms. Watson, so no you don't know what it's like."

The redhead let out a small laugh as she got up from the bed. She went to her drawers as she started to pick out her clothes. She looked at the clock in front of her, 8:00 AM.

"You'll never guess who I ran into at Columbia University…"

"Oh yeah who…"

"Flash Thompson…"

She stopped looking at the pre-adult teenager. He only nodded as a response.

"Flash…huh? I wonder what he is doing there."

"Probably going out for the football team, I hear that their looking for a new quarterback." Peter looks at the clock seeing that it was 8:10 AM; he knew that by the time he gotten back to the city Harry would be up.

So getting up he put his masked back on opening the curtains then the window to the let the sun rays fill the room. He was in a catlike stance looking out over the horizon when he felt two slender arms wrap around his torso.

"Take care Tiger."

"I will…and you take care of yourself and Aunt May I'll see you tonight for patrol."

With that said, the young woman let Spiderman go as he swung in distance of the sleeping neighborhood of Queens.

Back at the apartment

Peter walks into the apartment that he sharing with his best friend. As he enters he hears Mr. Osborn talking on his cell, "Timing's Perfect. Hey!"

He greets Peter shortly before returning to his private phone call.

Peter walks over to Harry before setting aside his backpack collapsing on the sofa with his hands rubbing against his face. Harry cocks a brow upward seeing his friend Peter met his gaze.


"Storming Norman's making his weekly inspection; he just made five new contracts and spent half on it over the phone."


Harry sighed as he fixed the papers that were on his desk, he pulls one out not looking at Peter, to him college was stressing enough but the homework was a killer since there was a lot of it, it made his brain have headache.

"I'm glad you're, I need your help on chemistry, I'm super lost…" Harry looked at his friend who seems lost in thoughts, "Heh, you alright Peter you look like you got second place in the science fair or something." Peter only rolls his eyes, "Seriously, come on, what's bugging you?"

"Well, Dr. Conner's fired me when I was late to work to tutor someone and now I don't know where to get money from."

"You were late again? I don't get it Peter where do you go all the time?"


Harry gave him a 'don't kid yourself look', "Come on Parker I know you better than that, where were you really?"

Before Peter can answer back, Mr. Osborn walked up to the two with a smile.

"Peter Parker, I need you to answer a question for me."


"Maybe you'll tell me who she is that my son Harry is dating."

The younger Osborn scoffed as he went back to work with his chemistry not wanting to listen to this conversation since he kept this secret from his father that he has been dating a girl since high school of senior year and Norman was dying to know who this woman was.

"Who's that you're referring to Mr. Osborn?"

"This mystery girl Harry's been dating."

"Dad…" His son tone was with a hint of warning to leave the subject alone but Norman insisted

"When do I get to meet her?"

"DAD! We've been through this I'm not telling you who she is; you'll probably give a lecture on how to treat a woman like a commoner!"

The older Osborn glared at his son as the young hero began to talk again.

"Well sorry Mr. Osborn Harry has not mentioned her to me so I couldn't tell you who he is dating."

"Very well then, but don't think this over young man, I will find out the truth."

Harry only twitched seeing that his father was pointing the finger at him so thinking fast he decided to change the subject, "Hey, Pete, you're looking for a job now right?"

The teen nodded walking away from the Osborns, "Dad maybe you could help him out a bit, I don't know maybe make him one of the scientist in training or something…give him an internship."

Norman smiled turning his attention to Peter who only rolled his eyes in disbelief at the mention that his best friend was actually asking his father to help him job hunting, not that he didn't mind it just wasn't the same when you can't look for something on your own, "No, no, I appreciate it Harry but I'll be fine."

"Dah, nonsense Mr. Parker I could just make a few phone calls and you'd be working faster than blink of eye!" Replied Norman

"I couldn't accept that offer Mr. Osborn…" A brow was raised from the older man, "Besides, I like to earn what I get, I can find my own work."

"I can respect that." He said before turning to Harry giving him the look; his son growled as he returned to his studies, "You want to make it on your own steam, that's great."

Pouring himself a glass of orange in a cup the question came out, "What other skills do have that I don't know about, Mr. Parker or are you always full of surprises?"

"Well…" He looked down at the counter there in front was his opportunity staring back at him in his face as his eyes widen in shock as he read a newspaper in bold black lettering: 'REWARD, FOR PHOTOS OF SPIDERMAN AND HIS GIRLFRIEND SPIDERWOMAN; $5000 FOR A PICTURE OF BOTH TOGETHER!'

"I was thinking of something in the lines of photography…"

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