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Chapter 11 Situations

Moments before:

Grand Central Terminal otherwise known as Grand Central Station, and often shortened to simply Grand Central, with over 750,000 visitors passing through daily most being tourist for the sight and others passengers in hopes of going from one part of the Big Apple to another and the security. In this this train station we a mother pushing a baby stroller looking frazzled and tired from the wails of her child. Some teenagers are wearing torn jeans looking like they are having fun in a little group of a circle rapping and free dancing in a corner of the terminal while others watch them.

Single women are with shopping bags that have a lot of make up on trying to look beautiful as possible for their dates tonight and executives and women in suits rushing in and out of trains hoping that they will not be late to meetings. Finally, we have the bystanders looking at their watches and others talking on the cell phone nonstop, this is one of the busiest train stations in the country, now I know what you are thinking 'what's so unusual about a train station being busy?'

Well on the east side of the building, the walls appeared to be having spider-webs cracking it and no one seems to be paying attention that the east wall of the station beginning to rumble and shake as a sudden blue light is seem coming from it. Being the busiest station in the country the people heed no attention to the crack that is until they hear an explosion.

People froze in horror as the explosion take place, as if the whole stopped completely from moving an inch, out of the smoke of the explosion came the man in the yellow spandex with his henchmen with machine guns ready.

"Don't panic boys it was a matter of time before we had to deal with Spiderman and his girlfriend." He signals with his hand to his henchman to move left and right, "Let's take care of security and take some hostages!"

With the sound of guns firing in the air, people scream running for their lives out the terminal into the NYC streets where they were met by NYPD officers and officials and as well as the SWAT team. Others were not so lucky and were taken hostage by the goons and isolated from sight.

Security guards came rushing to the scene while radio in that they needed back up, again from the gigantic hole Spiderman and Spiderwoman came somersaulting off the tip of the hole landing on their two feet on the floor of the terminal.

"Don't know who this creep is but he's easy to follow since he likes to make noise." Spiderman said

"We should be more worried about the people in the terminal than Quilt man, I have a hunch some are going to be hostages."

"Quilt man is that his real name?"

Punching Spiderman in the arm the redhead spider was not in the mood for Spiderman immaturity, "Will you knock it off and focus for once."

"I am focused, and damn do you hit hard." He said rubbing his arm

"Look!" Turning his attention to the guards being beaten by a three-man squad of thugs, Spiderman leaped into action somersaulting in front of the henchmen.

"Whoa where'd he come from?" One of them said

"Never mind that, just get him!" the second man said

Spider-sense came alive when the third goon came rushing in behind the web slinger, somersaulting he landed his feet on back sending him crashing to the floor making a dent in it, the other two were amazed but nonetheless not paralyzed with fear as Spiderman hoped.

The two came at in him in fury, the first goon in blue sent a right hook to the face, which Spiderman blocked and flipped the goon over his shoulder sending him to stumble on his feet before regaining composure. The second one in a light brown shirt wearing the color pants as the first threw a one two combo to our hero a double jab which Spiderman dodged again with his body becoming a blur avoiding jabs to the face and torso.

The third goon soon joined the fight despite having a few broken ribs came into the fight looking for revenge, "You're dead meat insect!"

"The proper terminology for a spider is an arachnid for your information."

The man growled in rage while throwing flurries of punches and kicks to our, who effortlessly dodged them all, but thing he did notice that they these guys were trained professional of fighting, he'll later have a word with red and discuss matters with her in taking martial classes.

Speaking of Spiderwoman, there she was climbing the wall making sure that she would not be detected by the henchmen her spider-sense went off, when she spotted the danger she gasped, for they had hostages of all ages in the corner of the terminal having their guns pointed at them in case they tried to run.

Spiderwoman was on the opposite end of where Spiderman was, and already three waves of a three-man squad of goons were trying to overpower Spiderman however failing miserably as they tried to approach him for he was jumping all over the place. She giggled as a female pupil having a crush on a boy but nonetheless she looked back at the hostage situation before her.

Children were crying out of fear, parents tried to comfort their children as best they could, elder people had problems sitting down on the and were force to sit on the floor or otherwise they were dead. Reaching the ceiling of the terminal, she spotted her first victim.

Quietly as she could spinning a web she yo-yo herself sliding down the web while the other guards were paying attention to their hostages, using her hanging foot she tapped the man on the head.

"What the…"

A web shot out from her wrist webbing the goons mouth then fired a second web over his clothes and web zipping quickly back to the ceiling leaving him dangling on the web line.

"One down…" She looked, "Three more to go…"

Once again, she did the same to the second and third thug, this time cocooning them in webbing from head to toe then web zipping to the ceiling. When she got to the fourth one, the unsuspecting man or so she thought quickly turned around grabbing her by the arm the throwing the small girl to the ground.

She groaned in pain as the others gasped for her safety. Spider-sense came alive snapping her out of her daze she rolled to the crowd behind her as a foot came smashing down to where she once was.

Pushing herself up Spiderwoman got a good look at her adversary and boy was he built, with a barreled-chest, beefy arms and legs and the stomach area was well toned from what she saw from the outside of his clothes and boy was he looking at her like a hungry mad man. Of course, he was wearing a ski mask to hide his face.

"Well, well, look at what the cat dragged in."

'Oh, boy that tone of voice he's using on me is going to get him a black and blue." She shivered as she thought back to the incident with Peter.

The man looked at the girl as she stood and with lust in his eyes started to examine her from head to toe checking out her curves and bust, "Hey doll face…"

"Doll face?"

"I'm sorry was it Yolanda, because I seem to have lost my book of list of girls and I certainly don't remember you being there angel." He licked his lips as he cocked his gun

Even though it was cheesy or heck even corny, MJ knew where this was headed, 'Oh you have got to be kidding me right now…'

"So babe Do you believe in love at first sight...or should I walk around you three or four more times?" He said walking closer to Spiderwoman towering over her as he used his gun lifting her chin up with the barrel, "I know I do and her name is red and gorgeous…" "I want to puke right now…" She whispered clenching her fist.

Back with Spiderman

Spiderman just finished the last wave of crooks while piling them up near the center terminal clock, he was still rushing with adrenaline with all the dodging countering, and flipping over heads but today he thought to himself was a good day.

"Now all I got to do is find..." He was cut off when a flying came out of nowhere crashing into the clock of the terminal

"WWHHHOOAAA….ouch…my back…"

"...Ooookkaaayy…that was random…Alright people just leave the terminal in an orderly fashion and no shoving either." he called out "Red should've of known…" He sighed walking towards her Spiderwoman was directing human trafficking when suddenly she felt her sides being poked, spooked and jumpy she turned around to face her attacker with a fist ready in the air to connect with the face of the oppressor only to find Spiderman behind her.

"Drop the hand Red it's only me."

"You know tiger I was only this close to punching you in the face giving you a black and blue for a week." She said not amused

"Lighten up red besides it's not every day we're chasing another person in a costume wearing quilts." Spiderwoman was about to give her a piece of her mind, but spider-senses flared, as if the world was in slow-motion everything flashed before their eyes, a goon in a red shirts witnesses a two-man squad beating up a terminal security guard from outside a hallway.

Then it flashes to a goon throwing a male civilian against a wall and threatening him. When it ended, they looked at each other before springing into action of web swinging on a line going to the south end of the terminal. They rushed into the second floor bursting through the doors where they heard the cries of the civilian and the grunts of the guard being beaten to a pulp. One of the goons wearing blue saw they came through the door stopped his assault on the guard rushing towards the duo. Without saying another word to each other for they knew what they had to do, they dispersed going after different targets.

Spiderwoman quickly made haste disposing of the two thug's gang fighting the security guard by somersaulting over the both of them. Then webbing the thug punching the guard in the face and as he struggled with webbing the second surprised thug quickly let go of the guard to be met with a gruesome punch to the face sending him flying to the opposite side of the wall from where they came in.

"Are you okay?" She said while helping the terminal guard to her feet, "Is anything broken?"

"Beside my nose and having a black eye and being winded, I'll be just fine with the bruise but I suffered worse believe me." Spiderwoman nodded her head as she picked up the guard up bridal, "If I may?"

"Go ahead…" she said tiredly as she was lifted now taking her first two steps the door of the dining room she passed on her right suddenly burst opened and out came flying a third thug to opposite side of the door.

Jumping in front of them was none other Spiderman, "That'll teach to never pick people who are smaller than you."

The thug groaned as he was webbed to the wall. He looked around the area seeing the last villain struggling with webbing in his face, web yanking him to the floor he threw a nearby chair at him having him knocked instantly.

"Tiger! That was a rental!"

Spooked he saw his partner holding a battered female security guard in her arms walking past him as he called after, "How was I supposed to it was a rental? I don't come to the terminal often like you do you know!"



Other terminal guards came to meet them and took the female guard from Spider-woman's arms, "Thanks for finding Vanessa for us she is new around here. We would've helped her if we didn't get side tracked by these thugs."

"Not a problem officer but I do recommend that you take Vanessa here to the ambulance, they are probably outside as we speak."

"Right thanks again for the help." The head guard said before they left Vanessa turned around and said, "I don't care what other people say about you two, you guys are really heroes."With that said, they left the terminal through an emergency exit.

"Feels good to be recognize doesn't it red." She smiled shaking her head in disbelief of her companion, "Let's just go and find the culprit responsible for this mess. "I agree lets go."

They went to the side railing of the hallway and jumped to the wall in front of them with Spiderman below Spiderwoman, just then the man in the yellow spandex jumped to the ground below out of nowhere, "Well theres our culprit." Spiderman said with a chuckle then he said, "So you must be Quilt-man, Padding Pete, Mr. Triple-padit, no I got it the Cushion." Emphasizing the cushion with his left hand.

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