What an unusual life one could have, being raised by one of the most hated creatures alive, being turned against your own kind for the sake of someone else's greed. Was this what life was meant to be like? Trapped in an empire filled with people so unlike you? Crammed with hateful beings who desire nothing more than pain and destruction?

I could only ask myself, sitting with nothing better to do in my empty, cold room. Cass never did enjoy making an effort for me. Sometimes I wondered if he actually had any form of respect for my being, I was very doubtful that he had though.

Sitting here now…in my very own work-shop with my very own family; a young cub and her mother, the most beautiful Dingo ever to walk the earth. I see now that I had been misled, made to believe that those who actually loved me gave me up due to issues of their own, what a lie, what a blunt attempt to make one feel extremely unappreciated. Mind you, it worked, it changed who I could have been…it made me something that I'd never like to be again; a monster.

I remember the day quite clearly…

The sound of crashing rocks and falling tree's muffled out the sound of anything else around us. We ran toward what we thought would have been safe; it was the total opposite. There we were, standing in the middle of the forest, my parents hugging both me and my young brother tightly. Ty was frightened so badly I had never seen him in such panic until that day; usually he was jolly and playful, the one to make us all smile on the worst days.

I recall him clinging to me as though his life depended on it, tears rushing down his golden brown cheeks. "What's happening?" He asked me, looking directly into my eyes as I stared right back at his. "I don't know…" I shook my head sadly; I too was frightened but if Ty knew that it would have caused him to panic even more.

"Stay there children…" My mother whispered to us as her and my Father dashed toward Cass and his henchmen. Other folk were soon to follow their lead forming a small army of Tasmanian Tigers soon after. Though their attempt to keep the villain away was unsuccessful, he'd already banished them to the dreaming before they knew what was happening.

After the collision both me and my young brother had been divided, I had no idea where he and my parents were at that time, causing me to flee from the place I was told to stay only to fall into the hands of that vile Cassowary.

"They abandoned you. They all left you were and cleared off without any concern for you. "His harsh words echoed through my ears, repeating themselves in my head. I was young, back then I would have believed anything given reason to. "No fear cub, I'll make use of you and make sure you'll never be left behind again." He placed a wing on my back, rubbing it gently as though he cared for me…how silly I was to believe that he did.

Years had passed before I was strong enough to rebel against Ty. Cass had trained me well, bringing me up to believe that my own kind hated me for reasons nobody could answer. I was ready to tear the golden brown being limb from limb, killing him was the only thing that mattered to me, the only thing I could think of since I was old enough to understand.

[ Please excuse any mistakes in this story. I've not really done much research on the Ty games for quite some time. As you can see this is from sly's point of view. Part two will be uploaded as soon as possible, friendly reviews are always welcomed.]