I planned to make this a oneshot, but meh, I suppose not. At least a two or three chapter story.


A young, rather good looking man, was sitting at a bar at a place he couldn't afford, at an age too young to drink. Not that he would drink even if he could, drinking numbs the senses, and he always wanted to be alert for whatever life threw at him. His deep blue eyes looked at the clock with annoyance, then back to a girl with curly blonde hair who was mumbling about something or the other.

"... I mean really Ciel that outfit doesn't look cute at all," Ciel's cousin Lizzy pointed out. Ciel looked down at his outfit with indifference. A nice and simple, white, button down dress shirt, and some black slacks. What was so wrong with his outfit? He wasn't even wearing a tie or hat! He sighed and ran a hand through his dark slate hair, that sometimes had a gray tint to it when the light shined on it, and looked back at his cousin who was scolding him.

"I do you a favor by taking you out to a night club for your nineteenth birthday and you respond by dressing like you're going to a job interview! Ciel," she whined, "you aren't dressed cute at ALL!"

"Wha-," Ciel started to protest, but was cut off by more complaining from his cousin. He didn't even want to go out for his nineteenth birthday, he wanted to stay in his decent apartment, alone, and read Hamlet, not go to some nightclub full of half-dressed whores. His eyes were slits when they looked at his cousin. She always made him go places, and do things he had no desire to do! He huffed in frustration and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Look Lizzy, I really appreciate what you're attempting to do for me here, but can we please leave this place already?" he was the one whining now. "I'd rather be at home reading-"

"And that's all you do, Ciel! Read. You read the newspaper, you read books, you read business proposals, for goodness sake! You need to take a break from reading and just relax. Most kids your age are out partying," she gestured to herself, "and just living life. They aren't locked up in their apartment, living alone, and reading all the time! Am I your only friend Ciel?"

Ciel scowled at that comment, something he did quite often, "Who needs friends. I'm leaving Lizzy. Enjoy the party you attempted for me," and with that Ciel went out the door. He didn't even like the idea of having one friend, let alone more than one. Friends were just people who wanted something from you. Like Lizzy, all she cared about was partying and jumped at any excuse to do so. The cold night air hit him like a train when Ciel stepped out of the ridiculous club. He ignored his body as it shivered from the freezing air and started the walk to his apartment, which was about a block away.

His fancy dress shoes clicked against the concrete sidewalk. Ciel made it a habit to dress nicely no matter the occasion. Even if the occasion is something as ridiculous as a party that is just a waste of time. He never celebrated his birthday. No matter what, and Lizzy knew that, but even so she threw him a surprise party. He scowled at the air. This is why he didn't want friends.

Reluctantly Ciel began to remember his tenth birthday, where his parents were murdered in their own house. Ciel had been spared because he was at school when the attack happened, but it haunted him nonetheless. He was going to go home, have a fantastic dinner, and a beautiful cake, and his mother was going to let him watch any shows he wanted, but that never happened.

He still vividly remembers coming home from school to find his parents laying on the floor, blood everywhere, several stab wounds in their corpses. The police had said it was just a robbery gone wrong, but Ciel didn't believe that. He believed someone had intentionally murdered his beloved parents, but even after years of searching for who it could have been, he still had no leads whatsoever.

Elizabeth was constantly trying to distract Ciel on his birthday, with gifts, parties, whatever she could think of. It never worked though. If it was up to Ciel he would just sleep all through his birthday every year so he didn't have to deal with the memories, and the people trying to make him feel better.

Shortly after his parents' deaths Ciel was sent to go live with his cousin, Lizzy, and aunt. He had no real desire to do so. His cousin's family were much too into sword fighting for his liking, but he had to, and he had no one else, besides Madam Red, but she couldn't afford to take Ciel in. Plus she partied too much and it was unlikely that the state would have even allowed her to take the young boy in.

Once Ciel had turned eighteen he was finally allowed to move away from his cousin, and he did so in an instant. He loved his cousin, and appreciated what her family had done for him, but he hated having to be around people constantly. All he wanted was to be alone, which in that house was hard. People would fuss over Ciel making sure he felt loved and crap like that. It made him sick. He wasn't a puppy that needed constant petting. So the first chance he got he found a crummy job, but one that paid the bills, and moved into his apartment.

His parents had a lot of money before they passed which they allowed Ciel to have on his twenty-first birthday, but until then Ciel didn't mind working and holding out on university. He was never one to turn down some good life experience, and a job, no matter how horrid, always provided that.

Ciel's dress shoes click-clacked on the concrete as he walked with his arms crossed, trying to rub some warmth into his upper arms. Ciel's birthday was in December, so he doesn't know why it didn't occur to him to bring a jacket, but it didn't. If he had to choose between freezing to death or going back into the club to "party" he would choose freezing to death, every time.

Even though Ciel's apartment was only a block away, he was in a much nicer part of town than his apartment was. He was at an uptown club of some sort. Where you found people with limousines, and their own person drivers everywhere. Even though he had only walked a few feet he had already seen several limousines and expensive cars drive by. Ciel would never spend money on things as ridiculous as limousines or fancy vehicles once his parents' money was given to him.

He was planning to use that money to move to a new place, he desperately wanted to get out of New York, away from his parents' murderer, he wanted to get away from the horrid memories that haunted him almost every night. He thought of England, or France, after all he did know french. Honestly though he didn't care where so long as it was away from where he was now.

Ciel had begun crossing the street, his apartment just a little ways off now, he looked to his left and right as he walked across the street, you could never trust the people of New York to stop for a pedestrian. The road was mostly empty as he walked across, minus the cars parked on the sides of the road. Once he was halfway across the street a limo came out of nowhere and was hurtling in his direction. Ciel's calm facial expression quickly turned to one of panic and he stared at the car coming towards him. He was sure he had a deer caught in the headlights look about him, and he was in too much of a panic to will his legs to move. For some reason or another Ciel held his breath as the car came towards him, as if he would suddenly become like a ghost and the limo could just pass right through him, but no such luck he supposed. The driver only just now seemed to notice Ciel and the limo, uncomfortably close, was finally stopping. The driver slamming on the brakes ushering Ciel to move with his hands. Ciel just watched as the limo was brought to a stop, about an inch away from Ciel. Finally air filled his lungs again and his shocked and fearful expression turned to one of anger.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" he yelled to the driver still in the car, the driver watching him and attempting to put the limo in park so he could come out and talk to Ciel, at least that is what it looked like to Ciel, that or the driver was getting ready to run him over. Ciel really hoped it was the former.

He appeared to be right as the driver was getting out of the car. The driver was a slightly large man with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Bloody hell! Are you alright?" he called to Ciel as he ran over to him. " 'orry 'bout that. Didn't see you there sir," the driver explained looking at Ciel as if searching for a possible injury. "Name's Bard," he said pointing one of his thumbs towards himself. Ciel's expression of anger not fading in the slightest, even at the sound of the concerned British man.

"You almost just fucking ran me over!" Ciel practically screamed pointing wildly at the man and then at the limousine.

"Right well I am 'orry 'bout that whole mess sir. Really I am," Ciel just rolled his eyes although one was covered with a bandage after Ciel had gotten a scar there, but he couldn't recall how. It was very young in his child hood, and when he went out in public he often covered it because he realized when he didn't people would often stare rudely at him.

"I could have been killed by your stupidity," Ciel was really just taking any anger he had out on the poor driver. He was pissed cause it was his birthday, pissed being reminded of his parents' death, pissed at Lizzy for throwing him a party, pissed at the cold, and most recently pissed at almost being ran over.

"Right you are sir!," he said overly cheerful. "Well if you're not injured then I best be back to driv-"

"Bard, why have we stopped for so long?" came a low silky smooth voice, in a very posh English accent as a stunning man was getting out of the limo. He wore a full on suit, beautiful and expensive, the kind Ciel only saw in rich people magazines. The man had black hair that came to his chin, parted down the middle, and one side tucked behind his ear. Ciel couldn't tell what color his eyes were but in the small light provided by the street lamps they appeared to be almost a glowing red. The man seemed to be about six feet tall, an inch or so taller than his driver, and several inches taller than Ciel himself. The man was lean, but probably had taunt muscles under his shirt. Ciel figured this must be one of the best looking man he had ever seen before. With a voice that matched.

"Oh my apologies," he said, "I didn't realize you were talking to someone Bard. What is your name?" the man looked to Ciel and smiled, and Ciel could feel his anger begin to recede, not ready to let it go just yet, he forced a frown on his face.

"Ciel, Ciel Phantomhive, and your driver here almost ran me over!"

The handsome man looked at Ciel then at the driver, "Bard, you almost ran him over?" The driver, Bard scratched the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

"I might 'ave," he mumbled in his thick cockney accent. The handsome man sighed looking exasperated and like this is far from the first time this has happened.

"I am very sorry Mr. Phantomhive. My driver here just gets a little ahead of himself when he is behind the wheel," the man smiled one of the most fake smiles that Ciel had ever seen. The man eyes almost shut, to presumably try to make to smile look more realistic. Ciel rolled his visible eye.

"Then why do you let this man be your driver? You should just fire him," the younger man said in a cold voice, not even caring that he might cause a man to be out of his job.

"I am afraid I can't do that Mr. Phantomhive," the man said calmly, then stopped his fake smile and looked at his (very) expensive watch and tsked at the time. "I am afraid I must be going," the man said as he reached into his front pocket, pulling out what appeared to be a business card. "If there are any injuries regarding this almost accident, please feel free to call my people and we will be happy to cover the cost," the good looking man gave Ciel his card, and Ciel snatched it out of the man's hand. His anger growing at the man refusing to even consider to fire such a horrid driver.

"Thanks," he mumbled shoving the card into the pocket of his slacks, then louder added, "I'm sure you'll hear again from me, if not for an injury then probably for a lawsuit," the young man smiled a smile almost as fake as the older man had given him.

At the young man's words the raven haired man turned shocked for a second then smirked, not a happy smile, but an amused one, at least it didn't appear fake. "I look forward to it. However, I feel inclined to warn you that I have more lawyers than you could ever even dream of having, but if you insist on wasting your time by suing me, then be my guest, I won't stop you," and with that comment the man when back into his limousine.

Ciel just watched in shock, and irritation. The young Phantomhive had wanted the last word, and it didn't appear as if that was going to happen. He looked at Bard who just smiled what appeared to be an apologetic smile and watched as the driver got back in the limo. The young man finished crossing the street.

Ciel not knowing what else he could do, took out the business card he had shoved into his pocket, and found the name of the handsome man.

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